Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Chapter 17: Fallen x Fight


[Emergencey Mission: Fallen Fight]

[Fallen Fight]

Unfortunately, the fallen have taken the fight to you instead of you taking the fight to them. But are you just going to let them go scot-free? Turn this ambush on its head.


Incapacitate or Kill the 4 fallen angels. The quest is failed if you receive outside help.

Bonus Requirement:

Incapacitate or Kill all exorcists under the fallen in less than 4 hours. The quest is failed if you receive outside help.


[Random Trait], [Random Seal]

Bonus Reward:

[Homunculous Creation Blueprint], [Sacred Gear Extraction Knowledge]


I discreetly read the quest from the corner of my eye as I had a standoff with the fallen angel glaring at me, slowly I stood up.

"So, what do I owe the visit exactly? I don't know what I did to incur the wrath of the fallen angels." I said shrugging my shoulders as I too casually reached into my bag and retreived a potion with such relaxed casuality that she did not take note of it and instead glared at me before gripping her spear tighter.

"I have been ordered to make sure you die. If you want to blame someone, blame god for giving you a sacred gear." She armed her spear and threw it at me as I sidestepped it and drank the potion in my hand.

[Intermediate Strength Potion I]

When drunk increases the strength of the user by 50 as long as their endurance is above 25. Lasts 3 minutes.

I felt the invigorating strength fill my body as I shot toward her 3 mana arrows came to life around me and started spinning. 

"I think I'd rather blame you instead." I saw shock creep up her face as her eyes widened as I dodged another spear before creating supercooled mist in my hand and blasting her with it.

'Frost Veil.' 

"Kyaaah!" Kalawarner shrieked as she was hit by a blast of supercooled mist that caused frost to build up on her body. And then I ducked and sen my spinning arrows at her.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!* 

"Kuak!!" one of them hit her thigh, the other her midriff, and the last one her wings, putting a giant hole in them causing her to lose her balance and get launched by the power of the arrows.


Just as I was about to give chase I heard the sound of something cutting through the air behind me and instinctively rolled, narrowly avoiding 2 spears that passed by me.

Great, emphasis on the ambush. I raised my head as I saw another 2 fallen come into the scene and created another set of mana arrows. 

One was a petite girl with blonde twin-tails in gothic lolita attire and the other was a shady middle-aged man in a trenchcoat. Both had their wings on display as the little brat snickered.

"Wow, Kala-chan, you really struggled against this fodder? At least we found our target now." Snickered the blond bitch.

"For such a low-class creature you are quite troublesome." Sneered the crusty fucking old man.


The reinforcements arrive in the nick of time. I put my hands in my pockets as I addressed them casually since they seemed to enjoy monologuing arrogantly.

"Are you guys really sure want to do this? I am contracted with the Gremory family you know?" They sneered, I of course knew they did not give a shit but I wanted to set up my alibi and get an opportunity.

"Hah! Then it's even more reason to kill you right no-"

His words did not last long before I chucked a vial toward him, he smacked it away with his spear but it was already too late as the vial broke apart and started violently reacting with the air.


A giant explosion the size of a small missile swept through the air and hit them head-on, drowning out their shouts as they were sent flying. 

Goddam, that thing almost made me deaf. That must be at least a mid-tier level of power contained in that little potion. But choosing to not dwell on my thoughts I instead gave chase to the fallen who were hit by the explosion. When I reached them they looked worse for wear, the middle-aged man looked slightly cooked as he tried to bring out a spear and shoot it toward me, but I intercepted it easily with my spinning mana arrow meeting it halfway.

I ducked under another spear he shot out and reached his body.

"Take a nap old man." *Crackle!* *Bzzzt!* 

My palm met his midriff as I released a wave of lightning coursing through his body like a roller coaster, causing him to freeze up while the millions of volts cooked his body. 

*Woosh!* "How dare you!"

I leaned back just in time to avoid a spear headed straight for me, it instead grazed my chest, causing me to hiss in pain. It felt like a red hot knife gouging my body. 

"Yes yes, how dare I defend myself?" I said in irritation, it was these bastards who were ambushing me. For me right now, they were nothing more than enemies, not people, just simply a target to overcome.

I looked over my opponent, Mittelt's dress was completely torn away unlike Donald who had his clothes intact. Putting her body on full display with burns marring her body.

She held a violet spear in hand and shot it toward me, poor aim. I intercepted it with my own mana arrow before rushing her.

"You look a bit burnt. Allow me to help." Supercooled mist gathered in my palm as I unleashed it like a blast at Mittlet who tried to dodge by going in the air, it managed to catch her legs which made her stagger.

