Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 31: Familiar x Forest

~~~~~~r18 Start~~~~~~

Echoes of lust rang throughout Takumi's room as Raynare bounced on Takumi's cock like a bitch in heat as she rode him like a horse. Takumi likewise thrust his hips upwards to try and meet her rabid rhythm.

"Ahh~ Finally~ it has been so long since I last had sex~! You are so big Master~!" The bed creaked as Raynare got wilder and wilder slamming her hips down as she stood on the very tip of her toes. 

"Holy fuck, you *huff* really are a slutty bitch aren't you Raynare?" Takumi exclaimed as he felt his hips bruise from the impacts of Raynare slamming down on him over and over again.

It felt like getting wrung by a very violent succubus. He had already 3 times all cumshots inside Raynare yet she was still soldiering on.

*Moan!* "Yessss~!!!" 

Raynare moaned and came again she pinched her nipples. Takumi was completely drenched, from both his own sweat and Raynare's squirts.

Not even taking a moment to recover from her orgasm Raynare resumed jumping on Takumi's A-grade meat like an animal seeing prey.

"Master~ I have always thought that your dick was massive~! *Moan!* I am your bitch, your slutty little good girl! Please reward this servant with your cum!" She really had issues pent up, she always desired Azazel. And now that she found a master even better those pent-up desires had transferred over.

That was putting aside the fact that she was an angel who had fallen for lust in the first place. And having not had sex for a while. She was a lustful fallen angel who was pent up twice over.

'I am fighting for my fucking life!'

After the first half an hour of sex Takumi's goal changed from fucking Raynare to surviving fucking Raynare. He was genuinely trying to endure the onslaught from the experienced Raynare with all he had.

Takumi grabbed Raynare by the shoulders and pulled her down to himself, wrapping her in his embrace as he trusted upward with desperate vigour. He felt Raynare biting his traps, leaving a mark. 

"Raynare! I am cumming!" With one more thrust, he slammed his hips into Raynare, filling her up to the brim again. He felt Raynare moan against him before he pulled out letting the cum drip out of her cavern.

*Huff.* *Huff.* "Fuck." Takumi's chest heaved. It felt heavenly but draining. It was one hell of a way of losing your virginity. But he noticed that Raynare, although also heaving slightly was still reaching for his manhood.

And he wasn't a chump that would say he couldn't perform to his own servant.

Mission Objective: Survive.


So absorbed in their lovemaking Takumi and Raynare basically forgot about the other residents of the house. Especially since the room was not soundproof in the slightest.

They did not notice the guest peeking through the door.

'What are Takumi-sama and Raynare-sama doing...?' Asia watched in almost a hypnotic trance as Raynare bounced on Takumi's rock-hard cock. A heat crossed her face as she felt her core get hotter and her hand unconsciously drifted to her panties remembering her kiss with Takumi.

"Are they having sex? I shouldn't watch this!" Although she thought that her eyes remained glued to the scene of them, her hands reached inside her panties on instinct.

"Maybe I should ask Kalawarner-sama about this?"

Something inside Asia had awakened.

~~~~~~r18 End~~~~~~



I rested my back against the warm bath as I let out a groan of relief.

I felt like I had just run a marathon and a half. My dick looked like a sad reddened sausage, my groin was literally bruised and bite marks were littered all over my upper body. 


I almost died by snu snu. Note to self, Don't challenge a thousand-year-old fallen angel that fell due to lust to a sex battle as a virgin.


[Sex Path(Novice) lv.5]

Your skill in sexual activities. Providing pleasure to your partners and your skill in receiving and delivering pleasure


Funny how the System has skills for even things like this.

Shaking my head I retreived a no-ingestion stamina and health potion and poured them into my bath and let myself relax. This was a better medicinal bath indeed.

Huh, when was the last time I took a bath or even a shower actually?

I usually just use Kelvin catalyst to make water clean all bits of dirt off my body.

After having a nice bath I returned to my basement before asking Azazel for more tomes on hypnosis, giving him some paralysis potions in exchange.

My thought process was simple. Hypnosis works by affecting parts of the mind.

For example, you can use magic to make someone think whatever you are is usual, nothing to see there. Erase parts of their memory without them suspecting a thing. Hell, you could even implant fake memories in someone or repress their memories with some very advanced spells.

And, if it can be so precise that it can affect certain parts of the mind. That means you can actually treat the mind as having separate aspects.

I spent hours in my basement writing over a hundred pages of work trying to work out how my new spell would work. Hypnosis could make the mind work independently from the consciousness.

And after 6 hours, or well, 300 hours from my perspective. I finally created it!

Thought Partitioning.

The mind can already perform independently from the awareness.

When making a jump you don't actively calculate the distance, right? Your unconscious does it for you. So why can't it do more than that? 

Because you don't have much control over it, you can train it but that takes a long long time before something becomes instinct.

You can only multitask so much. But now with thought partitioning that is no longer the case.

I can freely divide up my mental CPU with thought partitioning, I can make myself completely focus on a task even by shifting the CPU over. For example, I could both be reading a book and thinking about what to cook without either task being negatively impacted.

Since you aren't forcing multiple tasks through the same input but instead having a separate input for each task which makes it so that they don't collide with each other. 

For the normal person, it wouldn't be the greatest since even though you are doing it nearly perfectly you are still giving each task half of what brain processing power you would give it.

Thankfully, I am not a normal person.

After all, I had thought acceleration.

It was near mental self-supremacy. Well, it wasn't really a skill I had.

