Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 25: Discipline


I feel like I got the hit by the alcohol truck. Whatever Azazel brought was some real heavyweight shit. But it tasted so damn good, I wasn't unused to alcohol. Maybe I should try making some alcohol myself. Making a potion, making wine, same tree different branch.

Holding my throbbing forehead I manifested the green gem of the boosted gear on my right hand and pulled out the hangover potion I made before drinking just in case and drank it, feeling the effects vanish almost instantly I sighed in contentment. It feels great to be an alchemist. 

After Azazel brought out the drinks we drank and ate, just talking about things and deepened our friendship of sorts. After finishing 3 bottles of undoubtedly incredibly expensive drinks Azazel went back, leaving me with the gaggle of crows dressed as maids.

Well, I guess I could still profit out of an annoying situation.

*Snap!* "All of you. Stand in front of me." I snapped my fingers to gain the attention of Raynare's gang who were scattered around the living room. Reluctantly, they gathered in front of me standing in a line.

"Since Azazel gave you 3 to me, I expect you to behave. If you don't give me a reason to treat you harshly, I won't. First of all. Which one of you is the best at cooking?" Since these 3 were mine I needed to establish some kind of order first. I sure as hell am not letting them be free in my house. Delegating some tasks will help keep them busy.

They nervously exchanged glances before Kalawarner stepped forward.

"I think that would be me."

"Alright, your job now is the cook. I expect you to prepare breakfast at 7:30, lunch at 1:30 and Dinner at 6:00. Alright? When you aren't doing that your job is to help clean." I said, getting a curt nod from Kalawarner as Raynare looked at her, flabbergasted. 

"You." I pointed my finger at Mittelt who flinched.


"Your job is to clean. If I find the house dirty, you are getting spanked." Mittelt flinched again as she nodded vehemently as Raynare looked outraged.

"What the hell are you all nodding along with this for!? Why should we obey this huma-" Raynare was cut off by Mittelt who looked equally as pissed and indignant.

"Shut up Raynare! It's all because of you that we are in this in the first place! If you-"

"Hey." My voice cut in harshly and made them turn to me.

"My ears hurt. If you are going to keep arguing so loudly I will punish you. Also, Raynare, I found a job for you. You will be my personal lab rat and assistant. Got that?" I honed my glare on them which made them shut up, Raynare glared at me but it faltered as she bit her lip and looked away. 

"I am glad we have come to an agreement." I gestured for Raynare to follow me as I went down to my basement but not before shooting one more glance at them.

"Also, I hope none of you are planning anything stupid. Because if you are, I advise against it if you don't wish to be mailed back to Azazel without any limbs." This made them all gulp, assuring me they wouldn't cause any trouble in the near future, they did not have the bones to pull something like that.


I settled down my alchemy chair as I sighed in contentment at being able to return to doing some more alchemy. I want to test the effectiveness of supernaturally sourced ingredients since I had a source of it right next to me after all.

"Alright, let us begin testing Raynare, my dear assistant. First of all, I need you to slit your wrist for me." Hearing my words Raynare looked frightened and agitated as she drew away from me, steeling a glare on me.

"W-why!? Is this one of your twisted games? Why should I do that huh?" Sighing I shook my head. 

"Did you forget the fact I am not allowed to kill you? I just need a few hundred ml of your blood to test some things." She was being unnecessarily annoying and I was being very patient with her in my opinion.

These 3 already tried killing me before and stabbed me. I have no qualms about abusing them. From my perspective, they were paying the price. And the price for trying to take my life is your everything.

Raynare drew further away as she sneered at me, seemingly having gained confidence from nowhere. Maybe she thinks just because Azazel told me not to kill them that I would be afraid to touch her?

"No way. Why should I obey you when I am a fallen angel? Just because Azazel made a mistake in-" 

"{BOOST}!" Raynare's eyes widened as her pupils shrunk.

Alright, enough playing nice. Sometimes you have to slap a bitch to get her to understand her place.