"Kyah!" She tried to flap away but I suddenly gripped her ankle. Her body was strong, maybe even stronger than mine but in a burst of adrenaline, I decided to run reinforcement through my arm. Feeling the strength from the potion and the reinforcement fill me I dragged her from the sky, electrocuting her as I did so.

"Who said you can run away?" Using my immense strength at this moment I swung Mittelt like a toy as I threw her against a tree, shattering it with her body.

Then suddenly.

*Swish!* *Stab!* *Stab!*

I felt two spears stab through my left shoulder and right kidney. I craned my neck powering through the pain to glare at the leatherbound bitch that just stabbed me, she had black hair and purple eyes, and next to her was Kalawarner.

I got caught. 

"Maan~ I can't believe you guys needed my help with this. Did you really let a measly human walk all over you like that?" Her smug voice grated my ears. Without a word said my bloodshot eyes scanned over her body.

My eyes locked onto hers as I pulled out the spears with my bare hands uncaring as to how they burned me while gritting my teeth hard enough my gums bled, this made her furrow her brows.

"How scary~ is that supposed to be your last stand or your dying whimper human?" I did not care for her words as I still glared into her eyes, this time she started to sweat.

What filled my veins was now ice-cold rage that burned white hot. 

Before this was just business, they simply stood in my way and I needed to take care of them.


It was personal.

"It's Raynare right?" This shocked her a little as I pointed at her.

"...How do you know that?" Raynare looked at Kalawarner to see if she told me her name but then I moved. Reinforcing my entire body out of instinct as I shot out like an arrow.

"Start praying." "!!!" 

Because even the dead god you abandoned would be more merciful than me.

She hastily conjured a spear and threw it at me but I ducked under it, at the same time I created a wave of electricity that I shot out toward her, catching her off guard and stunning her a little with paralysis. 

The moment I arrived in front of her I created a mana arrow and shot it into her foot before using my enhanced strength to nail my reinforced electrified fist into her gut, sending her staggering back, she was tougher than the others, it felt like punching a wall of meat.

But as she was stunned I changed my focus onto Kalawarner, sending 5 hastily crafted mana arrows toward her as she failed to dodge them, only able to put up a flimsy barrier as she was pelted. Taking advantage of it I slammed my fist down, the lightning travelling across the ground until it connected with her, paralyzing and cooking her.

*Swish! *Crack!*

I leaned out of the way as Raynare tried to stab me with another spear, missing and hitting concrete instead. Weaving around her I grabbed her arm and released lightning like a superpowered taser.

"Guaaahkkk!" Even with that voltage, she didn't go down but it didn't matter, because she was stunned enough for me to lay it on her. I yanked on her arm, bringing her body down before I slammed my knee into her chin, producing a meaty thud as he head snapped up.

*Bam!* "Puhk!"

I followed it up with another hook with my lightning-clad fist, I was running low on mana but...

What will run out first? My mana or her unbroken bones?

I am willing to find out.

Shifting my feet I put all my weight into a kick straight into her side, then turned that into another knee strike. Every hit followed into one another like a chain as I wailed into her, it felt like striking a wall of meat but I could see that she was feeling the pain from the strikes too.

Finally, I swept her legs as she wavered, having been struck with lightning for so long and enduring my beatdown, once she lost her balance I followed it up with a heel kick to her done that knocked her out.

*Huff!* *Huff!*

My lungs burnt from exhaustion. My body hurt everywhere, I probably tore all of my muscles but now all of my enemies were knocked out cold. Wincing from the pain I dragged myself over to my bag and grabbed the intermediate healing potion before downing it. Almost instantly the wounds on my body started closing. Then I drank the Novice Mana Potion X and felt a decent chunk of my mana recover.

Now that I did not feel like I was going to die at any moment now I went out and gathered out the unconscious fallen. Switching to the earth transmutation gloves in my pocket to bury all of their limbs into the solid ground.

Of course, since they were vulnerable now I could just kill them but no. Since I already managed to subdue them without killing them(probably, the guy wasn't moving very much) doing it now would be a waste.


I really am weak huh? 

I only managed to take out a handful of fallen angels because they were inexperienced and didn't know how to fight. And I nearly died in the process.

Now that wouldn't do.

I need to get stronger.

A/N: As some of you may have realized Takumi is doing exceptionally well in this fight, he is skilled at least to a degree in fighting and wasn't just floundering around. I wonder why he is so casual and skilled at fighting.

That aside, what did you think about the fight and how Takumi handled them? And what do you think should happen to the fallen angels now? Be sure to let me know, your comments help motivate me to write.