Her Saviour Is A Professor Book

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Her Saviour Is A Professor


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WARNING: THIS WORK CONTAINS TRACES OF BULLYING AND SENSITIVE LANGUAGE AND MATURE CONTENT. "Who did this to you?" Hayden looked at her wounded body and asked , his eyes spewing anger. Ayla just bit her lips. She just wanted to stay out of trouble, and she didn't want to implicate him. "And, why don't you ever fight back? Why do you let them trample all over you ?" Hayden furrowed his brows and asked her once again. After a short while , She spoke; "I don't have what it takes." It came out as a whisper. But bitterness could be detected in her voice. "And what is that?" He was curious. He wanted to know what she lacked. What she needed to have to fight back "Money and status. I don't have those. So I don't have the right to fight back." Ayla choked on her voice as she said this. "Come here." Hayden stretched out his arms and gently embraced her, trying his best not to press on her wounds. As he hugged her and watched as she cried, he swore to the heavens to get revenge for her. Anyone who bullied her was going to pay the price tenfold! Ayla Williams has been bullied since her high school years because she came from a poor background. She only had herself to depend on as her only family died a few years ago. In order to manoeuvre through life, she persevered the beatings and insults until she went to university. However, fate seems to be against her as she is placed in the same room with her high school bullies, and the bullying cycle continues. What happens when her lecturer and a company owner, Hayden Miller, suddenly plunges right into her life and saves her from her bullies? As she is already broken and scarred, would she be able to open her heart for the man; Hayden Miller, who loves her and is ready to do anything for her even if it means offending the big shots? Hayden Miller has a very huge secret. He is a vampire who lives in the human world. No one knows the fact until he comes across Ayla. What will Ayla do once she discovers his secret? Would she stay with him or run away from him?