His Royal Consort From Another World Book

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His Royal Consort From Another World


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"Take responsibility for catching my attention and stealing my heart." A black-bellied shameless prince proclaimed indifferently. "Sure, I will find the best lady out there to be your consort." Xixi snorted. 'Want to get a researcher falling for you, with that lame pick up line?heh, dream on! _____________ What happens when a researcher comes across a sweet, gentle prince, and catches his attention at the very first glance? Ziran was unable to let go of her, she was just too special. No! No matter what happens he would keep her, close to him, forever. Is that selfish? He doesn't care. ____ Xixi:- "What do you think you are doing?" ". Ziran:- "Just doting on my future wifey!" ____ "I miss my home." She said. He said, "I am your home" The cover isn't mine , I found it on Pinterest, if you are the owner of the art please message me personally and I will immediately take it down. Feel free to join the server to connect with me and some of my awesome author friends - https://discord.gg/8v5UGVNuCq


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