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For Leila, a rogue werewolf, survival isn't a choice but a necessity. Having no pack, no family and no friends, she had grown accustomed to the constant search for food and shelter. However, one fateful encounter with a hot stranger who turned out to be the Alpha of the Nightwalker pack changed the narrative for her forever. Alpha Matteo wanted power, thus sought to marry Elsie, the Alpha’s daughter of the Silver Crescent Pack. Nevertheless, fate seemed to have a different plan for Alpha Matteo. Entangled with Leila, things got complicated when she turned out to be the long-lost daughter of the Silver Crescent’s Pack’s Alpha and carrying his child. Not only that but a strong connection kept Alpha Matteo yearning for Leila. Denying the pull of attraction, Alpha Matteo pushed her away and humiliated her only to realize later that she was his mate. After everything that has been said and done, will they have an ill-fated relationship with Leila refusing to be burned by the Alpha once more? Or will she find it in her heart to forgive the father of her child and give her fated mate a second chance? – “I never make mistakes,” he grumbled, his lips only inches from mine. “But if I did, you would be the first and perhaps the last.” I closed my eyes while his lips found mine, kissing me gently, unlike before. My head spun as a fire coursed through my body, pulsing in rhythm to his desire. Let this be a mistake. But it would be a mistake I might only partially regret.


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