I was essentially hypnotizing myself. Using mind magic to accelerate my thoughts, using hypnotization to target my mind and my thought processes and splitting them up accordingly. 

A good side effect of this was the fact that I had hella resistance to mental manipulation.

Because I was already peeking into my mind from the third person almost 24/7 I would notice any foreign change almost instantly and eliminate it thanks to my control over my own mind.

[Mind Magic(Intermediate) Lv.9]

It's insane really, I don't even know how to cast fireball but I can probably neuter someone's mind with my magic.

Anyway, as I was running my new thought partitioning to the test by reading the book about seals I had gotten from Azazel in exchange for a crate of minor healing potions while at the same time preparing the homunculus process to convert homunculi I got a text message.

<Rias: Takumi-kun, could you come to the ORC please? I have something wanted surprise with.>

I raised my eyebrow at the text, cancelling my mind enhancements making blood drip down my nose and some from my eyes as I used a handkerchief to wipe them away.

<Takumi: Sure, be right there.>

''Whelp! I wonder what Rias is planning for. Let's depart Ddraig!"

{Are you not going to acknowledge that you were just bleeding from your eyes?}

'If I found it a matter worth addressing I would. My squishy bits are struggling a bit to keep up with my giga mind is all. But it is a sacrifice I am willing to endure. I will learn to mitigate it of course.'

I heard Ddraig let out a breath of equal parts fondness and exasperation.

{Sigh, you really are a scary guy you know that? But you should deactivate the Boosted Gear for now. You need to let your body rest too. You can't prove the triumph of alchemical triumph when your body is breaking down, can you?}

...Damn, Ddraig has a point.

'Okay fine~ Mom. I will rest a bit.' Saying that I retracted the boosted gear ending the conversation before Ddraig had a chance to respond.

...I am marking that as a win for me.

Takumi 2 | Ddraig 0

Stretching a bit I left the house and lightly jogged to Kuoh Academy at 40km/h of course putting an attention ward around me as I did so(intermediate level mind spell learned during research).

After I entered the building I opened the door to Rias' office thingy to be met with the entire peerage in the room with Rias waving at me.

"Sup guys, what am I here for?" Hearing my words Rias crossed her arms and gave me a smile.

"I am glad you asked Takumi-kun. Since today is a full moon I decided to make it up to you for the Fallen Angel problem. My family actually owns a forest called the Familiar Forest that houses a lot of familiars that can be contracted. I was planning on taking you there so you could get a familiar since you don't have one yet."

A ticket to a forest where familiars are? Where supernatural ingredients are? Where animals with special properties I can dissect are?

Rias, you beautiful girl. I could kiss and do a lot of things to you right now.

"...Your smile is creepy." I heard Koneko commenting from the side making me shake my head.

"So, rude. I am rescinding your cookie privilege for a week." Koneko reeled in shock and Akeno and Kiba giggled. 

"...Your smile is very h-handsome?" Koneko spat out the words in almost a desperation.

"..." I kept my gaze trained on her.

"...Please don't take away my cookies."

"...Fine. You will pay, however." I heard Akeno giggle from the side again.

"Fufufu~ who knew you had such a weakness Takumi-kun." I shrugged my shoulders. 

"Whelp, I am willing to admit. I am always weak to cute girls." I winked at Koenko who upon hearing my words Koneko blushed and stepped further into the background to hide from my gaze.

After that, however, we actually got back on track, Rias giving me a rundown of the familiar forest and teleported us to it using a magic circle. Landing us in an eerie forest with a red cloudy sky, was this the underworld.

Before I thought about it further however a man jumped down from the trees.

"Get some! I am the familiar master Towji!" Landing in front of us was a man who looked like a 40-year-old Ash Ketchum who became homeless and started living in a forest and sold cheap gifts in the street for a living.

I raised an eyebrow at Rias who explained.

"He is the familiar master, he is a professional. His title is not for nothing."

"What kind of familiar do you desire young man? A strong one? Fast one? Poison? Flames? Wings? With me around none of them is out of reach!" I looked up at the man and smiled.

"All of the above. Tell me, poke master, what's the strongest creature in this forest?" The Pokemon trainer clucked his tongue.

"Peh, this is the problem with beginners, they all think they are hot stuff who can challenge the top dog. The strongest familiar in this forest is the Immortal Nine-Headed Hydra. How about you think realistic for once boy? That thing is too big for you." He said shaking his head.

For some reason, Rias and her peerage looked at me in concern. Why would they look at me like that? I don't think my smile is that out of the ordinary.

A mere Hydra too big for me? The Red Dragon Emperor? How about you speak for yourself you senile fuck?

"Is that so? Thanks for the heads up. Rias I think I will be going ahead by myself for now, I am certain I can find a suitable for myself without help from a bag of bones." I said, walking into the forest, uncaring of the call of Rias and Akeno as the Boosted Gear manifested on my right hand.

That washed-up poke-bastard was going to regret challenging me.


[New Mission: Hydra Hunt]


~All your powerstone are belong to us~

A/N: You do not challenge a Fallen Angel to sex as a virgin just like how you don't challenge a bear to a wrestling match. Takumi learned the hard way, but don't worry, this will just make him more determined to compensate further. Also, did you like the r18 part? I cut it short because Raynare already got a scene before.

Also, what do you think about the Mind Magic Meta Gaming of Takumi?

You don't challenge a prideful dragon, especially when looking down on them and their capabilities. It just gives them an incentive. Especially the Red Dragon Emperor of Domination.

What did you guys think about the chapters and the developments in it? What about the familiar forest and the new mission? I would love to know.


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