1 || The Agreement

"Did you hear it?" one of the students whispered to her classmate.

"Yeah. It's disgusting. Maybe she also slept with the other teacher that's why she got high marks." another student said, who obviously makes it loud enough for Michaelle, who is siting in front, clearly heard them.

A drop of tear escapes from her left eye. She immediately wipes it out with her palm. She doesn't want her classmates to notice that the issue regarding Jeffrey is affecting her. Without giving them a word, she decided to leave the classroom to freshen up herself. In a minute, she found herself looking down from the rooftop. No! She didn't think of jumping and killing herself. She just wanted to make herself feel better and looking down at the people who see her little and less as a person would make a difference.

"What the hell are you thinking!!?" she recognized the voice. She knows it was him.

"Nothing." she bluntly replied.

"Chaelle, I know it's hard and it hurts you but taking your life is not-"

"Stop that nonsense. I am standing here to make myself feel better. I just wanted to know the feeling of being above them. Above those people who make me feel low." she replied without giving the person a hint of how crap she is feeling right now.

"I'm leaving now. You could leave this place, you know." She is about to reply when she felt his hand holding the top of her head. "I know you don't want to."

"I can't leave my father." this time, she is doing her best to prevent from crying.

"Don't cry. I'll come back to get you. But for now, maybe it would be best if our path will be apart."

It was a few minutes of silence before she heard the rooftop's door close.

She wanted to scream, but no voice was heard. Maybe she is too tired to express anything to the world. The feeling right now is like a blank space. It's empty.

A ring from her cellphone pulled her back to reality. She was in deep thought of reminiscing her dream last night. A bad dream. A nightmare of her past. Another minute has passed before she took a glance at her phone. The caller is her colleague Lily.

"Yes, I got the instruction." Michaelle annoyingly said. "So she is hiring me to flirt with her fiance? What kind of joke is this?"

"I told you, she was in a long-distance relationship with him for 5 years. She just wanted to make sure that he could be faithful until the end" Lily replied to her. "Anyway, she could give you the fortune that you need."

"Actually, it is not a fortune for me. It is for my father. You know me Lils, I agreed to do this not for my own sake. And besides, if she doesn't trust her boyfriend, better call it off." Michaelle frustratedly uttered.

"That is not what I meant Chaelle. I'm sorry. She really needs this. By the way, how's your application?"

"Next week would be the start of my training, we are two for the slot. So I am not sure If I could get the position."

"You are a good doctor. Actually you are one of the best in our hospital. So don't worry too much. I'll pray for your success."

"Thank you, Lils."

"No problem. See you soon Chaelle. I'll bring her with me so you could talk to her in person."

"I guess that thing is important. I have to go Lils, my father needs to eat."

"Ok Chaelle, I'll keep you in touch. Thank you! Bye!"

"K Lils. I hope your friend gets all the plans in her hands."

After Michaelle put down the receiver, she gets the documents that her client had sent her and quickly scanned it. Along with her instructions and rules, descriptions of the guy were detailed in two pages.

"Ohh, so I need to be a classy intelligent woman to get his attention. This is..pretty easy."


"Do you really need to move out and stay in the city?" Simon asked her daughter.

"Dad, the city is 4 hours away from our place. It would be hard for me to travel that far." Michaelle replied. "But I'll try to go home once a week so I could see you. Also, Auntie Claire would be here to take care of you."

Claire is their landlord for 10 years. She is just like a mother to Michaelle so she is pretty confident about leaving her father to her.

"I would be a burden to her Chaelle. Or maybe I could come with you so I could cook for you, clean your place, or do the laundry-"

"Dad..." Michaelle holds his hands before she continues. "I will never leave you. I promise that for many times. You don't need to come with me to do such things. I am old enough to take care of myself. But, it doesn't mean that I don't need you anymore. What I need you to do is stay here and recover. I want you to be in good condition. I want you to get well." Michaelle looks at her father intently. "I am not like that woman who only good in hurting you. Instead, I'll make you happy Dad. I'll give you anything to prove that you are the only person that I cared the most."

"Don't make me cry, Baby. You know that you are my weakness."

Michaelle laughed. She hugged her father before she continues.

"And you are my strength, Dad. Don't worry, just trust me."

"Thank you Chaelle. Thank you for being a good daughter."

"Just good?"

"Ok, the prettiest, most lovable and beautiful daughter."

"You're kidding right. Of course, I am. I am your only daughter, remember?"

"Hahaha, Of course, I'm not."


Its been a week since Michaelle move to the city. She was now living with her best friend Jin, who is a famous couturier. Jin is her bestfriend in college and fortunately, her place is near FEGHMC. So without thinking twice, she offered Chaelle to be her housemate which she gladly accepted.

Ever since she learned how to cook, it becomes a habit for Chaelle that every weekend will be her grocery day. At their place, she used to buy goods and other necessities for them. She grew up to be an independent woman since she used to live with a guy, of course, her father. It is always the woman's responsibility to keep their male family member healthy, and of course, nourish him with delicious food.

