His A-list Star: A glamorous comeback Book

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His A-list Star: A glamorous comeback


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Excerpt~~ "Do you know how long— I have wanted to do this?" When he spoke up, his voice was husky, a mixture of desire and sincerity. Matching with the look in his eyes. Sending this strong vibration across her body. "From the very time I saw you, walking down that aisle, dressed to kill. And all I could picture at that moment was how to get my hands on you." A smile lit up her face as her heart made a joyful leap at his words. She felt that fluttering sensation in the pit of her stomach. Hot blood ran down her spine, as she lifted a hand to stroke his cheek to be certain he was real and not some hologram before leaning forward to trail a simple and soft kiss on his hard- chiseled chin. This is where she wanted to be, in his arms. Safe and secured. "Now that I think about it, I caught you staring at me that I almost lost a foot—- you literally were drooling on me." He laughed. His laughter was so rich, it sent her heart racing again. Out of the ladies I have acted alongside with, I have to admit— I'm not saying this to make you feel elated or to sound cheesy but it was what I felt at that moment. I felt that connection I had never felt before in all the female actors I have acted with. Truth be told, you are the best……" Synopsis~~ Jane Anderson was a rising star who was making waves with her acting talent, but at some point had to give up some big roles because of her boyfriend and it had always been her dream to act alongside a top actor, Toro Wilson. She finally landed herself a big gig to star as the female lead in a historical magical drama, alongside Toro Wilson. It was a dream come true. To celebrate the day, she ended up in a bar with her half sister who is also a rising actress and her friend. They partied the whole night and the next morning, Jane found herself unclad in the bar upper room and it dawned on her, she had a one night stand with an unknown guy but while hurrying out of the room, unknown to her, a camera was secretly taking shots of her. Soon, she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her with someone she never expected. Amidst the heartache, she was accused of a crime she didn't do which made her give up acting. Situationship brought her close to the top actor, Toro Wilson, who for some reason had a trauma of laying his hands on women (touching women) Now the two grew closer and worked together. Jane has to beat all odds to rise to fame again while Toro helps her in every way possible. Note: The story might contain some mature and gore contents so reader's discretion is advised.


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