136 Four Months Pregnant

Fannie looked at him, her jaw clenching slowly at him which made his voice even echo louder, "See? I am not lying. She isn't a werewolf! She is a vampiress!"

As he said it, there were different shocked expressions on the guards' faces and they all assembled around them checking if what Declan was saying was nothing but the truth.

Fannie looked taken aback and frightened but she tried her best to hide it, still, she knew she was failing greatly. "What are you saying?"

"Hand fans with blades can only be used by no other than Fannie, the night Fury member of Venesia." Declan looked at the others before looking at her, "Tell me...who are you? Do you want to deny that you are not Fannie?"

Fannie had no idea what to do.

Who was this man and how could he even be aware of their secret cult?

The way the other guards looked at her was alarming and she tried her best not to give her identity away so she said, "You must be stupid. Who the hell is Fannie?"


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