His Beautiful Addiction

Author: zhiruyi
Contemporary Romance
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Bronze Prize for WSA 2020 ContestBronze Prize for WSA 2020 Contest

What is His Beautiful Addiction

Read ‘His Beautiful Addiction’ Online for Free, written by the author zhiruyi, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, ENEMIESTOLOVERS Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: COMPLETED!!!Bronze winner Spirity Spring Awards 2020"A dark soul, damaged by his past An angel forced to be his mistress...


COMPLETED!!! Bronze winner Spirity Spring Awards 2020 "A dark soul, damaged by his past An angel forced to be his mistress. Can anything go right? Would they ever be able to fall in love? Will she be able to see past his darkness? Will he be able to protect her when danger comes knocking? Find out in this book... An Excerpt* ''You know what you are getting into, right?'' He asked, crossing his legs, he raised a brow; Tiana's lips slanted and her eyes narrowed at him; ''As long as you pay me, I'll do whatever you want. '' Nicklaus was amazed by her sudden audaciousness; but he was sure she was just trying to seem bold, He knew her, she was just a weak, trembling soul, and she was trying so hard to mask it; A smirk appeared on his lips as a thought came into his mind; ''Whatever I want? '' He asked again and Tiana replied immediately without a second thought; ''Yes, Mr. Nicklaus, whatever you want. '' ''Alright then, I want you to strip yourself and go lie down on the bed. '' He did not have any thought of touching her; he just wanted to see her reaction. But what Tiana did next shocked him.

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Volume 1 :Nicklaus and Tiana
Volume 2 :Xavier and Ari


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I am in love with this book.... Its simply superb.... Nickulas character is most adorable one..... Nd i hope tiana would accept his love and bee with him forever..... I nearly spent al my coins and power stones.... To this book just to unlock the chapter... Even i purchased more coins for this book..... Its so interesting.... And writer is awesome explained every minor detailing and facial expressions very clearly.... That one can feel while they are reading.... That they were just present in that moment....... Even i cant stop reading this book.... I am being with my phone always keeping everything aside.... I keep on reading it..... Pushing all the works aside..... I dont why i connected to this book this much but.... Nd i wish i could in the place of tiana. ..and even i wish i could meet a person like nikulaus 😉😉...every chapter is like a new story... ....and character involved in this are very different... Saying grudge among the personal relatives..... And love feel is too gud.... Such that they may start to love someone after reading this book.... Adn they wish they could become a pair like tiana and nickulas❤.....nd finally i says I LOVE THIS BOOK.... AND I INSIST EVERYONE TO READ THIS BOOK ❤❤❤❤❤❤


GREAT READ! Im honestly shocked that this book doesnt have a higher rating! im only about 3/4 of the way through it, but this has been one of the best novels i have read on this app! Great job author! keep them coming!


this novel is beyond amazing, it's honestly the best novel I am reading nowadays, and it's also the best I have read in a while....I am not giving any spoilers, but it would really be sad for someone to pass on this novel without reading...such a loss🙄 the characters and how the story developed is just so right. it's not just about sweet Romance or whatever, it's so much more than that...🤔🤔 I just can't find the right words to describe how good this novel is but just a little something, you should know that you are going to cry "a little " while reading....but it's absolutely worth it 😁 you are amazing author 👍🏻👍🏻 thanks for the great novel💜


Hi, Author here! Looking for a novel which doesn't dwell only on romance? You're in the right place! In this novel, you find love, pain, betrayal, action, hate, adventure, suspense which will make your heart race, tragedy, face_slapping and so much more. I'll put a lot energy into this and I promise you won't regret reading! So much love from Author San!


This is really great thanks author.😂😂 I've never missed any of ur novels and I see great emotions in them. The chemistry between the two can make one believe in love 😂😂 I'd always vote for u ur my favourite author so far.


Looking for a new story to add to your collections or library,then you are at the right juncture.Grammar wise ✅,story line very interesting,think no more and give it a trial because only a trial will convince you


low review due the the way the author has been updating 😬 the book has already been completed months ago and yet the rest of the chapters are privilege even the ending !!! side stories privilege okay i don't mind but at least give me the ending of the story, I check every day to only be disappointed that there's no update 😤


Wonderful story, just a few chapters and you're hooked already. The command of English is splendid. I just love the way everything is paced! This is really a nice work of art!


Keep writing this story author plss don’t stop because it is an interesting piece and i love love it,i love how the story is developing and i love the characters .Bravo


I love the way you write your stories,so detailed and straight to the point,and this new story am sure will be more interesting than the former,with the way it is progressing I already am in love with it.Guys give this story a trial and you won’t regret it.


Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can't wait any longer please...it's Been 2 weeks I finished this novel now and there is no single update..m getting tired already.. please!!!!!!!!!!!!we want new updates!!!!!


I have enjoyed this book. I hope Tiana doesn't get involved wth Liam. Gwen is a conniving and selfish sister and i hope Tiana catches on to her soon.


The book started out promising, but the author has a horrible time updating chapters regularly. I will never read another book by this author unless it’s complete.


hello author you are the best I have seen I have read a billion dollars exchange and it was epic keep it up cos your stories inspires me a lot much love 😍😘


I love this book much that sometimes I forget that I need to sleep coz I have work the next day.. I was so absorbed in reading, as if I was lost in my world.. thanks really.. thank you author 💕


I super Like. Because is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness I am hooked! I am loving this story! This story catches your attention right away and keeps it! I love the character development throughout the book. You can feel the tension between the characters, and the relationships changing as the story progresses. With many twists and turns I find myself excited to see what each new chapter brings! I would highly recommend Taming the Tyrant Young Master!


Amazing work by a talented writer! Well written I must say. This book is one in a million. I'm already addicted. I just can't have enough. The author is just good at hooking you, you can't ever let go😍😍😍😍😍🥵🥵🥵


I'm usually not a novel person. I like the manga better. But I was trying to get into reading, then I found this novel and im IN LOVE. Im a tuff person to please with reading. But this... This is it! You will never get bored at any moment of the book! The writing is just wonderful and perfect. The ML is just the cutest. IT’S JUST THE DEFINITION OF PERFECTION!❤️


Finally i can start wiping my tears and prepare for the real drama💞💞💞💞 thanks author 🥰🥰🥰 i hope the go beyond kissing looking at how they've missed each other


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