High School of the Dead: Zombie World with a Gacha Book

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High School of the Dead: Zombie World with a Gacha


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High School of the Dead x Prototype. Harem, Action, Romance. *** *** Brand Mercer had it all. Women, money, properties and most importantly luck. Many attributed his riches to his unprecedented shrewdness, hustling to survive after being abandoned by his father, there seemed to have been only a single thing he inherited from him that was useful, his luck. As such there was no casino that Brand hadn't cleaned with his luck, alas... the day came for him to pay. The goons of the most prominent casino in Las Vegas believed him to be a cheater; with no more options and surrounded by gangsters at a filthy corner filled with piss stench and rats. Mercer knew this was the end of his luck, or so he believed. As such, with nothing else to do Brand did the only thing that could have brought him satisfaction at that very moment, just as he had done for his whole life. He kicked the leader in the balls and awaited to be battered and possibly killed. Little did he know his luck wasn't finished, in the afterlife he met the Goddess of Luck and Causality, Sonasha; who -much to his surprise- found out that he had certainly inherited something that the goddess had left for his father. A lifelong blessing of Luck. [Tags: weaktostrong, harem, romance, action, adventure] Hello here from Author-Photosphere, new fanfic for the new year with new objectives. This time the story is based on many worlds with the theme of Zombies, there is no multiverse travel; there is world travel. If there is such a thing as multiverse travel, it shall be considered in the future. First World: High School of the Dead + Prototype. Second World: My Girlfriend is a Zombie??? Male Lead: Brand Mercer (OC) Harem Confirmed: Busujima Saeko, Shizuka Marikawa, Rika Minami. Original Cover by Lee Inhyuk *** *** https://discord.gg/68Entk7Zs7 Feel free to join my discord server to have novel discussions with your peers, get illustrations and participate in polls! Get up to 30 advanced chapters in my pa-tre-on: pa-tre-on.com/photosphere The schedule is one chapter a day, with no chapter during the weekend except extra chapters. Extra chapters: 300 stones - 1chap. 600 stones - 2chaps. 900 stones - 3chaps. 1200 stones - 4chaps. 1500 stones - 5chaps.


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