Her Husband is My Lover

"I Love You." Valentina said as she wrapped her arms around Xavier's neck. "I already have a wife, Val." Xavier replied making Valentina chuckle. "Do I look like I care?" Valentina asked as she pressed her lips against his lips making Xavier's eyes widened and he pushed Valentina away making her angry. "We are not in high school anymore, Val! I'm not yours anymore! I have a wife waiting for me at home!" Xavier yelled making Valentina laugh out loud. "Not mine? Babe, you are mine! I don't remember you breaking up with me or caring about your so-called wife when you were f*cking me a day before your wedding!" Valentina replied wrapping her arms around Xavier, crashing her lips fully against Xavier's lips. Xavier couldn't resist his first love anymore and gave what she wanted to her. ***** Every story has a Villain. The Second Woman. Who Everyone hates. Who seems to be Madly in love with the Main Lead. She can go to any Limits to make him hers. But no one seems to know about her story or even cares to know about her story. So, this story is about hers. The Second Woman. - He is not hers to keep but she wants him! ********** Genre: Romance. Mature Content Please bare with the gramatical and vocabulary mistakes. Under Editing! ..... Join me on my discord server! https://discord.gg/y9rDnHM5TH or Instagram. payalsingh_2608 **** I don't own the cover. All the credits goes to the rightful owner. . Cover edited by, Pixie Graphics (Instagram)

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Dinner. Part-2

Everyone's eyes was on Valentina, while she was speaking, or it might be a warning to Rose, because everyone knew how much angry she would get if anyone mentioned her mom in between their conversation!

"Valentina!" Rose took the name sternly, but Valentina smirked at her!

"So better be careful from now!" said Valentina making Rose frown!

"Val!" said Jason as he grabbed Valentina's hand. Xavier's eyes landed on Jason, holding Valentina's hand! He got bothered about Jason holding her hand, more than Valentina's warning to Rose!

Valentina sighed and stepped back! She looked at Xavier and found saw him staring at her and Jason's intertwined hand.

Valentina chuckled knowing that Xavier still cared about her ! She was sure that he didn't like Jason near her!

"I am sorry about it, Val! But, let's have a seat please!" George said interrupting their convo, making Valentina smirk at Rose!

"Sure, Uncle George!" Valentina replied as she walked towards the couch and sat on it,

while Jason followed her.

Everyone settled on the couches having a glass of wine, when Rose started a conversation!

"Dad, Why don't we just reveal about our marriage to the media?" Rose asked making George gulp down his saliva!

Valentina snickered looking at Jason and he nodded his head to her!

"No, Rose... Not now!" George answered and Rose frowned!

"But why not now?" Rose asked!

"Sweetie, it's not the right time yet! You need to wait a little more to reveal about your marriage!" George answered!

"I really don't understand what's wrong in revealing now?" Rose asked stubbornly!

"Please understand me, and listen to me... This is not the time to reveal about your marriage in public!" George answered!

"But, Should I call myself as Rose Morton until then? Can't I go out with my husband in public?" Rose asked!

"You can!" George answered making everyone frown!

"How?" Rose asked curiously.

"As his girlfriend!" George answered making Rose smile, and Valentina looked at Xavier!

Xavier looked at Valentina, and smiled at her for the first time after he got married to Rose! Valentina didn't know the reason behind his smile, but she knew that he was happy about news that George wanted to keep this marriage as a secret for a few more days OR months or may be YEARS!

Valentina smiled back at him, making him happy and unfortunately, it didn't go unnoticed by Rose, Jason!

"Umm... Why don't we have our dinner?" Rose asked trying to break their eye contact, and Valentina nodded her head!

"Sure!" George answered, and they all walked towards the dining room!

They all settled on their chairs and Valentina saw all the dishes on the dining table were her favourites! She chuckled and turned her head to George!

"What is this, Uncle George? Are you thinking to bribe with my favourite food, just for my help?" Valentine asked!

"Why will Dad bribe you with this stupid food, and why would he ask you for any help? He can handle things on his own way very well! Mom told the servants to do all these! But Gosh! How would you manage to eat them all? Can I get a salad?", said Rose, unable to understand the conversation between them, which made Valentina angry!

"Umm...Yeah... Sure!" Elizabeth answered and the maid served salad to Rose!

Valentina served herself as she didn't like anyone to serve her food! She kept the mouth full of the food, and smiled tasting the food!

Valentina looked up at Elizabeth with a smile, who was already staring at her!

"Isn't good?" Elizabeth asked, and everyone looked up at her! Everyone's eyes were only on Elizabeth and Valentina, while Valentina was grinning looking at Elizabeth!

"You made this! Didn't you?" Valentina asked Elizabeth with a smile, and Elizabeth smiled back nodding her head!

"Yes! As I know how much you like Meat! I couldn't stop myself from making it especially for you!" Elizabeth answered!

"You really know how to make you love more!", Valentina said!

"Huh?" Elizabeth frowned at her silly words!

"It's awesome! Thank you so much!" Valentina replied, making Elizabeth chuckle.

"Eat till your tummy fills! Don't be hesitant at all!", said Elizabeth, with her glittering eyes!

"When was I hesitant near food? I love food! And especially when it's from your hands, I would just die for it! Mmmmm...." Valentina replied making Elizabeth laugh out loud!

Rose felt disgusting seeing Valentina having her dinner so peacefully!

"Can you please change your facial expression? It's fine if you don't wanna eat, but don't stop others from eating, just for your weird facial expressions! We want to be strong, to work hard our ass off! And not like just go around the shop with daddy's money or husband's money!" Valentina said straight looking at her expressions, and Rose got high at her nerves!


George cut off Rose in mid sentence!

"Sweetie, let's not fight on the dining table! Let's have our dinner peacefully!" George replied trying to control the situation, and Valentina started having her dinner again without caring about anything else!

Xavier looked at Valentina, and his smile never left his face, seeing her having her dinner! Xavier was shocked for an understatement he made, because seeing Valentina didn't get provoke by Rose who was sitting beside him so close, made him understand how much this woman can control in front of him!

He was feeling bad that he couldn't make Valentina his, but at the same time he was happy that she wasn't his now, because Valentina deserved better than him!

'Maybe... Jason is right for her!' Xavier thought seeing Jason smiling at Valentina!

'They both know each other very well... But I still don't want her to be his!' Xavier thought again!

'He will look after her so well... I know! But, I want her... I love her!' Xavier thought looking at Valentina!

Rose looked at Xavier and saw him staring at Valentina, who was laughing out aloud on something which Jason said! Rose rolled her eyes and pat her hand on his thigh!

Xavier looked at Rose as soon as he felt a hand on his thigh!

"Your dinner is getting cold!" Rose said and Xavier nodded his head as he gulped down his saliva.

"Do you want anything else?" Rose asked and Xavier shook her head in No.

"Can I have a bite from yours?" Rose asked and Xavier looked at her confusingly. Rose pointed her finger to his food and Xavier nodded his head!

He took a spoon full of food, and brought it near Rose's mouth!

She took it into her mouth while looking at Valentina!