"You seem to mistake my basic courtesy for weakness Raynare. I should remind you Azazel gave me full control over you. And what do you plan to accomplish with this anyway? I beat you down without using my sacred gear. Do you think I won't lay a hand on you?" The crimson gauntlet manifested in my left hand gleamed as Raynare trembled violently.


"Ah!" Raynare yelped as I grabbed her and suddenly pulled her down over my lap with ease, unable to resist since I was suddenly 3 times stronger and ran reinforcement full force through my body. Before Raynare could thrash around more I suddenly pulled her skirt up, exposing her large ass clad by her small thong before I pulled her thong down to her ankles.


"Ghk!" She went completely still as my open hand came down on her plentiful ass. I had a grown-ass woman probably hundreds of years old on my lap and I just spanked her.

"{BOOST}!" "If you know what's best for you won't resist. If you do I will continue after snapping your arms and legs like twigs. You need to learn your lesson, bad girls get punished." I drew a begrudging nod from Raynare as I smacked her ass again, drawing a yelp from her.

Just spanking won't do enough for a creature as prideful as her though, I need to break her properly. I grabbed her chin and made her face me as she glared at me with flushed cheeks.

"Thank me."

"Haah!? What do you mean thank y- hyah!" *Slap!* I gave another slap on her ass.

"Thank me for going out of my way to discipline you instead of killing you from the start. If you don't, I will spank you a hundred times. If you thank me I will only do 50." Her glare told me over my dead body as I shrugged, she was going to learn one way or the other.


"T-thank you! Please stop!" She cracked rather fast, only 28 spanks in.

"Thank you what?" *Spank!* "Eep!"

"T-thank you for educating me. P-please stop spanking me now?" My hand rested on her tomato-red ass, lightly caressing it she shivered.

"Nope~! There are still 21 more to go since you have been such a bad girl Ray." Raynare grimaced as she recalled the pain from the spanks I gave her as she put on a more cutesy voice.

"W-what if I show you how much of a good girl I can be?" Wow, she really is pathetic, it's either 'I am better than you' or 'Please don't kill me I am such a good girl' for her. I gently lifted her from my lap and got her down on her knees and leaned back as it clicked for her.

~~~~~~18+ Start(Its been so long)~~~~~~

"Alright, you can show me your thanks to me in another way. If you are good enough at showing your gratitude better on your knees then I guess I can let you off the hook for this once." Raynare nodded as she pulled down my pants to expose my rock hard 9 inch cock.

It was 8 originally. After drinking that elixir it became 9, I am not even sure it would fit in a normal girl at this point. Well, that wasn't my problem now, it was Raynare's. I saw her glance at my dragon {Oi. Don't call it that.} with slight disdain before she covered it up with fake cheer as she got to work.

"Fuck..." Raynare grabbed my throbbing shaft and ran her soft and slimy tongue over it before licking the tipi, drawing a groan from me, she handled my cock with expertise as expected of an angel that fell down due to lust. Before long she took my cock into her mouth. Welcoming my member into the warm and wet cavern of her mouth as she sucked on my cock, the suction force giving another layer of pleasure. 

"Wow, you really are a slut, aren't you? Are you even fit to be a maid? Begging to get on your knees without hesitation." I did not intend to make it easy for Raynare as I grabbed her hair with both hands and slammed my cock down her throat she gagged a little but took it like a champ as she somehow sucked my cock that went all the way down her throat.

*Gawk!* *Gawk!*

Of course, I was rather inexperienced and honestly hadn't masturbated in a week so I did not last long as I fucked Raynare's deluxe throat.

"Take it Raynare!" I thrust my hips, burying her face in my groin as I came down her throat, a tsunami of cum erupting from my dick for a solid few seconds as I released Raynare who promptly vomited a mouthful.

*Bleh!* "Hah! For all your bravado you didn't last very long did you?" Raynare sneered at me before she stopped as she looked at my still-standing member.

"Did I say we were done?" I pulled Raynare by her hand back to my penis again. She had to earn her keep after all.

