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Hellbound With The Cold Alpha


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"I might look drunk, Your Highness," she gulped. "But I'm not. This is my first and last warning to you. If you don't stay away from me, I will surely destroy you and your people." "Are you sure?" His gray eye interlocked into hers. Hazel rolled her eyes and held the hem of her dress so that she wouldn't trip. She could barely see now, especially with the aid of that terrible headache raking her skull. However, just a slight error and she wobbled all over him. His grip was held tightly to her waist but she pushed him away from her as she said, "Husband, you mistake lust for love. This is a warning, you will regret this." "Wife, there is a lot you need to learn from me. Like knowing how to tell a lie. Nevertheless, I shall give you another two weeks to take an act of revenge on me, if you don't succeed, I won't hesitate to make you mine even against your wish. If you do succeed, I am happy to die in your hands." He continued, whispering along her earlobe since he knew she would be unaware of what they had discussed the next morning, "It is like killing two birds with a stone, I will be able to fulfill my promise about keeping you away from evils. You would be able to protect yourself against me." As he said those words, he clenched his jaw. "It's funny how I am the evil you need to hide from, the one who has and will hurt you the most." *** HAZEL COLESHILL, a 22-year-old vampiress who had a very terrifying past with a werewolf, pledged to protect her clan by sacrificing herself to the werewolves as part of a truce. However, already having an idea of who she was going to battle with, an alpha prince, who is rumoured to be a psychopathic monster, she is pledged on destroying him completely before he does. In short, she would make him obsessed with her and then finally destroy everything that he holds dear. LUCIFEL, a psycho-born alpha prince, was caged as a child by his father to undergo therapy and experiments. He doesn't believe he is insane, thereby figuring out weaknesses in those that treat him and feigning progress to shorten treatment was his best escape. He came across a rude vampiress prisoner and is determined to make life hell for her by making her his pet not until things change and he figures out that he is obsessed with her. Who would believe that just one night of hot sex with that gorgeous thing was enough to change his personality from a cold being to a being who wants nothing but her? He could swear that she definitely bewitched him! But will his obsession turn into something else? However, why does this vampiress look like someone who he promised to protect in the past? The war between the werewolves and vampires seems to be neverending, will these two people end the war between the two creatures, or create a tougher war? EXCERPT 2 "How does it happen?" "Possessing your shadow in the walls is really helpful. Shadows are meant to be the most vigorous reflections. They attack your enemy if you can control them and then hide back in the walls. They break walls and are extremely powerful." Hazel sighed softly before she said, "Let's go back to the last one. Possessing beings just by staring at them in the eyes." "Have you heard about the rule majorly known among humans?" "What rule?" "The rule about," she raised her two index fingers up and then curled them, signaling a quote. "The rule about not looking into a vampire's eyes?" Hazel shook her head. "The rule about vampires possessing humans when the humans stare at them is as old as the mountains, however, it can also be said to be a superstition but it is not a superstition for some special ones among us." Fannie looked at Hazel intently before saying, "Someone like you, Lady Coleshill. You have the ability to possess beings just by staring at them Warning: Mature Content, Sexual Content and Heavy Fantasy.