Healing the Doctor Book

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Healing the Doctor


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During her first day in the hospital, she encountered one of the most irritating people in her entire life; Rein Lee, a handsome cold-hearted guy who also works as a senior Fellow Doctor in FEGHMC. "I will apologize to you and will do whatever you want. But, if your decision about this patient is wrong, you'll do the same to me and you'll be happy to accept any disciplinary action from the committee." "It looks like an interesting deal. Fine. I would be happy to see you lose this bet." "That's alright. Mind you, I never lose on any bet." Dr. Lee smiled. But it is more like a touch of sarcasm. "So this ends my allotted 15 minutes to you. I could surely see that you are really full of yourself." Michaelle said before she smiled back at him. "Likewise. By the way, next time that you went shopping, refrain from using grocery carts, you almost break my leg." Dr. Lee replied. Will he make Dr. Michaelle Yoon's life more miserable, or will he fill the gaps of her empty heart?