High School DxD: Scattered Cherry Blossoms

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What is High School DxD: Scattered Cherry Blossoms

Read ‘High School DxD: Scattered Cherry Blossoms’ Online for Free, written by the author SixthSense1029, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: James Alaverus, a six-year-old half-devil, suddenly falls unconscious. During his three-day coma he regains some memorie...


James Alaverus, a six-year-old half-devil, suddenly falls unconscious. During his three-day coma he regains some memories from his past life while retaining the mentality of a child. With these new memories, how will his life change? Disclaimer In this story, the only things I own are my own Original Characters. Also, If anyone could help me out with an original cover, I'd really appreciate it. My art skill is non existent.

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Ttory seems to be promising, the background had been laid properly, and paragraph looks great and readable. But, I'm kinda confused with the reasoning behind chapter 4. I see no merit for that irrational decisions, it's more like you're trying to put a banner with the signage of "Please don't read my book". It kinda defeat the purpose of reincarnation and the element of surprise in it. But then again, it's your work and creativity. Feel free to do some trial and error that satisfy the majority of the readers. Reasoning: 1. MC1 died and reincarnated into the body of MC2, MC1 Fade away from existance leaving only his wisdom and experience to MC1. -Suggestion, Just merge their souls and do some BS in it, or possibly make MC1 the bankai of MC2. 2.MC2 decided to spill that he received the memories from MC1 into his family. -Suggestion would be: just shut up.


in terms of action this is 10/10 in romance 1/10 story 4/10 world development 7/10 character development 3/10 In conclusion, you come here because of its history or development, go back where you came from. but if you came for action you are in the right place, it has the fights well planned and developed.


Review after reading 180 Chapters time: Impression: well, i dropped it (probably would come back if the story is completed). It was no longer interesting after reaching 160+ chapters for me, but i pushed through and ended up in the most annoying development ever in chapter 180-181. Average sucky review written by casual reader : -It was nice read, the development of power for the MC and his peerage are fun to read. -The interaction/conversation/bickering for some people, can be quite annoying and cringe, but it was nice at first for me, then i got bored of it, then it became cringe inducing, finally annoyed. -The fight is especially great in this novel, the writer is great at describing it and especially what made me stay for so long despite many annoying things about this novel. (but i hate it when the fight becomes unnecesarily drawn out, just filled with trah talk, that pretty happen much what made the charm of the novel lost for me). -Harem. well, it was nice at the first 4-5 harem members, more and more though, well it became bland. (but the author are a great conversation writer, so the Relationship is rich, but like i said at the beginning, it can become interesting cringe really easily). that's it. peace out.


I wish I would donate for this book . One of my favorite books so far it's pretty great ice plot so far and I like hat you have done so far can't wait to see what comes of it.


The first 4 chapters were weird but the rest were entertaining so far, I recommend you give this a try.


No demons can interfere in the internal affairs of clans, especially such as Gremori and Sitri. And even more so to order them something. This stupidity alone negates all the positive aspects of the work.


the writing is great but the story is bad, for me ofc, the way you put the story and the 'romance' is very very cringe to "me" but it's bearable nonetheless, and it's my first time reading a bleach power in dxd world, unique, as for the story development, was very cliche, as well as relationship between the character it dxd, and that all I can say


Reveal spoiler


50 chapters in and it is the most annoying reading experience I ever had.


This has been a fun read, I LOVE Bleach and I can’t wait to see what he does next!


Very good fanfic. Without a doubt one I hope continues. The character is excellent as is the setup. Grammer is plenty serviceable with small mistakes. I am very intrigued abit where the story will go and look forward to more.


After reading it completely:I loved how the fic started, it was an inherent story and a nice and refreshing start. The development of the characters was a little poor, but if there was anything, the romantic interests were good but I feel that many were unnecessary and only to enlarge the harem.Also, I feel like the story declined in quality as it progressed. Especially with the introduction of characters from other franchises and their stories, I think that detracted from the quality of the fic, but hey, it was interesting while it lasted.I hope the author improves that in his next story and doesn't introduce so many characters from other franchises. My congratulations to the author for this first fic and my thanks for the enjoyment[img=recommend][img=update][img=More pls]


Alright I don’t normally make a review but dude the fact that people are mad that he isn’t treated like a pure-blood even though he isn’t is just sad man he is literally a half bread like dude if you want a fanfic where the Mc is treated like a god early in the story go read a wish fulfillment


One of the best Highschool DxD fanfic I have ever read~ Love the story progression and interactions~ The battle sequence are great- But I feel like characters Except the MC doesn't get any fight sequence/shinning moments_ some times it feels like James is the only one who is fighting~ Really would love to see some fight scenes with other major characters like members of James's Peerage.


Reveal spoiler


I like the fanfic and the writing style…. Some of the reviews are kinda out there. I enjoy it and like it and that is all I need to say.


Ok... the novel is quite good. Grammar is good. And the story is finished with a rushed ending/axed. I dont agree with many of the things author did but thats just my opinion, though a few readers agree with me. Reading the novel was a good to pass time but nothing impressive. Lemons/segs chapters were really good though. And finally... from the start of the Dark Martial Arts tournament until the end... it was horrible. Im sure that you got tired of this novel and rushed the ending, killing the main antagonist in 1 text line. I was like... ₩ŤF?!?. This story is a 6.5/10. Would i recommend it? Flr something to pass time while you wait sure. But thats it.


Decent quality but the entire story is focused around girls wanting to bang our main character and it quickly devolves into unreadable garbage harem with zero character development for any on the harem girls


Why would you have him reveal one of his only advantages in the new world that was just plain stupid [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


Just one word "GOOD"another word"VERY GOOD "


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