~~~~~~18+ End~~~~~~

Wow, I needed that release 3 weeks ago goddam. I love Dxd, that pleasure was something out of this world, if I wanted to get a harem before, I sure as hell do now.

Also, once I was done with Raynare I got a notification.


Achievement: You have managed to subdue and take a fallen angel as a servant.

Reward: [Seal: Servitude]


The implications of a system made by god giving something like that for subduing a fallen angel had some interesting implications. Did the big G want the users of Iter Melius to reclaim fallen angels and bring them to their side or was it something else?

Anyway, after Raynare serviced me 3 times in a row she was way more obedient to give me the samples I wanted. For example blood, feathers, saliva etc.

Fallen angel materials are great. Having basically an infinite source of them by my side was even greater.

Countless ideas came to my mind. I already tested basic materials such as Blood, Saliva and Feathers with great results.

Blood is a great ingredient for vitality and life force, saliva had a cure disease effect and surprisingly a mild aphrodisiac. Feathers on the other hand were the full package. They straight up had the light element which I could plenty uses for, fortify light and even more applications I hadn't discovered yet.

As I was creating potion after potion in a roll I could see to the very envious and curious gaze of Raynare from the side. I could tell that she envied my power and she probably wanted to know if it could make her powerful as well. This made me think.

When raising loyal and useful subordinates you have to balance the sticks and the carrot.

Without enough stick, they will be all too willing to deviate from what you want them to do and to disobey you since there is no punishment to fear.

Without enough carrot they won't be doing what you want willingly or because they see value or worth in whatever you are doing but because they don't want the stick. Which means if given the opportunity to betray they will take it. An enthusiastic worker was a great worker.

Well, it might be worth it to cultivate a Raynare I guess. Plus if she is obedient the others will also fall in line.

That aside I was finally done. Azazel had finally delivered me the fruit and I brewed it into a potion along with some ginseng, Fallen Angel blood, my blood and finally the Dragonblood Fruit. Ending up with a glowing potion in my hands.

[Intermediate Elixir of Life]

Raynare also looked at the elixir in my hands in wonder and want.

"What... is that master?" She spat out the last words with spite but I didn't care.

"An elixir. A potion capable of permanently altering the body to make it stronger, faster, healthier, more powerful. A creation of my own, this is the elixir of life." I wasn't gloating for no reason. I knew how power-thirsty this girl was.


"A-are you really capable of creating things like that? How!? Can others use them!?" I revelled in the desperation in her voice.

"Yep, why do you think Azazel was so interested in me? And Ray, if you are good enough girl, I may even just help you grow stronger one day." I knew I had her at that as she fell silent, I am confident I can probably get her willing bouncing on my cock in a week at most.

But anyway, I don't want to prolong my elixir and long. Down it went.

A warm sensation went through my body. I felt invigorated.


You have consumed [Intermediate Elixir of Life]

Your lifespan has been restored to 200+ years


You have acquired the perk: [Longevity]


You don't age beyond your physical peak. You are immune to mundane illnesses.

Your perk [Enhanced Vigour(Minor)] has been upgraded to [Enhanced Vigour(Intermediate)]

[Enhanced Vigour(Intermediate)]

Your body is significantly more healthy and virile. Augmenting your virility, health and stamina beyond the norm. 

Your Vitality has risen by 40


Wow, I feel like a god right now. I could do without the even more boosted vigour but it is what it is. Besides, I now had servants who were available to help me with such troubles.

But Alchemy triumphs once again.

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A/N: Takumi has... issues and a sadistic streak. But to be honest the fallen angels deserve it. Takumi's plan is to tame them and turn them into useful servants. Some of the keen-eyed among you may have noticed his more sociopathic tendencies earlier on.

He may be too good of a match for the dragon of domination.

What did you think about the short 18+ scene? I did not want to make it too long because it wasn't too important and I wanted to make time for some actual progression.


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