75 I Want My Wife Back! {5/10}

In Venesia, every member of the clan either weeped for their beloved ones, or stayed quiet in the royal embassy while preparing for the foreseen battle against the werewolves.

Meanwhile, Micah who had done nothing for many hours after the sacrifice of his future wife sat down on a wooden comfortable chair. His eyes were fixed to the wall across him as he clenched his fist.

Beside him was a tall and beautiful woman who wore a light plate armor which gorgeously followed and embraced her slim frame, not neglecting her curves which were at the right place. Her skirt beneath the armored corset gave her a rather feminine look when her whole aura screamed masculine.

The collar of her cloak flipped up while her arms were protected with a thick layer resembling the cloak. Her shoulders were padded with strong looking pauldrons while her feet were covered in thick big boots.

Her hair was brown while the end of her hair which was packed into a ponytail became faded with a lighter brown.


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