His Unforgiving Duchess

"Isla." Staring at relief, regret, happiness and maybe....love, Isla could not believe the man at her front was her husband, even if his appearance had not changed since her escape from the Hayes Duchy. Compared to the indifference he clearly expressed during their five years of marriage, she wanted to laugh out loud, as she understood the reason for his disgusting emotions. "Duke, you finally decided to find me, after your wife's child was proven not to be yours?" Sarcasm laced her tone as painful memories resurfaced in Isla's head. Duke Hayes looked at his first wife, who gave him nothing but pure love in their marriage. However, he pursued another love with intentions and now he became the biggest fool. "Isla, I know I do not owe you an explanation, but please think of our child." he begged, desperately. He wanted her and the child back in his life. The child that links him to Isla, his one and only real wife. The person who loved him and he will do anything to bring back that love. "Our child or my child, Duke?" Isla sharply retorted. Then, with a blank stare, she warned icily. " Choose your words carefully, Dante." The Trial Love Series: His Unforgiving Duchess. His Arrogant Marchioness. (2024-2025) His Cold Baroness. (Coming soon) To be in touch with me: Instagram and tiktok username: b.sowunmi Join my Discord server: https://discord.gg/bkWcVw79cd DO NOT USE THE NOVEL COVER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Commissioned by r.voh.k on Instagram.

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Planning a Tea party (2)

After that day, It did not take long for the servants of the hayes duchy to notice the duke sleeping in the second madam's room.

'It appeared they have reconciled,' that's what they thought, and waited for the duchess to make her first move.

Surely she would be displeased with the duke, rekindling his romantic relationship with the second madam, right?

They waited for a day, then another, but no movement from the duchess, making them wonder if she would be quiet like before.

As if the tense relationship was not enough for them, the upcoming tea party was another blunder for them.

Now they were seriously expecting the duchess to make a move as the second madam hosting a tea party had another meaning. Hosting a tea party as a married woman is one of the duties of the madam of a household, and the duke agreeing to the tea party is like he's indirectly giving power to the second madam.

''Here he goes again. Always hurting me without thinking,'' Isla tiredly sighed on her bed. She looked at her bump with a smile. ''It's good that your mother does not love your father anymore unless she would be in tears right now.''

'Just like my second life,' Her blue eyes went downcast as she recollected one of those painful memories.

At that time, even if she could see to whom his heart belonged, she still wanted to be with him, and eating together for every meal was the only way. She was not annalise, who could visit her husband any time as their relationship was non-existent.

''Duke, can I host a tea party? It's a little boring, and Olivia suggested it to me.'' Annalise's words made the cutlery that was about to enter her mouth, froze as she knew annalise hosting a tea party was not good for her.

Is she trying to fight for the power of the duchy with me? She thought then.

As always, it's like she had hope for her husband...hope that he would see things appropriately and not only annalise.

But he did not.

Without glancing at her, he gave a warm smile and accepted her wishes with doing eyes,'' Of course, you can. You can do anything you want. You are my wife, so you don't need to ask.''

Those words pierced her heart.

His wife….she wanted to be called that. She wanted him to call her that, but he did not. He called another woman without thinking about her feelings.

''Thank you, Dante.'' Annalise grinned excitedly and turned to her, ''I hope the duchess would not mind.''

''O-Of c-course,'' What she could say? Her husband had spoken, and his voice was akin to the imperial law in the duchy. As of now, do the servants even obey her? They could see who her husband favored and were switching sides without thinking twice.

The only thing she could do was squeeze her fork and flash a warm smile, like everything was okay.

Like Annalise was not stealing everything that rightfully belonged to her and her child.

Like her husband was not indirectly or directly shattering her fragile heart.

Like everyone had not abandoned her in this forsaken world.

''My lady, His grace…'' Once again Amelia turned to a ferry cat for her lady, who the duke would not think twice before hurting.

