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Healing souls


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"I will show what I will do to you if you disobey me as you are not liking my good side", he shouted at me and I was shivering by seeing his dangerous glaring eyes which held no remorse. He was cold, arrogant and has no emotions. He dragged me by holding my wrist tightly which is already bruised, with stumbling feet I followed him as he is walking fast. I cant catch up with his speed as I fall down he left my hand and glared at me. I cower back in fear as what he will do to me. I was shivering and crying very badly by seeing him. "I will make your life hell because of what you did to me. I will never forget and forgive for your mistakes, Get that in your head. You will pay for your sins and God will never forgive you. You are a murderer", He spilled venom through his mouth and dragged me on the floor from living hall to the kitchen. I am feeling pain in every part of my body but I cant open my mouth as fear crept inside me and my body became numb. He lifted me up by my shoulders but my body is weak as I cannot stand by myself and leaned onto him.I want to say I cannot bear his tortures anymore. But before that he held my right hand and placed it in the hot water as it was on the stove. I screamed in horror, pain and have no words left my mouth. "Ah...ahh... ahh mumma", I screamed loudly as it was unbearable and I pushed the pan from the stove and it fell down opposite side with the boiling water. "Please lea..ve me, I am rea...lly so sorry dont do thiiis, I will obey your orders Sir", I stuttered as he held my left hand more tightly. As I was feeling dizzy I leaned onto him by holding his shoulder with my right hand. I thought this will be my last day on mother earth. Unstoppable tears flowed through my eyes. "Please help me, let me die in peace", As I uttered those words by staring at him directly, darkness consumed me. *Caution : Mature Content* *This is my First story. Please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes Please vote and comment.*


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