Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 28: Amorous x Akeno

I woke up to the pleasant sensation of a soft body pressed up against mine. I had forgotten how good it feels to sleep and learned how good it feels to sleep with a cute girl in my arms.

Asia was still asleep and still adorable, and apparently, I was a very big cuddler. Since I was spooning her as the big spoon and her as the little spoon.

Which led to this giant erection in my pants pressing up against her sexy panties. I could just imagine the day when I get my hands on her, but this girl has been through too much for me to want to pull anything on her at the moment. Besides I have to go to school now.

So reluctantly, I extracted myself from the bed and then woke Asia up by gently nudging her arm. Which prompted her to groggily rise up, my oversized shirt falling off one of her shoulders exposing part of her nipple.

Self-restraint is a virtue.

"Asia, wake up sleepyhead."

"Mmh? Takumi-san? Good morning." Asia said, still rubbing her eye, she must have been exhausted after a long day.

"Good morning, I will have to school for now. If you want you can keep sleeping, if you need anything just ask the maids alright?"

"Alright, thank you very much Takumi sa~~n!" She yawned at the last part making me chuckle and leave the room wearing my clothes and adjusting my belt to hide my humongous dragon.

Alright time for school.


"Ehh~? You want me to help with your magic training?" 

I had asked Akeno to help me practice the lacking parts of my magic abilities. Talented I may be but Akeno had years of magic learning on me. To be more specific I wanted her help to practice my magic sense and concealment. 

Of course, she readily agreed to help me practice. However, the way she worded training was slightly concerning. Can never be too careful around the oneesan type.

Whatever, she led me to an empty-ish living room in the Occult Research Club as we both sat down. 

"Alright, Takumi-kun, what do you want to practice first?" She said while smiling kindly, sitting down in front of me while I thought about what I wanted to get out of the way first.

"That would be sensing magic power. I am not particularly good at it so learning it better would really help. Do you have an idea on how I can practice it Akeno-senpai?" Once I said this the ever-present smirk on Akeno's face got larger.

"In fact I do!"

For some reason that sent chills down my spine.


"When I thought about training this wasn't exactly what I had in mind. Also, why am I in my underwear exactly?" I asked Akeno who was blushing and smiling in glee as I stood in the middle of the woods behind the Kuoh academy and was given a blindfold by Akeno.

Man, Daddy issues sure do give some really strange kinks to people.

"Ara~ ara~ Takumi-kun, patience. The best way to train your mana sense would be to dodge mana projectiles while only being able to rely on it right?"

Damn, she has a point.

"So, why am I naked?" 


Alright then, I would definitely be getting her back for this. Mark my words.

Regardless, I put on the blindfold and got ready, moments later I heard magical noises and activated my mana sense, sensing vague outlines of mana around me I leaned to the side, I could not leave a 2-meter circle.

I felt a projectile whizz by me as another two were launched from separate directions leading me to crouch to avoid them. And when those 2 passed by another 3 were launched. 

'Holy shit this is intense.'

I was sweating by the time we reached 10 projectiles, focusing on my mana sense with so many projectiles at once was really intense. I started using thought acceleration to keep up.

But goddam it's so fun!

It's like playing bullet hell in real life!

"Looks like you are doing really well Takumi-kun. Ufufu~ I suppose you wouldn't be against me ramping it up then." Before I could ask what it was I felt what it was with my rapidly improving mana sense.

*Crackle!* *Bam!*

I jumped to the side just in time to avoid the falling lightning. Then I crouched to avoid another projectile. Turning up my Thought Acceleration I started dodging even harder, I sweated like hell, doing acrobatics to dodge bullet after bullet and even the occasional lightning before I was struck by a stray pellet knocking me on my ass. Which prompted the projectiles to stop as I raised the blindfold to see Akeno looking over me with a smile and blush on her face as she stared at my abs.

"Oh my~ I did not expect you to do so well Takumi-kun. It's really impressive." Taking her hand I smiled at her and got up.

"Yeah, thanks for your help Akeno-senpai. I will be ready for round 2 in just a bit." I shot her a grin which made her cover her mouth as she blushed, I was well aware that my body was something nice to look at, especially now that it was covered in the sweat of hard work.

"Are you two training?" I heard come from above, making me look up as I saw Rias looking at us from the second-floor window sill.

"Ufufu~ indeed Rias, I hope you are enjoying the sight. What brought you here? Or are you just here to watch?" Hearing Akeno's words Rias blushed a little but did not deny as she brushed a bit of her hair behind her ear and smiled.

"It's hard not to notice when you are throwing lightning around Akeno. What are you two even training for anyway?" Giggling to herself Akeno replied.

"I am helping Takumi-kun train his sensing abilities by creating things for him to sense and dodge." Hearing this Rias looked in my direction.

"Is that so? You could have asked me to help you train too you know. I am always available." Rias said pouting slightly as I made a helpless expression.

"Sorry but I don't think doing dodging practice with the power of destruction is a very good idea." 

"Ufufu~ Is it jealousy I hear in your voice Rias? Are you perhaps jealous that I am hogging your precious Takumi?" Akeno said, going to my side and hugging my arm, smothering it between her breasts as she smirked at Rias while I fought for my life with my nails digging into my palm to not pop a boner, I rue the day I created my vitality potion.

