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I am new to this but let's try anyway Here is the synopsis. What happens when Herobrine (Alexstar -Mc) interacts with Marvel as a human again? When Marvel becomes his playground. When he seeks entertainment. There was a hidden excitement when he learned that his world was not as simple as it seemed for some people (us) it was the source of entertainment for some a living place. Some thought they could conquer it but they had to fight against Herobrine because it was his playground and his family also loved this place. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx "You can't kill me for I am immortal, but you can be killed for you are not immortal." "Hmm, indeed you are right about me not being immortal. But you are a bit wrong the reason I don't call myself immortal is all immortals have something in common with you too. You know what it is." "We are strong." Though the speaker now felt uneasy. "Yeah that too but that's not what I am talking about. The common characteristic of all immortals is they die they can be killed, and so you that is why I am not immortal for I am Herobrine." "What are you talking about? I have never been killed." "Are you sure?" NOTICE --- THE STORY IS HAVING SOME REWRITE CHAPTERS FOR BETTER STORY YOU COULD CHECK LATEST CHAPTERS FOR THAT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx King among mortals. God among kings. And among Gods? well... he is Herobrine. NOTE: A FEW READERS ARE CONFUSED ABOUT THE ORIGINS OF MC AND I HAVE GIVEN AN EXPLANATION IN A CHAPTER IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND THEN I AM SORRY THOUGH I WILL SUGGEST NOT FOCUSING MUCH ON THE ORIGINS AS THEY WILL BE REVEALED IN THE VERY LAST OF THE STORY. Note Mc is Herobrine (Overpowered) There are elements from other universes. and for more read the novel. The image is from Google. Minecraft belongs to Microsoft. Marvel belongs to Disney. And other Belongs to their respective owners. READ THE NEW BOOK!

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Chapter 25 Surprises and Castle

After making the island which took me a whole day it was worth every moment I spent working on it.

I even took the freedom to make several castles, mansions, and houses for my family in different locations and different themes. My women could live in any of them as I kept all of their tastes in my mind, those places were for my family only. The palace that was in the Heart part would be used for public matters and the like.

The Heart part was completed so now I would invite all my women to show it to them.

First I had to go to Gaia as she would be the first to notice the anomaly on Earth currently she was talking to Selene and her mother which was quite an absurd scene as Selene's mother looked like a thirteen-year-old girl.

Gaia must be making fun of them as both Selene's and her mother's faces were red with embarrassment and Gaia was as usual bubbling with energy.

I appeared behind Gaia startling everyone and whispered

"Honey I have a surprise for you can you please come with me if you are not busy."

She looked at me her blue shining in excitement at the prospect of surprise and she said "I have all the time for you in the world my love."

Then she turned to the mother-daughter duo and said "Sorry, but I have to leave for now you should think about what I said I will support you." She gave a thumbs up at the duo then hugged my hand burying my hand between the heavens and said "Let's go I want to see what you have prepared."

I immediately teleported us to above the castle in the jungle biome. (Image)

Leaving both mother and daughter surprised and relieved when they were gone Kaya Selene's mother then asked Selene "He looks like a god Selene, you should get married you are already past the age of marriage, should you waste more time no man will marry you."

A vein popped on Selene's head as she looked at the woman"Mom!"

(Back to our Protagonist)

The whole Jungle biome brightened as if it gained sentience in the presence of Gaia and Gaia also looked even more beautiful in this environment, her domain was also good but this place was better I bathed the whole island with my authority, the reason I chose was although Gaia loved nature she was particularly fond of forests.

Her eyes literally had stars she gave me a deep kiss giving me a taste of almost all fruits that had existed or will exist on Earth, her smile made all my effort worthwhile and the kiss was the bonus, I even made a shrine entirely dedicated to her not that I haven't made in past but this was special as I had gotten creative by making Alloy of Adamantine, Netherite and Divine Gold(gold found in Overworld) which I named Faith Metal.

[Faith Metal - An alloy of Divine Gold, Netherite, and Adamantine. If an idol is made from it, it gathers faith most efficient way and empowers the diety continuously it can even gain sentience and divine properties related to the diety if it reaches a threshold of faith energy. It can also bless individuals or groups based on the amount of Faith they give.

It can control the whole shrine once it spends enough time in it.] (Suggest more functions)

I could feel the island was getting more and more attuned to nature each moment Gaia spent here.

"It is the most beautiful place I have seen my love. I could feel the emotions, the love you have for me in the whole place." She leaned against my chest, we were currently on the balcony of the castle which Gaia decided to name Philia Fortress.

The view was beautiful and thinking about different sceneries I suddenly got an idea but I will do that later.

After spending some time with Gaia I went to other girls and brought them to different locations I thought they would like and they lived, I made a shrine for Bast too, but instead of Adamantine, I used Vibranium since Orisha especially l she has some connection with Vibranium which was effective as expected.

For Fan Fei, I made a Japanese house with cherry blossoms and a training ground for gods that she liked a lot.

For Arkea and Claudia, a high-tech palace and a lot of different subjects that she would love to research including Celestial bodies and the like, surprisingly both formed quite a bond after meeting each other like sisters not that she didn't have a good relationship with my other wives, she surprisingly soaked all the information she was given although she showed a bit surprised it was well handled considering she never met a god.

Claudia's words were "We live in a ridiculous world existence of gods though surprising is not that much shocking. I didn't even expect anything less from you."

I am planning to marry Claudia in a year or two when she adjusts to this lifestyle.

The marriage will be held in the main castle which was made in my personal preference though my guests would find it a bit intimidating. (Image)

Now the only one I need to bring is my gorgeous gorgon wife hopefully she would like the sculptures I made for her.

I appeared in Olympus which was the residence and dimension of the Olympians.

No one should be able to enter without Zeus's permission or alerting him but it is applied only if you are not a master of concealment beings like Knull, Nyx, and I could easily go unnoticed there are some others but they don't need to be mentioned.

As I walked towards a temple made from Prismarine.

There were many sculptures though they were ones living but I don't feel bad for them as it was their fault for provoking my wife.

Let's see if there are new sculptures or not.

'Hmm is that Hermes looks like the god of thieves and is also slow in front of petrification he must have tried to steal some treasures Medusa must have collected over time.

Hmm, where she is?

"Aha! Here you are." I gazed at the beautiful figure of Medusa resting in the water her hair was not in normal condition(for her). (Image)

Her red locks immediately turned emerald and returned to their normal snake-like appearance.

"Finally you are remembering this poor girl. Hmph." She disappeared from there and now I have to placate an angry gorgon who can even turn gods into stone sculptures with a gaze.

Hope the gift works.


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