Her Husband is My Lover

"I Love You." Valentina said as she wrapped her arms around Xavier's neck. "I already have a wife, Val." Xavier replied making Valentina chuckle. "Do I look like I care?" Valentina asked as she pressed her lips against his lips making Xavier's eyes widened and he pushed Valentina away making her angry. "We are not in high school anymore, Val! I'm not yours anymore! I have a wife waiting for me at home!" Xavier yelled making Valentina laugh out loud. "Not mine? Babe, you are mine! I don't remember you breaking up with me or caring about your so-called wife when you were f*cking me a day before your wedding!" Valentina replied wrapping her arms around Xavier, crashing her lips fully against Xavier's lips. Xavier couldn't resist his first love anymore and gave what she wanted to her. ***** Every story has a Villain. The Second Woman. Who Everyone hates. Who seems to be Madly in love with the Main Lead. She can go to any Limits to make him hers. But no one seems to know about her story or even cares to know about her story. So, this story is about hers. The Second Woman. - He is not hers to keep but she wants him! ********** Genre: Romance. Mature Content Please bare with the gramatical and vocabulary mistakes. Under Editing! ..... Join me on my discord server! https://discord.gg/y9rDnHM5TH or Instagram. payalsingh_2608 **** I don't own the cover. All the credits goes to the rightful owner. . Cover edited by, Pixie Graphics (Instagram)

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An innocent Rose.

"Can we just have dinner first?" Rose asked making Xavier sigh.

"I told you that I am not hungry..." Xavier answered and was about to turn around and walk away but Rose grabbed his arms making him Look at her.

"You can be angry at me... I don't mind... Don't he angry at food... I know that you are hungry... So, don't try to sleep with empty stomach please..." Rose said making Xavier sigh as he looked at the dishes.

"Please... If you don't like their taste... Let me know, I will just order quickly for you." Rose said with her cute puppy eyes.

"Believe me please... They will taste good." Rose requested making him sigh.

"Fine... Let's have it..." Xavier said making Rose smile brightly and that smile had bought a smile on his face.

He sat down on the chair and Rose continued serving him and she went around him and sat down in front of him and served herself.