"Humph, not really. You two can resume training. And Takumi, if you ever want to train together I am available." Rias said, puffing her cheeks up and going back inside the clubroom as Akeno giggled again.

Man, their relationship is weird. But I do agree that pouting Rias is very cute.

"Alright, now we can resume training then. Are you ready Akeno-senpai?" Akeno hugged my arm tighter as she pouted slightly.

"Geez~ fine. We can get back to training now. But I am going to have you make up for this you know?" Is this because I ignored her teasing? It totally is. But you won't find me so easy to tease, especially when it's about grinding.


[ Sense Mana(Intermediate) Lv. 2 ]

The training went really really well. With my thought acceleration I was improving by leaps and bounds in a short amount of time which left even Akeno slightly speechless.

That aside I am pretty sure she was getting off of hurting me.

After mana sensing came the mana concealment training. For that, Akeno had a different idea.

"The most important part about concealing your mana is focus. If your focus breaks it will become harder to conceal your mana." Akeno had me sit down in a lotus position on the ground of the living room of the ORC.

The goal of the training was for me to hide my mana signature as best I could while distractions happened around me. Or at least that was what the premise was supposed to be.

As I was using thought acceleration to have finer control over my mana to conceal it better my thought process and acceleration were broken by my nemesis.

I watched as Akeno stripped off her skirt and stepped out of it before sitting down cross-legged in front of me just a foot away. I could see the outline of her pussy through her dark purple panties.

"Ufufu~ Your concentration is slipping Takumi-kun." Fuck it was.

At this point, even my rationality is slipping. My libido was unnecessarily large. I tried hard to refocus but it fell apart as Akeno undid her button-up shirt too. 

Fuck it, if she is teasing me then she can deal with the consequences of teasing me.

~~~~~~r18 starts now~~~~~~

I released my hold and immediately my dragon rose up to soaring heights, creating a tent in my pants like none had ever seen. Causing Akeno to wear a shocked expression with a large brush across her cheeks, but I could almost sense the arousal off of her.

"A-Ara Ara~~ you seem to having a bit of a problem there Takumi-kun." I smiled at her, not even an ounce of shame left in my bones.

"Yep, you are making it really hard for me to focus Akeno-senpai. Think you could lend a hand?" I will be honest if she blueballs me here Raynare will be having a really rough day on her hands.

Thankfully, she was as horny as I imagined as she crawled toward me on all fours, her body pushing up to mine.

"Well~ if you ask for it like that. I can't really refuse my cute junior, can I? I guess I just have to take responsibility and give you a hand." Akeno said in a seductive voice as she pulled my boxers down, revealing my full 9 inches of throbbing as she took it in and licked her lips.

Her soft hand wrapped around my length and started gently stroking it. Her hands were very soft and felt like a piece of heaving gliding around my length.

My hand also wrapped around her body, groping her plentiful ass. She breathed heavily as I did so.

"My~ my~ how naughty Takumi-kun. It almost feels like an affair you know? Doing this behind Rias' back." Akeno said, withdrawing her hand for a second before licking her own hand and adding some saliva to it before resuming stroking me with her now slick hand.

The added pleasure made me grunt.

"You are one to talk. Such a lewd girl teasing me incessantly. you wanted this to happen didn't you, you naughty girl?" Akeno shivered as I whispered in her ear, making her stroke me harder and harder as I approached my climax.

"Yes~ I wanted this to happen, I am such a bad girl~" She stroked me harder and then I was about to.

"Akeno I am cumming!" 

"Yes! Do it! Cum for me!" Akeno got in front of me as she stroked me to completion, making me groan as volumes of cum burst out of my dick like a hose, raining down on Akeno who received it like an expert. My cum was splattered all over her upper body.

Goddam that felt good. I needed that.

~~~~~~r18 ends now~~~~~~


After that whole jerking me off thing things had become a bit awkward between us. Akeno was the type of person to get swept along with the mood without thinking too much about the consequences.

So I excused myself and started training by myself and actually thanks to achieving release through Akeno my efficiency in concentrating skyrocketed. With meditation and thought acceleration I was able to fit an entire day of training within 1 hour. By the end of the school day, I had reached intermediate 3.

As I was heading home after school came to a close I received a message on my phone from Rias.

'By the way, Takumi-kun I thought I should inform you that Lady Serafall Leviathan wanted to meet you personally for dealing with the fallen angels.' Reading the message I raised an eyebrow. 

Well, this wasn't too out of my expectations. She must have learned of my potions somehow or just simply wanted to meet the magician in Kuoh who managed to defeat the fallen. Either way, it works for me, networking is always good.

'Sure. Did she mention when? Or am I supposed to be the decides the time.'

No response.


'...She just said she would drop by.'

Great. I forgot how... eccentric the Satans were. I guess that's my bad. I guess I should expect her to drop by unexpec-


A deep blue magic circle formed in my living room, and out of it burst a busty girl with long pigtails swaying in the wind, wearing a scanty pink and black magic girl outfit.

"Yahoo~☆! Maou Serafall Leviathan here☆!"

She said striking a pose.

...I wonder if Azazel forgot some alcohol in my house?

Because I really need a fucking drink.

~All your powerstones are belong to us~

A/N: Powerful people have no need for such trivial things as knocking or not teleporting into people's houses. And everybody knows that it is mandatory for a magical girl to make a surprise entrance.

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