"Yeah. I'll cook for us. You don't need to bring anything. Just leave everything to me." Michaelle cheerfully said. "By the way, I bought a week of goods for both of us."

"Wow! That's one of the benefits of living with a doctor chef! Ow! I really miss your cooking. Maybe I should go there so I could fetch you."

"No, you don't need to fetch me. I can easily handle this. I just take a cab. And you, just stay in your shop. You might get an important client. You'll never know."

"Are you really sure?" Jin insisted.

"Yeah yeah. Don't worry. I'll be home any minute now." Michaelle's assurance.

"Next please.." the cashier where Michaelle line up said. When she heard that, Chaelle eventually push her cart forward. Accidentally, the cart's front side slightly bump to someone. Without giving a look to that someone, Michaelle immediately apologized. "Oops, sorry." then back to where the conversation with Jin ended.

"I saw a Yummy magazine. We should try some of its recipes together." she gets one copy of the magazine and carefully scrutinized it.

While looking at the pages, she again accidentally push the cart forward. This time, it creates a loud bang which obviously caused pain to whom it bumped since the noise of the impact was followed by a curse.

"Shit! What the hell!" The guy in front of Michaelle yell.

"Oh my! I'm sorry Mr.." Michaelle worriedly said to the man who was hit by the cart she's holding on. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine.. I'm fine.." the response was annoyed and cold. He didn't even bother to look at her.

"Can I check your foot? I'm a-" Michaelle was about to touch his ankle when he quickly pushed her hand away.

"No. Just leave it alone." He then stands up, did not care to look at her again, then approached the cashier that is patiently waiting to finish their issue.

'Fine! Asshole Git!' She said to herself before she stands to her feet and looked furiously to the person who did not know how to accept an apology.

The man is about 5' 11", black hair looks like in his early 20's, has a good looking appearance and seems gentleman and nice. "Physical appearance can be deceiving," Michaelle uttered to herself.

"I know. Now it's your turn. Be careful not to hit the cashier's feet." He said and he quickly turned his back away.

"Stupid Git! Better run for your life. I'll break your legs if I bumped into you again."

The cashier softly laughed and then eventually stop when she saw that Michaelle looks really angry and seems ready to kill.


"Goodness! Your cooking is unbelievable! You're really good at this! Heads-up to the chef!" Jin, Michaelle's best friend, roommate and partner-in-crime were really satisfied with her cooking skills.

"Thanks, friend! I'll try to do this often, whenever I'm not busy and tired from work." Michaelle smilingly said.

"Ohh I'll be looking forward to that. Your food is great despite the bad vibes that the git gave you."

"Yeah. That Git! I'll show him how he should treat a woman."

"Call me if you need a back-up"

"No need Jinny. He looks lame for me. One Chaelle is enough for him."

"In case the Git has a friend."

"I don't think so. That kind of person doesn't have someone. Even a dog pet will never love him."

"Is he that terrible?"

"Yeah, Jinny. No person will be slapping away a hand whose intention is to help."

"You got a point there friend. Especially helping hands like yours, hands that heal people."

Caelle smiled at her bestfriend and they finished washing the dishes before they continue their chat in the living room.


"They accepted a new fellow?" Janna furiously uttered.

"I think so." Rein blankly replied.

"So I'm not fit for the position?"

"Maybe you're not."

"What? So you're saying.."

"From the fact that you don't believe in yourself, I don't think Dr. Kim believes that you can be part of his staff." Rein coldly said.

"You're mean!"

"You know me. I was your classmate and now your colleague. You should be immuned by this time."

"You're hopeless. Nobody could endure that attitude. I wonder if there is a woman who will accept your marriage proposal."

Rein laughed. "At least tell me to get a girlfriend first before offer a marriage proposal to her." He put his hand to her head, made her hair messy and walk away quickly from her.

"Not my Haaaiiiiiir!"


"We need a doctor!" A big man, who looks like a goon shouted in the emergency room.

"What happened to him?" a resident doctor asked the man.

"Can't you see, our Boss is in great pain. His stomach is bleeding. Are you a doctor?" The big man said. He was accompanied by 6 other men. Two of them were carrying their injured Boss.

"Yeeess..." the first-year resident doctor replied.

"I don't want you! Where is your senior doctor?"

The first-year resident doctor move away, hide behind his senior resident.

"Are you the doctor?" the big man asked the senior resident.

"Yee..yeess.." he then replied. He was stuttering because of the great fear.

"You look weak." the big man was about to hit the senior resident doctor when a soft and slim hand stopped him from doing so.

"I'm the doctor." Michaelle said while she is still holding and stopping the man's arm.

"I don't like a female doctor to treat me. Get me a male doctor." the boss said.

"Yes, boss." The big man replied

Then he tried to hold her shoulder to push her away. Luckily, her reflexes were good enough to block the attack. In the next moment, Michaelle finds herself fighting back the other men who were trying to put her down. When every man was lying on the floor. She faced the Boss who is in so much pain and who was about to faint.

"I'll be your doctor. I'll save your life

Just trust me."

The Boss was unable to make a response. Instead, he closed his eyes and surrendered.

"Get me an operating room!" Michaelle shouted.

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