175 Boy, this tastes good!

''Are you still angry? '' Tiana asked, still caressing his palm. Nicklaus shook his head; ''Not anymore, you're not going to be away forever, so I can wait. ''

'' I'm glad you understand.'' She smiled; ''When are you going to talk to Claire? I can't bear to look at her at work, guilt is eating me up! '' Tiana groaned, she wasn't sure she could take another day of seeing Claire's excited expression; it was killing her.

''You shouldn't feel guilty, you practically did nothing wrong, but I'll talk to her tomorrow, is it okay?''

Tiana heaved a sigh of relief; ''Yeah, it is fine. I know I shouldn't feel guilty but Claire is one hell of a beautiful soul, just knowing that she would get hurt tears me apart''

Tiana lowered, she forced a smile when she felt Nicklaus hold her hand comfortingly;

''You're too kind for this world, beautiful; don't worry, it's not going to be as bad as you think, okay?''

''I hope so. ''


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