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James Alaverus, a six-year-old half-devil, suddenly falls unconscious. During his three-day coma he regains some memories from his past life while retaining the mentality of a child. With these new memories, how will his life change? Disclaimer In this story, the only things I own are my own Original Characters. Also, If anyone could help me out with an original cover, I'd really appreciate it. My art skill is non existent.

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The End of the Road

Underworld, Satan Territory, Capital City, Lilith.

"{Though you are truly deserving of this reward...}" Sirzechs voice could be heard throughout the entire stadium. "{... I feel it would have been more appropriate to have the strongest devil receive a second peerage before any other.}"

Hearing that, no one in the crowd or any of those viewing this event from around the Underworld know how they should react. However, it felt to them that Sirzechs was saying that even with his achievements James still should not have been the first to receive this kind of reward.

"What is he doing?" Venelana asked with a frown on her face. "Is he trying to humiliate James? No, even if he isn't, that's exactly what will happen."

"Calm down, Lana." Zeoticus said, patting Venelana on the shoulder. "Sirzechs would never do something like that."

"*Sigh* If you only knew." Venelana said while shaking her head.

Rhea and Dante Sitri were having a similar conversation not too far away from the Gremory couple. The real issue, however, came from the Alaverus couple. After hearing Sirzechs' statement, Leona began leaking a level of killing intent that was rendering many of the weaker devils around unconscious.

"Leona, please, you have to stay calm." Cassiel said while holding onto Leona and keeping his anger in check. "You need to keep a cool head. Flying off the handle will only make things worse... especially for James."

Instead of responding to Cassiel, Leona was doing everything she could to get out of his grasp. Unfortunately, as a middle-rank being, there was nothing she could do against Cassiel, a minor god-ranked being.

Meanwhile, Scathach was exerting her own pressure. Though she was not directing any bloodlust through it. Instead, she was using it to keep the members of James' peerage in line. Like Leona, if any of them made a move because of what Sirzechs had to say, things would get worse for James.

"Stay seated and remain silent." Scathach said in a commanding tone. "Have faith in him."

Although Scathach seemed to be calm. Mizore, who was sitting next to her, was absolutely terrified at the moment. Although she was trying to suppress it, Scathach could not completely contain her overwhelming killing intent that made Leona's feel like a light breeze. So, though it was not covering her surroundings, it was still leaking, basically coating her skin.

'Holy shit!' Mizore exclaimed internally. 'Master Scathach is so~~~~ scary.'

At the same time in the tunnel that led to the entrance James used to enter the stadium, Grayfia was staring at Sirzechs with her usual expression. However, the disappointment held within her gaze was overwhelming.

"*Sigh* I guess the man I fell in love with all those centuries ago really is dead." Grayfia said in a sad tone with her eyes red.

On the stage, though James had yet to react, as he was still processing what Sirzechs just said to him, Ajuka was the closest to panicking that he had been in centuries.

'This is bad.' Ajuka thought as he watched the encounter. 'Or rather, this could be bad. If James' anger takes over and he begins to rampage. Is this what Sirzechs was planning?'

As Ajuka thought about the possible reasons for this and the possible outcomes, James brain finally rebooted. Then, he looked into Sirzechs' eyes and smiled.

"You held this in much longer than I thought you would." James said with a bright smile on his face. "When we had that disagreement about our ideologies when it came to dealing with Cao Cao's attack on Yasaka, I thought you would have done something much earlier."

Instead of responding, Sirzechs frowned, not expecting James to cut the microphone before he spoke.

Although the crowd could tell that James was speaking to Sirzechs, with no sound coming out of the speakers around the stadium, they had no way of telling what it was that James was saying.

'This isn't how I expected this encounter to go.' Sirzechs thought to himself as he put on an embarrassed expression. 'I expected his wrath to take over, and that he would lash out. Which I could use to lower his influence among the population. At the same time, after calming him down, I wouldn't have to worry about his potential being damaged. But now, I don't know what to expect.'

"Haha... I don't know what you mean, James" Sirzechs said after a hollow laugh. "I don't know what you mean by I was holding this in. But I'm sorry that my words were broadcasted. I didn't expect that my mic would be active."

James nodded in response, while maintaining his smile. However, the anger in his eyes was apparent to everyone.

'Things are about to go from bad to worse.' Ajuka thought as he watched James expression.

"You know, when I was growing up, I really respected you, Sirzechs." James said as his smile changed into a sad one. "I knew how proud you were, and I thought it was the coolest thing. You were strong, charismatic, and fair, at least, that's what I thought. But now, more than ever, I believe that you aren't worthy of the title of Lucifer. At least he would have dealt with me up front instead of playing games like this."

Immediately after James finished speaking, Sirzechs' aura burst out, putting pressure on the entire stadium. Then, with a malevolent glint in his eyes, he opened his mouth to speak. However, before he could, James voice echoed all around the Underworld.

"Lord Lucifer." James said with a cold expression on his face. "All though I respect you, I cannot stand to be disrespected as you have. Even if it was an accident that your words were broadcast to the Underworld, not once have you apologized for the words you spoke."

