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Hello~Number 18


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china blue neck length hair and pale.Such words describe his looks.And about how hardworking,talented and genius kind of person he is you might think he is really popular at his work.Let me add more cold,aloof, serious,sour faced,less talker,never-smiling person. These words describe his personality.Not many people know him at work and neither he does.He could be described as a kind of wind that came in and went away without anyone caring about it.He leads a simple life of a very simple person. So could he ever have expected that there will be a sudden turn in his life. Could he ever have known that not much.... but just an unknown call that he received could ruin him totally. Could he have ever imagined that because of this little mistake he would have to go through this huge of a penalty till the very end...... That this huge of a penalty would let him discover some dark secrets. Who would he trust and who would backstab him?


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