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Read HIS ADOPTED SON LOVER novel written by the author Ray10 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering r18, mystery, campus, teen, dramatic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Magedelene, an abandoned baby who was dropped off at the shelter home by her Father. Years later, Magedelene and her Adopted Mom, Steph would be moving into their third city. Here is where She gets motivated to draw again. Falls deeply in love, Makes real friends for the first time and was not thinking of moving, Or running away to another city. Follow Magedelene on this big journey on this discovery of her Birth Dad and as it changes the trajectory of the life she had managed to build, Her love life with Philip, The Boy she is not suppose to fall in love with. Her community of friendship, The relationship with her Steph Mom. The big question underneath this novel is, Was discovering the identity of her Father a blessing or a curse?. Hi Readers, Please bear with Me, This is my first time writing here, I try my very best to upload everday. Please show some love by voting, Reading the book and leaving your honest Review. Don't forget to drop Collections on the novel..

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Selection of language that is easy to understand. This is very enjoyable for me who is still learning English, keep updating more and more.


The synopsis pulled me in at first and then i was hooked. The writing is suprerb and the characters are so thoughtfully drawn out. Keep up the good work Author.


Best book I have read so far.Keep the chapters coming am addicted and I want no withdrawal.Just love this book to bits I can't wait for more.In T'Chala's voice,"Give this man more chapters".


It's different from anything I have read, that's for sure. It is rather face paced and easy to follow with use of simple language.


The synopsis is intriguing, story development is intriguing, everything about it is intriguing! The author nailed the dramatic way of the plot building It’s quite a sad story tho’ but I’m expecting a great future to this book. Nice work, author ^^


I loved you're storytelling, and the character designed, its so interesting, I badly recommend it♥♥


Not my usual genre, but freakin LOVED it! You have gotten me hooked! Wait... Let me continue reading, just wanted to let you know to NEVER stop writing!


your story is so captivating and intriguing, I didn't expect to like it this much, though it's quiet sad, but I love it,..🥰🥰 nice one dear


The story is sad though..but that's why I like it, can't help but cheer for the the female lead, it's a good novel, please don't drop it, I've been seeing a lot of dropped novels lately and it's really frustrating, please don't drop this novel, please.


originally I'm not a fan of this type of stories but... the synopsis alone got me hooked, I read the story and it was indeed spectacular, great work author


The story is really interesting, can't wait to see how it all unfolds!


The plot is quite sad . But I actually like it . I couldn't help but cheer up for Female lead. The overall story is really good. Story setting is good too . Keep up the good work


I can't wait to read how to it all unfolds


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