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What is Hollywood Creed: 1st Draft

Read ‘Hollywood Creed: 1st Draft’ Online for Free, written by the author UniVerseLessOne, This book is a Celebrities & Real People Fanfic, covering SLICEOFLIFE Fanfiction, URBAN Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Before [Alexander Creed: Re-life] there was this story.I give you... 70s Alexander Creed...An inspiration and version be...


Before [Alexander Creed: Re-life] there was this story. I give you... 70s Alexander Creed... An inspiration and version before Alexander Creed of [Alexander Creed: Re-Life] became what he is! It's going to be crazy, whacky, offensive, and just plain trashy. Welcome to Hollywood Creed: 1st Draft! ------ This is a work of trashy fiction before my other trashy fictions... so don't bash my trashy work too much. Also, this is just a fictionalization of things for entertainment and just sharing for free. Hope I don't get much trouble for it and hope I don't get sued or whatever.

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This is the first iteration before my main trashy story became what it is. So, if anything, this is a cringed look back at what could have been. I'm just sharing to those that are interested. Obviously, this is going to be a one-star novel again. It's even trashier than the main one so how can I accept high-star reviews?


This is the most trashy novel I’ve ever read. Author needs to delete this trash. By the way I like your novel! Best wishes!


Well, this is trash, but my kind of trashy novel. I really like it tho cause I wanted to read a new novel in 70s-80s settings. I'll take what I kind get, thank you!


This novel should be read first in order to better understand the author's other novels. The age of the protagonist is something that some readers may not like, however, that does not ruin the story. 5 star [img=recommend]


This used to be a game of thrones fic, but the author changed it to whatever this is supposed to be. I want happy to find a story if been waiting for to finish and bindge read in my library to be replaced by... This...


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