Hitman x Family

A reincarnated man gets dealt a crappy hand—no cliche life like those harem protagonists after his rebirth. Instead, he dives into the grind of a treacherous world, clawing his pitiful ass to earn the notorious code name 001, a legend in the underworld. Then things take an unexpected turn: out of the blue, his ex-girlfriend rings him up, revealing that he's the father of twin four-year-olds and he needs to step up and take responsibility. To protect his children, he has to shake off the grip of the organization that raised him. To do that, he's got to pull off one last hit—the kicker being he needs to swipe some crucial wills and eliminate an innocent high school girl named Shinomiya Kaguya. The issue? He's got an ironclad rule against taking out innocents and doing his job as a dad. So, how's he gonna execute the mission while playing happy families with his newfound twin kids, and nailing the role of perfect daddy and husband? Welcome to "Hitman x Family."

Livice · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings
80 Chs



Fortunately, I'll put this story on hiatus.

When the second volume ends I start right away writing the third volume because I am planning to upload more consistently.

With that, I have already written 20 chapters plus 1 unfinished chapter. I guess I have written around 48k words in my draft, but I think I won't upload it.

I must say, after writing so much, I have developed a detailed world background. In the last chapter, the story starts to show that Minoru is now in a pinch as his other identity 001, is also in a tight spot. I don't think this is a spoiler since, at this point, you know that his organization is starting to get involved in the plot after they sent undercover Fiona Frost as the student council president.

Yeah, I'm having fun. The story is really close to the climax, but I don't have as much motivation as before.

Suddenly, I started to lose all motivation as other readers stopped reading this story.

If you check my profile, I think... I am going to write my new fanfic instead since it is much more fun. So, I'll keep this one on hiatus.

PS: Morning and thank you for reading this fanfic until now!