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Heart of Flowers Sword of Thorns


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[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] Every piece of her armour will fall under the young General's scrutinizing gaze. *Daily updates / Revised&Resub.* *********************************** Where are you to hide when war comes to find you, but in plain sight, among the fighting armies? Come read the Tale of Tales, Where Flowers shed their petals To unveil deadly blades... *********************************** Soo-Ah, the girl with the heart of a flower had to disguise herself as a boy. It was the only way she could call the battlefield home. But all guises fall under The Generals' scrutinizing gaze. Can she put her trust in Sung-Ho, but most importantly can she trust herself? Time will tell, and a long-lost friend. Follow Soo-Ah as she grows up, unaware of the disaster coming her way, fighting to keep her identity and her life, and thrust into the care of a man who was born to beguile her reason. But now that she got reunited with Jung-In, her beloved childhood friend, she finally has an ally. Unless he has his own plans for her. ************************************* This novel has a historical setting, in old Korea, when the great Silla people unified the lands of the Three Kingdoms. It is a slice-of-life story seasoned with some spice on the side, that will carry you from the rural setting of old villages through the tents of a military camp and all the way to Seorabeol, the capital city. 18+ rating - explicit scenes of sexual nature, mild violence, death on the page. The story is divided into a 3 books series(projected chapter count: 200) [Cover design by author_aruel]


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