Heiress, Your Contract Marriage Has Ended (ENG) Book

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Heiress, Your Contract Marriage Has Ended (ENG)


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"Heiress, your contract marriage has ended," he said, his voice so monotonous and yet so mocking. "It's time you come home." "Heiress? Me? That old man's successor? Give me a break. An illegitimate daughter can't be an heiress. Especially when my siblings are alive and living so luxuriously," Yvonne scoffed. ___ Yvonne, daughter of a mistress and an illegitimate child of a wealthy billionaire, kept her identity hidden when she entered a contract marriage with Callum. It was all for the money until she fell in love, and after thinking it was all one-sided, Callum confessed that he had fallen for her too. Three years into their marriage, she still suffers from mistreatment by his family, and her father, who abandoned her, suddenly demanded that she live with him and his audacious family. But Yvonne chose to stay with Callum. . . until he brought up divorce because their contract had reached its deadline. Did he ever love her as he claimed? After being kicked out of her husband's house, she found out that her father was dying and he was leaving all his fortune to her.


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