Head-Patting in Marvel

Ryan is living a mundane, exhausting life when he suddenly transmigrated into a dangerous universe. "Will I become a player? Or will I have a godlike system? " Nope. He'll be starting with a trading system, where he will meet people like him from various universes. Will he adapt to the new world? Will he shine or will he be in the shadow? Join my discord: https://discord.gg/ZHgyXCTrSx Author: This is my first time writing. English is not my first language, but hey, I am learning. warning: The protagonist in the story will split his soul into three, in which it will become a multiple leads story, each soul going into their own direction. To understand why I make three protagonist, I will first share with you a Japanese saying. A man has 3 mask, the first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. If you want to support me you can donate to (PayPal. me/shafiqnizam27)

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Chapter 5 : 2nd trade and Surprise!

It's almost midnight on the 14th. He didn't forget to lock the door in preparation. Last month, he still hadn't finished reading all the instructions on the system. Today, he promised himself that he needed to do it.

He prepared some things to sell today. Many of which he stole from his father's collection. Such as a sub-machine gun, a precious painting, a ship sculpture made of gold, and a Rolex watch.

Even after a month, he still didn't met his father of this world - Tim Knight. "Just consider this a price for the late meeting," he tried to justify his actions. He didn't know what the hell was it his father was doing as it's almost 2 months, but he still wasn't home.

There were also gold bars that he bought for himself. 3 years of automatic allowance provided by his father has fattened up his bank account. When the delivery comes, Hiddle was greatly confused during signing all of the packages on behalf of Ryan.

He looked out the window, it was now midnight. He muttered with some longing while staring at the night sky, "Hmm... The full moon is very beautiful today."

His point of view suddenly changed to a floating panel.

[Welcome to Interdimensional Trading Board]

"It's finally started." Ryan looked forward to this month's trade. The previous harvest, especially the gene optimization fluid, makes Ryan optimistic about the system..

Now, his strength has reached 40 kg, weightlifting up to 100 kg and 16 seconds in the 100-meter dash. It's an improvement compared to the previous data and it's only been a month. It seem like the serum was more useful than he thought. Additionally, his height has reached 1.8 m.

Quickly, he listed his stolen item on the market. The gold bar is sold to the system as he is afraid that the time is not enough. For the price of the item, he followed what was recommended by the system.

Finishing that, a messy marketplace was displayed in front of him. "The interface sucks!", he cursed. It'll take forever if he wanted to buy specific items. After selling his gold, he now has 500 tc in currency. It seems the rate of conversion is 5 grams for 1 tc.

"There's also some blueprints and books sold here. Hmmm, most items here are suspicious. There is no description, so how should I know what a 'Whisker of a nekomata' is?"

He went through the confusion and took his time to read the name slowly. He bought his first item today, a smartphone for 1 tc. It wasn't a phone he knew before, but it has a logo of a bitten pear on it."Is it a copyright problem? "

The phone seems advanced enough for him to not get uncomfortable. He tried to search for a blueprint of it. He figured he wants to create a smartphone, it'll be easier if there's a blueprint, right?

Finally, he found it. There was a blueprint for a smartphone, but the price is 150 tc. He checked the other listed blueprint; supercomputer 2500 tc, recording bug 110 tc, mini drone 160 tc... Etc. It seemed that a blueprint is listed at a very high price.

When he checked the item price for a ready-made item, it was very cheap. A supercomputer only needed 100 tc." Why does this happen?"

When he thought clearly, it's because the blueprint section provided the buyer with item creation abilities, rendering the item for sale obsolete. Ryan concluded it at the thought. It's not like there's anyone to confirm it for him, but it made the most sense.

This was his understanding for the high price. "It's like an investment. Buy the blueprint and I can sell the item in my world for endless profits. I could made a lot more from this then keep stealing my father's collection as fund." He bought the smartphone blueprint after making these considerations.

He started to focus on knowledge after he got the phone. He then bought Material Processing knowledge, basic R&D , basic programming, business management, statistics and analysis, component efficiency, and other knowledge that he could find.

It's not that he could buy the specific knowledge for the smartphone creation as he had no idea where to start before he opened all of these knowledges. He spent almost 250 tc for knowledge only. It's all an investment for him. It'll cut down a lot of time for him to learn everything from scratch.

