Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 36: Rest x Relaxation

After a good day of doing alchemy and creating potions beyond mere human imagination, I decided to leave my Homunculus to make potions while I took a bath to rest and relax.

I filled the pool with my special bath solution which was made of a Rejuvenation potion that eased your muscles and increased recovery for both body and mind. Cultivating my own herbs really helped.

Lowering myself onto the tub of hot liquid I let my body relax and my mind wander to my current issue.

Creating Homunculi is very expensive. First, you need a preserved dead body without much damage, then you need the materials to create a preservation liquid, the creation of the advanced skeleton, the core, the potions needed to animate the dead body, it all adds up to a pretty penny you know?

I am planning to start selling my potions commercially soon to fuel my alchemy addiction, probably after the whole Riser fiasco passes by. I don't know why Rias didn't mention him to me but I am pretty sure it will happen soon. It seems to be a bit delayed somewhat.

I don't know exactly how I will handle it but I don't really fear Riser.

Sure, he might be a very strong beat stick with incredibly strong pyrokinesis and practical immortality but I have over a dozen ways I can deal with him.

Hydra poison, corrosion, seal mana, boosted holy water, alchemic holy water, absorption line, etc.

Though, I really should look into increasing my stats from my current hard cap. All it takes is one ambush and I am dead, which is something that I do not particularly enjoy.

I know how to, I have to make some expensive elixirs to do so. I have ideas, I just haven't gotten around to using them yet.

Ahh, procrastination, the arch-enemy of all men.

As I was relaxing and chillaxing in my bath I noticed the door to the bath open and someone enter inside.

"Ah." It was Mittelt, completely naked. Her petite body was on full display to my ravenous gaze.

Did she not notice the bath was occupied?

As I was thinking along those lines Mittelt looked a bit indecisive before stepping forward.

~ Mittelt PoV ~

Mittelt bit her thumb.

'Shit, I am falling behind! Dammit, Kalawarner that big tiddy cow and that bitch Raynare, why are they the ones getting all of the attention!?'

Mittelt was jealous, no that was an understatement.

She was originally scared of the job but also relieved. Instead of being executed or jailed she just had to play maid for the eccentric alchemist. Sure he was scary but he wouldn't kill them for no reason, just keep your head down and you'll be fine she told herself. He would probably die in a few dozen years anyway.

But that was before Raynare got a ring from her "master".

That bitch, got an enchanted ring that made her stronger just for sucking his dick and being his good little girl!

And even more, she was barely doing work! She got to do what she wanted, lording over the prisoners and sucking up to and sucking on their "master".

And that gloating of hers was insufferable, how she would wave the ring in front of them how she would say she was the favorite.

And then Kalawarner too, that Goddam sow spread her legs for him without resistance and she got the same treatment.

She couldn't stand it, while they were all living the life sucking up to their master she was stuck cleaning the house.

It was especially because she fell due to envy that it hit her harder. While all of the other angels had tits the size of their heads that fucking bastard of a "father" created her he made her tiny and petite for no reason, maybe for shits and giggles.

How the hell was she supposed to seduce him like this!? Never mind the fact she was the least experienced one out of them since finding someone to fuck with her appearance usually led to only creepy old men.

But as she was going to take a bath to relax she saw him, and she would be lying if she said he wasn't attractive.

A handsome face and a body that was, while muscular, was more on the lean athletic side was one that she very much liked. At least that was the type of people she searched for when she looked for toys.

And seeing the locked-in gaze he had on her body she was reinvigorated with confidence.

So, Mittelt, invigorated with the confidence of someone who was born even before the great war strode toward Takumi intent to seduce him.

What could go wrong?

~ 3rd Person ~

~~~~~~{r18 Start}~~~~~~

Takumi watched in amusement and blatant arousal as Mittelt strode in with a seductive gait. While she wasn't exactly his preferred type(Milfs) he could do with Loli's.

For a former turbo virgin, a woman was a woman regardless of the shape, if they were attractive he could make do.

"Hello master~ I noticed that you were rather lonely during your bath. I thought maybe you would appreciate some company and assistance~" Mittelt said in a sultry voice that reminded him of Raynare just with a different flavour.

He smirked, resting his head against his fist.

"Yes, I would appreciate that Mittelt, what were you thinking?" Mittelt grinned seductively as she grabbed some of the some of the soap(medicinal alchemic soap mk. III™) and began lathering her petite body with soap body, her pink nipples hardening as she caressed her body.

"Thought I could help you with washing yourself~" Takumi relaxed and let Mittelt go up to him and press her body onto his, lathering his body in soap as she caressed every inch of his body thoroughly(minus ass, was stopped Takumi).

While Takumi relaxed into the feel of her soft hands caressing him Mittelt felt up his finely sculpted body, getting more and more erect. She also looked at the scars on his body, several star-like scars no doubt caused by their weapons as well a particularly nasty flower-like scar extending from his left hand up to his torse.

Pushing her wondering mind aside Mittelt focused on his body as she rubbed her hard nipples against his, body seeing his penis twitch in response made her wetter. She was plenty experienced in pleasuring the male body after all.

Granted, that was usually on unwilling young men chained to her bed under her heel for her pleasure but that didn't change a thing.

Finally, unable to control herself any longer Mittelt positioned herself so that she was sitting on his lap, with her arms wrapped around him with his penis trapped between her body and him with Takumi's hand firmly gripping her surprisingly plentiful ass.

"Now master~ let me give your penis a very good wash alright~?" Trembling in excitement and arousal having not had a lay for months Mittelt excitedly raised up her ass and slid down his giant penis, his penis slowly entering her-

'She looks a bit too smug doesn't she?' Takumi asked himself, unwilling to be a stationary object for Mittelt to play with.

"Uwoh~!?" Mittelt briefly saw the stars and even her home back in heaven Takumi's hands gripping her ass tightened and he pulled her down while thrusting up, sheating himself balls deep inside of her instantly as she came hard.

"What? Too used to being in charge my dear?" Mittelt could barely catch her breath before Takumi started pistoning upward toward the heaven with her in his lap like she was riding a horse, his giant cock filling up the very insides of her pussy, rubbing against the most sensitives areas of her insides as she moaned like a bitch in heat as she felt Takumi sliding in and out of her with his rapid pistoning.

"Fuuuuuck yessss~! Fuck me master~!" *Slap!* *Moan!*

One of the hands gripping her ass gave her ass a hefty smack as Takumi pulled her lithe body tighter against his own, their bodies grinding against each other in the heat of passion Mittelt biting his shoulder with her fingernails digging into his sides as she endured his ruthless onslaught of thrusts before Takumi got suddenly got faster and pulled her body flush against his.

"Mittelt, I'm cumming!"

"Yes yes yeas~!!! Cum in me~! fill me upppp~!!!"

Mittelt made a guttural sound as Takumi unloaded his cum all the way inside the depths of her pussy with one last mighty thrust, he came for a solid 10 seconds, filling her all the way up before his mighty dragon's breath relented.

*Pant.* *Pant.*

Mittelt and Takumi both released deep breaths as Takumi pulled out her, releasing a gush of cum to erupt from her pussy and make a little pool on the floor. Taking a moment to catch his breath Takumi saw the look full of heat and lust in Mittelt's eyes which encouraged his mighty pheonix to revive once more.

"I take it you are ready for round two Mittelt~." Takumi said breathily as Mittelt nodded with a lustful grin.

