256 Bleak and Pain

The song in this chapter is 'say you won't let go' by James Arthur. **

''We'll be outside if you need anything; '' she said but Tiana did not reply, her eyes stared straight at her plate.

''get me my phone and earphones. ''     

Diana nodded and she and Gwen left the room, but they stood by the door watching her through the transparent glass in case she wanted to do anything. When she resumed eating, Diana spoke to one of the guards and he quickly called home and asked them to bring her phone over. Gwen stood by the door watching her sister, after some time she smiled faintly.

It seemed they were both back to square one, but the difference was that this time, she was greater than her.

She had not felt happier after she heard of Nicklaus's accident. She was so happy that she couldn't even eat. She already lost hope of being better but luck finally shone on her. The billionaire husband was finally dead.


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