He got a notification that his watch and golden ship sculpture has been sold. It increases his fund by 300 tc. It only took half of the session time for it to be sold.

"Basic exercise, Basic shooting, Basic swordsmanship, basic boxing, basic jiu-jitsu, basic karate, too many basic skills. I wanted something more special."He's a little annoyed, but he bought all of it. A 100 tc basic exercise caught his eyes. All the other basic skills were priced at only 5 to 10 tc.

It was bought immediately and the skill he got was worth the price. He just didn't know it yet. This 'basic' exercise was from a cultivation world so the limit for a physical improvement of an exercise was greatly increased and the time needed for improving fitness was decreased.

A miniature drone with stealth function, a recording bug the size of a button, several rare books, fiction and nonfiction, and high-quality beer as Hiddle doesn't let him drink beer.

He also got an interesting item called the malice talisman. At first, he bought it because he wanted to know what it was, but the function was very neat.

The function of the talisman was to detect when someone was malicious to you. It can be used for a month before it loses its function and become a normal talisman. The price is 75 tc. When he gets to a higher level, he could buy the same item with a longer timespan. All together Ryan has almost finished all his trade currency today. There's less than 20 tc left.

There's still time, he clicked on to the bulletin board, and read the post from another trader. It shows a discussion about the perspective of a primitive civilization when contacted by a higher civilization. He paid 1 tc to read it.

The conclusion is that unless the people can accept or have the ability to comprehend that they are not the only species in the universe, the civilization should not be contacted as their development will askew.

There's nothing much to do except reading some articles to pass the time as his authority was still too low to have other functions.

Before the time ends, he checks back to the marketplace one last time.

"OH MY GOD!!" he screamed loudly and almost fall down from the bed from shock.

The patrol outside was alarmed and hurriedly knocked on his door. "Are you okay Mr. Knight?" The mercenary hire tried to open the door by rattling the doorknob but it was locked. "Please stand far away from the door, I'm going to break it!"

"WAIT!" Ryan yelled hurriedly while running to the door and unlocking it. "I was just reading something on my computer. Please don't be so dramatic." He shows the patrol that he was fine. The old guy, who was an ex-navy, wished him goodnight before he left politely.

If the mercenary looked closely when he was inside Ryan's room, there are a lot of books scattered everywhere on the bed. The transmigrator actually screamed because he found that someone was selling manga on the marketplace.

He bought a lot of them until all his money was gone. He didn't regret his behavior one bit. "What's more important is that I HAVE ONE PIECE!"

He's very excited about it. Finally he has a chance ! He could know the ending!

He almost cried tears of joy when the manga was in his hand, but he held the tears in to make sure it didn't drip onto the book and destroys it.

Today's trade ended in delight. For now, he has the related knowledge and blueprints to research how a smartphone is made. All his skills and knowledge has to be digested. Even if he already reaches a certain level in the skill from buying it, he felt like it's not his until he understand or practiced with it.

He got a smartphone now. Even if it's a weird pear brand phone. It looks a lot like the iPhone 7. Many apps are useless as there's no wide network connectivity in this world, or any other people have the apps... or a smartphone.

Such as social media apps. He can only use basic functions like the camera, surfing the Internet using a browser, and gaming. Luckily the phone comes with multiple games, if not there wasn't any platform to download some mobile games.

The seller was considerate on this part. If he didn't do it, the buyer had to make their own game and it'd take a lot of time. The seller was also too considerate as when Ryan checked the gallery, it was filled with… stuff.

Some filthy and degenerate stuff. Ryan disdained the seller on the surface, but secretly praised and admired the guy in his heart. He's a healthy man in his prime, he won't reject to some enjoyable entertainment.

The manga was summoned back into the inventory. He will disguise it as items he bought through the internet later. He took out one of them and started to read.

There's some Isekai genre in the manga he bought. It makes him emotional when he read the enjoyable life of the MC. "Why can't that be me?" he said while sobbing at the happy scene of a man fluffing some wolf fur.

The next day when he woke up, his eyes were red. Yawning, he greeted Hiddle when going to have some breakfast. Hiddle notified him of something important while he was eating.

" Your father is going to be home soon."