114 Do Not Lie, I Hate It.

"I...I hate her!" Lucifel grunted, blowing the wall countlessly before turning his gaze to her, however, he noticed the same black thing he had seen on her chest on the back of her neck, the rest was covered with her gown.

He thought of nothing, he didn't want to disturb her when it was clear that she was pushing him away from her.

Hazel could feel his gaze on her back which made her walk as fast as possible. She just didn't want to see him anymore. She was completely annoyed with him, and her energy was fading. For someone who could revenge in this way by poisoning her back, why couldn't he tear her apart?

Perhaps, he was just mocking her, telling others to treat her less. If he hadn't said anything in the first place, she wouldn't have felt guilty which led her to have a permanent scar that would forever make her feel inferior even if she miraculously succeeds.


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