98 He Has Finally Found Her, Rosella.

Alpha Lucifel watched Lissa walk out of his pavilion which left only the human girl, Rosella and him.

"You may have your seat."

He watched the girl, slowly drop down to sit down on the wooden chair.

The human girl had short red hair that reached her shoulders. Her red eyebrows just like Hazel's were finely sharpened to match her oval shaped face. Her nose was long and sharp, her face was paler than normal, while some freckles were randomly scattered on her nose and a bit on her forehead.

She wore a knee-length blue gown, which was flayed from her waist.

"You are Rosella?"

"I am, Your Highness."

"And do you know who you are speaking with?"

"Yes, Your Highness. Prince Lucifel, the alpha of Blood Moon Pack and the heir to the throne of Greensville," she uttered.


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