~~~~~~{r18 end}~~~~~~


Leaving Mittelt's now sleeping body couch I put a blanket over her and winced at the pain on my pelvis and shoulders.

I seem to keep forgetting that while I am only like 5 times stronger than an average human Mittelt and the like are several dozen times stronger. And god fucking knows I am not using the fucking boosted gear during sex.

I slipped the increased agility ring on her finger as I collapsed onto the opposite couch with the boosted gear active, hearing Ddraig addressing me with a mirthful voice.

{I suppose this is bingo.}

'What are talking about?' I said as I idly wondered how I could surpass my endurance cap while Ddraig explained.

{I was making a bet with myself on how long it would take you to sleep with all of the fallen angel's lasses Azazel gave you. Even got the order right too. I impress even myself sometimes. Don't look at me like that, I am good at finding creative ways to pass the time.}

I scoffed in annoyance.

Buzz off Ddraig, I just got my pelvis smashed in. And here was this guy betting on my sex life, where was this enthusiasm when I shared my excitement about the new healing potion recipe I had created?

Hearing Ddraig chuckle to himself I shut off the connection and dispelled the gear, before smiling lightly myself, at least he was enjoying himself.

Since I still do feel good after unloading a whole plastic bottle worth of dragonic baby batter into Mittelt I suppose I will work on some enchanting as a break.

Stretching a little I went down to my workshop and worked on some nice things. Since all of my maids have submitted to me and I collared them with seal of servitude I can do something nice for them, as a pet project.

I decided to remake all of their original outfits that I tore during our fight, because one, they were hot, and two because they literally did not have any clothes. Of course, they were made out of bulletproof silk because I refuse to make subpar products.

I also made my own maid outfits, similar to the ones that Azazel gave them with my own spin on them. The skirt reached only mid-thigh for easy access for me and because I liked the view, I also added a large breast window because I can.

Well, they are fallen angels, they won't complain about a lewd outfit when wearing it feels like laying on a comfortable bed.

They were very glad when getting their clothes, further reinforcing their loyalty to me. Did I forgive them for trying to kill me? Not really. But I do not have any reason to treat them badly when they are earnestly working for me.

Treating your earnest workers like shit just makes you an asshole.


A spectacular feat! You have completely subdued 3 fallen angels.

Reward: [Light Resistance - Minor]


Well, that is rather good, isn't it? Perhaps I should find more fallen angels to subdue. I honestly did not expect that to be counted as a feat. Perhaps the rank of light resistance will rise when I subdue more?

As I was entertaining such thoughts, it was now the evening and I was lying on my bed, deciding that for once I would let sleep claim me, I replaced my bed with silk and a special mana cotton blanket.

I was just about to hit the hay before I received a text on my phone. A quick check revealed it was from Rias, which wasn't anything new, the girl was rather nocturnal, with being a devil and all.

'Rias: Are you free right now?'

'I: Last time I checked, I wasn't chained in a dungeon so I am free as can be. Why?'

I didn't exactly get a reply as I wondered why before it was made clear to me why that was as the Gremory family magic circle appeared in the middle of my bedroom and Rias stepped out of it.

My eyebrows twitched in irritation. That was just plain rude.

Well, that was before Rias jumped on my body and looked at me with earnest and a little panicked and desperate eyes.

"Takumi, take my virginity, this is urgent!" Rias said, quickly starting to undress as I looked at her with blank eyes, her taking my absentminded nod as affirmation.

Nevermind then.

A/N: Raynare, as a fallen who fell from lust(not cannon) is hard mode, while Mittelt who fell from envy(not cannon) is slightly easier to please. Give Takumi's hips a break. Now, that all three of the fallen angels have had their scenes, maybe I will have a mini threesome scene down the line who knows?

You know the rules and so do I, plot comes in teleporting into your room and there is not much you can do about it.

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