Coming back to the present, Isla blinked her eyes twice to stop the tears that were threatening to fall and stared at the red-faced amelia who just closed the door.

''Why doesn't he think about my lady first? Who knows what those noble ladies would say once they come to the tea party?!'' With an angry pout, Amelia stomped her feet to Isla's bed and held the latter's hands with determined eyes.

''My lady, you must attend.''

''No.'' Isla did not think twice before rejecting those starry twinkling eyes.

''Why?!'' cried Amelia, whose perking ears and cat tail dropped low.

Isla chuckled lowly as Amelia really resembled a cat in her eyes. She then replied, ''Amelia should know that I don't care about things like that anymore.''

''B-But you have to.'' Amelia pleaded with gritted her teeth, ''You have to show the nobility that you are not as miserable as they imagined you to be.''

''I know,'' Isla smiled, as her hands went to tuck in a loose strand of her brown hair behind Amelia's ear. She shook her head after a while, ''But I still won't do it.''

She would never compete for her husband's love when she was loved much more than she ever imagined it to be.

Her late mother, her father, her late nanny, Amelia, and now her baby in the future. They loved her and will continue to love her more.

Why would she use efforts to plot schemes, and engage in arguments against annalise for her husband's love? She could use that time spent on those absurd things to prepare for her baby's arrival.

Speaking of the baby's arrival….

''I wonder when father's delivery will arrive?'' She thought out loud. Amelia had already left her hands and stood upright.

Upon hearing her words, her sullen gaze brightened up, and her droopy ears perked up.

''You are right, my lady. I can't wait to see the crib that you used as a baby. I remember you were so cute back then. My lady is still cute, but you are very beautiful like the late grand duchess. I wonder what gender the baby will be. If the baby is a young master, I hope he has my lady's silver hair. He will be as handsome as his excellency. If the baby is a young lady, then she will be as cute as you were, my lady…''

Isla's smile did not drop as she watched Amelia gushing out with excitement.

''I feel the baby would be a boy.'' She turned her gaze to her bump and gave it another rub.

''Then he must have my lady's hair,'' was Amelia's immediate words. She uttered it like there was no room for discussion.

Isla could not stop laughing at the latter's serious eyes. ''What if he has the duke's red hair?'' She then inquired further, but that made Amelia's heart boil with fire.

''Absolutely not! The young master cannot take after his grace. He must be as pretty as my lady!''

''But he is the duke's son,'' Isla pointed out. She is happy that they are having this discussion. Something that a pregnant woman does with her husband and yet, here she is, doing it with her maid. Nevertheless, Happiness fills her heart. She is contented that someone is here for her and her baby. At least she could talk about her precious unborn child with someone who truly cares.

Amelia did not want to admit it, but her lady's words were right. The baby was the duke's child, and he had to at least take after the duke somehow.

''Then he can have the duke's red eyes,'' She grumbled, very displeased ''Aren't they symbol of hayes blood?''

''Yes, they are, and you are right. My son can have the duke's red eyes,'' Because he will.

Isla did not finish out loud, but she knew what her dear son will look like when he comes to this world. He was and will be a beautiful child.

''..Then what of a name, my lady? Amelia asked after a brief pause.

''A name...'' Isla looked at her blankly, then turned to the baby bump with her hand still on it.

After a while, she uttered, slowly, '' Damien…Damien Liev.''

Even if her son's first name was the same name in her second life, thanks to her husband, she added the second name to promise herself and her son that this life would absolutely be different.

Amelia widened her eyes as she knew the meaning behind the second name. Second names in the empire are rare, and for her lady to name the baby after that second name, showed how much she loved the child.

''Damien, for I wish you, my son, to be powerful and never ignored,'' Isla's soft gaze never left the bump. The love she had for her husband could not compare to the love she has for this child.

''And Liev, for I see you, my son, forever as my heart. You are worthy of love, and mother will always love you, my precious son.''

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