With that, Sirzechs' words were stuck in his throat. However, before he could retort, James began to speak once again.

"As the Underworld's strongest devil, instead of using that strength to protect its citizens, you use your position to humiliate me, someone who has been doing all that he can for the Underworld for the past ten years." James said with an expression that showed just how betrayed he felt.

At this point, Sirzechs was so angry that he was incapable of forming a coherent sentence.

"On top of that, I'm the son of a member of your peerage." James said with disappointment in his tone. "If my service to the Underworld isn't enough, what about all that my father has done for you and the Underworld?"

'This boy is terrifying.' Ajuka thought as he listened to James. 'It's clear that his anger is through the roof. However, he's in perfect control. In fact, he's managed to paint Sirzechs into a corner.'

"Thus, though I don't want to do this, I have to challenge you to a duel." James said, showing regret in his expression. "Otherwise, I would appear to be weak to pressure from the strong. And that would be something that, not only mine, but the Underworld's enemies would think they could take advantage of."

Then, with is expression changing once again, James looked into Sirzechs' eyes with an expression that showed a resolute determination.

"And that is something that I would never allow." James said in a tone that could cut iron.

Once again, the stadium fell silent. And with James declaration, their pride as members of the devil race was ignited. Unfortunately, they were unable to detect the wrath James was hiding just below the surface. However, everyone who knew him knew that he was straining himself to keep it inside.

At the same time, the crowd stayed silent because they were curious to see if Sirzechs would accept the duel. Based on the expression on his face, it was easy for everyone in the stadium and those watching around the Underworld to see that this was completely outside of his expectations. However, when his expression changed into a stern one, their expectations began to rise.

"I accept." Sirzechs said in an even tone. "We'll iron out the details at a later date."

With that, Sirzechs turned around and left the stage, making his way to the entrance where Grayfia was waiting. While Ajuka took over the proceedings of the event, Sirzechs left the stadium without looking back even once.

"Grayfia, let's go." Sirzechs said as he reached her position in the tunnel leading to the stadium. "We need to speak with Cassiel. He needs to discipline his son."

"Is that how you see things?" Grayfia asked while looking at Sirzechs with disappointment.

"Indeed, for publicly humiliating a Satan, he must be punished in some way." Sirzechs said without stopping his steps.

"*Sigh* You really have changed." Grayfia said without taking a step to follow. "Your pride won't even let you consider that you were in the wrong in this situation, will it?"

"And just where was I wrong about this?" Sirzechs asked angrily as he turned around. "Was I wrong that I should have been the first of the devils to receive a second peerage?"

"You really have changed." Grayfia said while shaking her head. "Look at yourself. You insulted him publicly. Even if the mic was turned on by accident, anyone who could hear you could hear that you were belittling his achievements. Yet, when he grew angry, you say that he needs to be disciplined."

"Are you taking that boy's side?" Sirzechs asked, his anger growing.

"That boy?" Grayfia asked, the disappointment in her tone growing. "Someone who looked up to you as an older brother for most of his life. And someone you've treated as a nephew for the same duration. Is now just 'that boy'?"

By now, Sirzechs anger had mostly dissipated. Unfortunately, his pride would not allow him to admit his wrongs and apologize to James. In fact, over the centuries, the only people he has ever genuinely apologized to have been his parents, his sister, Ajuka, Serafall, Falbium, and Grayfia. Even Cassiel, who he considered to be a good friend after fighting together during the Devil Civil War, had never received an apology when he was in the wrong.

Once again Grayfia could only shake her head when she saw the expression on Sirzechs' face. She could tell he was dreading what he expected to come next. Grayfia knew that Sirzechs was expecting her to ask him to apologize and make a mends with James.

"You don't need to worry, Lord Lucifer." Grayfia said in a cold tone. "I have no intention of asking you to apologize to James."

Hearing Grayfia refer to him as Lord Lucifer again, while she referred to James by name caused Sirzechs to frown.

"As a matter of fact." Grayfia said coldly. "I have only one thing left to ask of you. I hope you will continue to be the father you always have been to Millicas."

"What do you mean by that, Grayfia?" Sirzechs asked, his frown deepening.

"You're no longer the man I fell in love with all those years ago." Grayfia said. "And I feel it would be best to end this marriage now, while I still don't despise what you have become, rather than later."

With that, Sirzechs mind came to a complete and sudden halt.

"Now, if you'll excuse me." Grayfia said as she began to walk away from the entrance to the stadium. "I need to figure out how to explain everything to Millicas. And I need to make sure he doesn't start looking down on you for your actions today."

A few moments later, Grayfia disappeared from the tunnel, making her way to the seating area where the Gremory family was sitting. Meanwhile, Sirzechs was having trouble understanding how things got so bad, so fast. He knew that after he dismissed Grayfia's information about the former members of the Devil Council, he had thrown himself down this road. And now, he had come to the end of a road that he never thought he would find himself on.

"Damn it..." Sirzechs muttered to himself with his fists clenched. "I really fucked up... Didn't I?"


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