280 Obsessed With Me

Esmeralda felt her head becoming heavy by the second, she carefully slapped her ear, hoping whatever she had heard the crown prince of Doughlake say was something rather different and she heard wrong.

King Griffin smiled as his eyes met Prince Elliott, his gaze met the princess too before he started, "We agreed on when my daughter clocks eighteen, Prince Elliott."

Queen Elisheba who was seated, faced Prince Elliott, totally surprised by the news she just heard. To think her son had eyes on the princess for the past two years and she had no idea was astonishing. Oh...could it be the reason he hadn't courted any woman of noble birth? Because he was waiting for the young princess of Greensville Kingdom?

She said, not hiding her wide grin, "Oh son, I never knew you had an eye on a beautiful woman like the young Princess of Greensville. To think I have been doubting your gender."

The queen's statement prompted random laughs and chuckles.


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