Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

Author: Bronz_Deck
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What is Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent

Read ‘Highschool DxD: Dragon's Ascent’ Online for Free, written by the author Bronz_Deck, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: It's not often you get a second chance.Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world wher...


It's not often you get a second chance. Even less often that your second chance involves you being sent into a world where mythology is real and devils roam the world. Even less is that world being an anime you have watched before. That's right, I have been transmigrated into Highschool DxD. So, how does one survive in the world of Dragons, Gods and Boobs? Trough breaking the system of course! Because when life gives you a chess board you flip it over. Note: I do not own the cover nor do I have any claim over it

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Everything Sir Squirrel said was perfectly accurate, the decisions made seem flippant at best and the development of his power manages to seem both unearned and lackluster simultaneously. The problem begins at the very beginning. We are given the illusion that his system-like Sacred Gear offers the choice between certain class sets. This is a mistake because any choice the MC could've made would be met with skepticism from people who wanted something different. But the author made the MC choose the worst possible class, a production class that would put him at the mercy of whoever decides to fund his operation and give him little combat potential returns compared to other ones hypothetically. Now, this could be a moot point for a couple reasons. The author plans on giving the Boosted Gear to the MC. That would eliminate the need for combat potential from a different class. There are also 'permanent boost elixirs' he has already introduced. A roundabout way but still a solid one. But there are other methods to have done this without the disappointing illusion of choice and the odd, undeserved shoehorning of the FMA style alchemy powers. Exhibit A: A Sacred Gear that simply gives him the powers of the world of FMA. The MC would be forced to learn and explore the world he was dropped into from a magi-scientific standpoint in order to shape it accurately, which would be interesting in itself. Being an amped FMA alchemist would allow limitless avenues to transmute himself, increase his combat potential and "spell" arsenal, and create alchemical enhancers, especially the Philosopher's Stone. Exhibit B: Reincarnate a character from FMA:B instead of a random teen. Exhibit C: Make him choose Mage instead and put enchanting and potion brewing as part of that system. Now, I could've handled all the fumbling so far as long as the story is entertaining and the MC rises to the occasion consistently despite this. But the worst part of this story for me is: Slow updates, and SHORT, SHORT chapters. I'm talking barely over a thousand words. Now this is a new story, so there are only 16 chapters to work with right now. But by God, I'm predicting right now that he won't wrap up with Riser's arc until between chapter 30 or 40, and based on that, I'm not sure if I want to stick around for that kind of chapter length.


the novel isn't bad , but it isn't for me ,if u are into psychopaths this fanfic is for u ,Personally i don't hate psychopaths characters but its always better to have context to why a character is evil or morally grey or at least show us the journey of why the mc ended up that way or give us interesting motivations to hold on to , having someone who is evil or bad just bc , is very boring and uninteresting , I Would have appreciated it more if there was someone who thinks on the same level and wave length of the mc as the mc rival to keep things interesting or have the mc run into or face a stray devil to add some excitement , this kind of mc of this fanfic only works for antagonists bc antagonists dont get that much screen time and it adds mystery compared to the mc , also the MC is corny , the mc is only a character an edgy teenager , psychopath , sociopath or someone whose life is too boring would enjoy, the mc isn't even relatable unless u find being a psychopath relatable . Compared others I have read this fanfic is pretty lukewarm it brings no excitement or interest , it just feels like the author reduced the iq of all the other characters to make the mc seem more intelligent than he is , it just feels like a chore to read . My advice to the author if u want to right an overly selfish mc , give more screen time to the side characters to show how the mc actions affect others around him . I would have given the mc greater and interesting goal(note I just want to survive isnt an interesting goal ) and added someone who could have given the mc a challenge to make things interesting bc I doubt u can make good fights


Mah, your previous fic was actually quite good for all the few mistakes that kept pilling up till it kind of was midway into a crash but, it got real good later on, so Im excited for this. Gonna wait till it builds up a couple of chapies tho,


Reveal spoiler


Yo, i just see you write Dxd fic Here is my advice never write Dxd story by using Dxd anime as reference, Because unlike in light novel, dxd version anime ruin a lot of characters, especially Issei's characters hard to the point that reduce him into fanservice machine.


Hello,will Sona and her sister Serafall become his Wifes to.?


Really nice start for a story. There are currently 17 chapters out and I hope there will be many more. The only thing that is bad right now is that there are not enough chapters.


A 5 Review Because why not. The Novel has Potential. and i see The Author always Asking Readers for Opinions. The Novel is worth reading. i recommend it! enjoy


Aside from a few convenient stretches the author has done to fit the story (nothing too bad really) this fic has been quite good. Dialogues as very well articulated and easy to follow and the grammar is really good. Can't really rate the story much higher than this at this point, but I do believe this could become a very good fic if the author plays his cards correctly.


Interesting and unique story building and also it is not too cliche


I had high expectations because your other fic was great with minor mistakes. And it has delivered so far. It's a good read, with some canon lore explanations for power.


BronzDeck BronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeckBronzDeck


currently at 41 ch , honestly a nice history so far more plot and MC development than naugthy scens taking in consideration that is a DxD fic , the MC feels autentic and the side characters interactions with the MC feels natural/beliveable, looking forward for the fic development.


La historia comenzo bien, me entusiasmo el buen uso de la alquimia que hizo el protagonista, la personalidad y acciones de este hicieron que la historia fuera interesante, pero entre los capitulos 15-20 el autor le dio un cambio para peor al protagonista, paso de ser alguien con una moral algo dudosa a un villano planeando contra sus conocidos y con algunos problemas mentales, llevo demasiado lejos la broma de srr un científico loco, hubo varias cosas poco coherentes como no sentir nada mas que felicidad al matar una gran cantidad de gente, puede transmutar el suelo con magia pero no enterro los cuerpos, solo los dejo allí y vivió con ellos 3 dias. En mi opinión el autor se dejo llevar al intantar hacer a su protagonista mas genial (segun los gustos del autor) o siguió algunas de las ideas en los comentarios del capítulo, si es lo último entonces fue una mala decisión, desde que leo en este sitio e vistos a mucha gente dar idas muy extrañas y luego quejarse porque el autor les hizo caso en capítulos posteriores. Espero que la historia de un giro para mejor y almenos en este punto la historia debería tener la etiqueta de protagonista villano.


The Novel has Potential. The Novel is worth reading. i recommend it! enjoy [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]






Why didn’t I realize that you made another novel? I’m so dumb


Me encanta, muy entretenido y deseando más capítulos.


honestly your other fanfic i just caught up to was really good hope you can make more just like these two also the only reason you got 4.6 and not 5 is because of update schedule.


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