Blue Like The Moonlight Book

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Blue Like The Moonlight


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"Tell me, Mr Blue. Was it worth it? Is it? Will it be worth it?" It wasn't, and never will be. Not in Erin's eyes tinted blue. Not in the eyes of the hopeless young man doomed to the clutches of fate; doomed to eternal pain. Did beauty lie between the cracks of fate? Does the Moon know of the Sun who died every night to let the Moon breathe? Erin, a poor, hospital bound boy just wants to be like everyone else, to love someone. Every day, he escapes to the virtual world with his wings of freedom, creating his own reality where things goes the way he wants. That world gave him a real, painless body, with infinite possibilities. Life got that much harder when Uriel, a rich boy enters this realm and steals Erin's world. The man who says the ugliest of words with the smoothest of tones. Does he help Erin, or dig him deeper? OR Erin wanted love and got pain instead. Things changed, and so did Uriel. INCLUDES: futuristic virtual reality, minor Persian mythology, romance, sci-fi, enemies to friends to lovers, slow burn, rich/poor dynamic, distance, cold families, battles, quests, WARNING: mentions of depression, swearing, sexual explicit content.