Hidden Marriage With My Imperfect CEO

Anya dreams to have a simple, and peaceful life. However, there has only been misery in her life. This beautiful girl must work hard Every day to support her mother and herself. Until one night, Anya accidentally spent the night in a luxury hotel room, with a handsome man she didn't know! That night changed her whole life... Aiden offers Anya a marriage, for unknown reason to the girl. But Aiden also promised to make Anya's dream come true: wealth and a peaceful life. Will Anya live quietly and happily like her dream? Can Anya live in peace by becoming the wife of the CEO of the largest company in Asia?

Renata99 · Urban
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1048 Chs

Memories of Past

Aiden was sitting in a luxurious office chair, chairing a meeting that was in progress. The screen in front of him showed the presentation of his employees about the marketing strategies they would ship next month. The sunglasses never left his face even though he was in the room.

The meeting had been going on for three hours and there was no sign of Aiden to stop him. Everyone in the room felt very tired, but not a single person dared to complain in front of their superiors.

Everyone in the room was aware that their boss was in a bad mood. They all knew Aiden as a boss who was very strict and cruel. Aiden demanded the best performance from its employees and would reward them accordingly. But he also did not hesitate to dishonorably fire his employees if they made mistakes or failed to meet his standards.

Even though Aiden was currently unable to see, none of them dared to underestimate him. With or without his eyes, Aiden was the same as before.

Aiden's hand tapped the table in front of him, a sign that he was not satisfied with the work shown by his subordinates. Drops of cold sweat started rolling down everyone's foreheads.

Harris was standing behind Aiden, along with several other bodyguards. He felt the cellphone in his pocket vibrate, indicating that he had a message. He read the incoming message at a glance. Then, he immediately walked over to Aiden and whispered something to him.

Hearing what Harris said, Aiden immediately stopped the ongoing meeting.

"The meeting is adjourned." He said coldly, before exiting the room.

After Aiden and Harris left the room, everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Some of them leaned limply on their chairs, looking exhausted and scared too.

They were saved!

Meanwhile, in Aiden's office, Harris read the message he just got to Aiden. The message contained information about Anya.

Aiden's office was located on the 21st floor, the top floor of the Atmajaya Group building, dominated by black, white and gray. A large black workbench against a tall window that overlooked the road.

The window had been left open without a curtain, making the room bright with sunlight. Unfortunately, after Aiden's accident, the window was always closed. The gray curtains never opened, not even a hint of sunlight could peek into the office. The monochrome-colored room looked even gloomy without any lighting from the sun.

Anya Tedjasukmana. Age 20 years.

The only daughter of Deny Tedjasukmana and Diana Hutama. Deny Tedjasukmana was the CEO of Tedja Group, while Diana worked as a perfume maker.

They both divorced when Anya was ten years old. After that, Deny married a second time to a woman named Mona Wijaya, who already had a daughter named Natali.

After the divorce of her father and mother, Anya lived with her mother in a small and simple house. However, three years ago, her mother had a heart problem which caused her to be in a coma.

As expected by Aiden, last night's incident had something to do with Natali Tedjasukmana.

Last night, Anya met with Natali in the hope that Natali would be willing to lend her money so she could pay for her mother's hospital fees. Unfortunately, Natali didn't intend to help her. Instead, she used Anya to free herself from her matchmaking with Aiden.

Natali was quite smart. All the CCTV footage in the hotel corridor was deleted by her. She had given all the people she ordered to shut up so she thought her plan was neatly wrapped.

But the woman didn't realize who she was facing right now. Nothing was impossible for an Aiden Atmajaya.

Aiden could have offered more money than Natali offered. If money didn't work, Aiden still had a thousand and one ways to get the witnesses to speak up.

One of the servants who brought Anya to his room admitted that it was Natali who was the mastermind behind all these plans. Natali deliberately spiked Anya's drink, while Anya didn't have any suspicion of her sister. Later, Natali ordered the two servants to take Anya into his room.

Aiden listened to the report with a blank and expressionless gaze, leaving Harris unable to guess what his boss was really thinking.

To be honest, Harris was surprised by Aiden's current attitude. While working for Aiden, he never once saw his boss behave like this. Aiden has never shown any attraction to a woman.

So far, his life had always been filled with work, work and work. Even after the accident and his eyes became blind, Aiden still immersed himself in work after job, as if trying to escape from the world.'

This was the first time Aiden has asked him to seek information about a woman. What exactly made his boss so attracted to this woman?

"Tell Abdi to bring Anya to this place. I want to meet her." Aiden said as he waved his hand, telling Harris to leave him alone. Harris immediately carried out Aiden's orders and left the room.

Aiden rubbed his face with his hands, hoping they could erase his bad mood since morning.

Aiden's memories returned to the hotel room he left this morning. The room where he spent his most beautiful nights and also the room where his joy just wore off.

Anya ... That woman ...

The woman didn't know who Aiden was ...

The woman didn't recognize him...

On the other hand, Aiden could not wipe away Anya's face that was stuck in his mind.

Her long black hair that hung down beautifully. Her dark eyes were black, drowning her in his sight. Her white face blushed easily. The dimple on her right cheek that popped up when she smiled. Her tiny lips were reddish like a cherry.

Aiden could not forget the image from his brain. Especially when Anya's long hair hung over her bed, her lips parted slightly as she fell asleep.

But why didn't Anya recognize him?

Aiden still remembered very well, a look of sadness and disappointment raging on Anya's face when she found out that the two of them had spent the night together. That expression seemed to destroy Aiden's excitement, making his day really bad.

Aiden still remembered the time when Anya looked at him in confusion, as if she didn't even know the man she had been with all night. As if that day was their first meeting.

A suspicious expression appeared on Anya's face when Aiden said her name, while Anya couldn't remember the man in front of her at all.

What really happened to her? Is Anya just pretending not to recognize him?

Aiden's hands brushed his black hair carelessly, making his neat hair a little messy. But he didn't care at all.

Only one thing he thought of at the moment.

'Why don't you recognize me, Nya?'