I can transmigrate into the World of Anime

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What is I can transmigrate into the World of Anime

Read ‘I can transmigrate into the World of Anime’ Online for Free, written by the author FanficMortal, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering NARUTO Fanfiction, ONEPIECE Fan Fiction, DEMON SLAYER Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: ~ Welcome to the novel 'I can transmigrate into the Worlds of Anime'It's an adventurous fanfiction where the main charac...


~ Welcome to the novel 'I can transmigrate into the Worlds of Anime' It's an adventurous fanfiction where the main character can travel to different anime worlds to complete tasks and get stronger. Our Novel starts with the Demon Slayer[Kimetsu No Yaiba] world. [1. Demon Slayer: Chapter 1 - ] [2. Naruto World: [3. One Piece World: You guys can check out my other novel: I transmigrated into One Piece world with a Gift Pack.

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Hey Author-san! I love your previous work and am hyped up for this one too. Hope there's a ton of chapters coming!


Hello Author-dono! I absolutely loved "Transmigrated into one piece with a gift pack" I'm looking forward to your new fanfiction![img=exp]


I have read the author previous work: 'I transmigrated into One Piece world with a Gift Pack' and I honestly enjoyed it very much. So I can already know that in this story the grammar would be excellent as well, and the story itself would also be good. I only hope the author would first finish his previous work before he moves on to this one. At least then I could start reading the new story without worrying if the author would drop both his stories midway... Anyway, I will obviously give a five star ahead.


just got back from catching up with your other work ( in one piece with a gift pack), and im looking forward to this one so, good luck 🤞 to you author I'll be reading 😊👍


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