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Read Haven Online novel written by the author Momocatt on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Video Games stories, covering romance, bl, kingdombuilding, rebirth, poortorich. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


My new account is MaoMii Check out my new books there! Book 1: 07/30/2019-06/29/2020 Completed Book 1.5 (Dropped) Yin Xinya's death was such a cosmic joke that he got a second chance to do it again. In the past, his life and death was a tragic mess, but he swears this time everything will change. Watch as Xinya becomes the most coveted person in Haven Online. "Why are you learning cooking? It's just a waste of a skill point." "Your learning potions?! Are you daft there no point in doing that." "Why did you pick that trash class? You will never make it in this game." Xinya just ignored everyone, with a knowing smile he just paid them no mind because he knew they would be eating their words soon.


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Author Here: I hope everyone is enjoying my novel so far. After reading so my vrmmo novels I decided that I would like to give it a shot. I think you all will enjoy Xinya's adventures in Haven Online. =^-^= I will try to update frequently and although there will be some cliche's I will try to make them different enough so they seem sort of different. So please enjoy and keep reading. -MomoCatt


I'm a heterosexual male, and I love this book. I am only saying this because some people will run away just because it says BL. I don't want them to miss out on the adventure that awaits. Now I can give you my review. Writing Quality: Four stars The author has a clear grasp of the English language and knows what she is writing, unlike me. The only thing that stops it from getting five stars is some minor grammar errors: unintentional malapropisms, passive voice misuse, and some past-present tense mistakes. However, as I have stressed, they do not appear everywhere and won't stymie an enjoyable reading experience. Stability of Updates: Five stars The author does what she promised. She gives the readers(us) chapters every day. She even uploaded a double the next day when she skipped a day. I proudly give her a five here. She is reliable and I am more than content. Story Development- 5 stars Although there are some things left unclear: dad and stepmom related. I am sure this is the Authors intention and not that she forgot or is too lazy to write about it. I know, because the story itself is very clear and engaging. The pacing isn't too hot nor is it too cold, it's just right. In fact, when she uploads I drop what I am doing, I grab a packet of chips (crisps), sit back and enter the world, she so assiduously provides. Character Design- 4 stars I'm giving a four-star here, only because as of now, the only developed character is Xinya. Also, Xinya isn't your typical main character, and I like his character. Moving on to the supporting cast, which in this case is the NPC's. The main character has only made one friend as of yet. This is not an issue, as I've said before, the pacing of the story is a beautiful experience. Now with regards to the NPC's, I'm not so happy. The NPC's are supposedly lifelike, however, they felt programmed to me. Maybe, it is just because most of them are female (I'm not sexist, there's a reason I'm saying this. I can't tell you without spoiling the story). So far the only lifelike NPC I have encountered was at chapter 18. She asked proper questions and it wasn't a simple, "I need help, hey, you help me!" This does not happen in real life. When someone has a problem, we don't just broadcast it to the first person we see hoping that they will save us. I've wanted to tell the author this for a while, but I was afraid she would work on those chapters and because of that not upload the next day. Yes, I know how selfish this is, but it's also a testament as to how much I am enjoying the story. If the NPC's become more life-like or a personality enriched supporting cast member shows up, I will update this review. However, as of now, I am content with a four-star, on character design. World Background- 5 stars I'm giving this five stars. I don't need to explain why. I think I've gushed enough about how much I love this novel. If you are reading this stop. Instead, read this novel. Bless your eyes.


I can't express how much I enjoyed reading this story, the characters, the created world, everything draws me in. If you haven't read this story than you are really missing out. This is a rare gem. The story is very slow-paced so far, I really enjoy the brotherly relationship between xinya and melting snow. I would really want to see him cook more... author-nim pls make that happen. I was a little put off by the tags but after reading I fell in love with the story. Lesson learned, I won't judge a book by the tags.


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Reading this from the beginning to the recent installment. I can say that this author has really created a book that is already special in my heart. Thank you Momocatt!


Hello, I'm one of the readers that came from Wattpad and I just want to say that, I'm seriously HOOKED on this story! This is the most detailed, and realistic vr based novel that I've ever read yet. I just love this story sooo much! Oh, and by the way- congratulations on being contracted by Webnovel! (Idk how to word it-) I'm really proud of you. You deserved it. *thumbs up* (Sorry if the words are jumbled up- I'm not much of an English speaker -w-)


Awesome read. Good litRPG style, good action and character development. I recommend this book to anyone who like litRPG. Don't let the BL part of the story turn you off. Yhis story is worth reading.


I absolutely love this story! I first started to read it on Wattpat until you removed it and said that it would b going up on Webnovel. I was discouraged because most if not all stories at some point on this site will ask do Spirit Stones to read a chapter. I was very happy when the required amount isnt too much, because while i used to have a lot of points, during summer vacation they all expired since i rarely soul be on here. The required SS to read a chapter is thankfully pretty much the daily check-in amount


this book is soo good, the writing is amazing and it’s updated really freaquently which is nice because there is another chapter up everytime i wake up.


People tend to avoid or runaway on reading a novel from just seeing a BL or Yaoi tag and it sometimes makes me a little frustrated because they do not give the authors a chance to prove themselves. Readers will be missing out a lot on this wonderful~ novel if they are simply avoiding it for the BL and Yaoi tags. I hope that they do not get affected from reading this because it is a intriguing and indulgeful story that many will enjoy. Aside from the novel itself, the author who is writing this story is lady~ I am a little surprised because I hardly came across a female who writes a male lead story. Indeed a very unique individual we have here! I'm a little too behind on the novel so I'll be taking some coffee during the night here to read it...34 chapters to go...Haha...


Great story . At first I thought it won't be able to keep my interest for more than few chapters but after few chapters I fell in love with it . Updating pattern is also fast .


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the story for me was unique, I just loved the characters, how they interact the roles they play. I know the author tried but, it's just heart breaking to know that I won't be able to continue reading it


If you are looking for a novel with smart and focused characters this one is not for you. The main characters often get distracted during a fight or they get so absorbed in talking to each other when traveling that they would only notice an assassin by the timethey were dead. Many characters in the novel are manipulative and the story is quite 'dark' with how it portrays society. Don't believe anything the author says that has something to do with numbers. If you try to fimd logic from some things in this novel you will be going down an endless rabbit hole. Though the chapters are of a decent length they feel very short because of how little actually happens in a chapter. Despite all of this I still can't help but want to read more.


This story is interesting at first and I generally liked the plot and writing style but the author just starts wandering off into left field halfway through. I finally hit the eject button when the author started emotionally waterboarding us with the fear of a long-term traumatized NPC who we’d just been introduced to as a quest point, who the audience had little reason to care for, and who was probably never going to appear again as soon as the MC completed the quest which was a pure kill it/turn it in quest with a backstory. It was a good backstory, but not worth going on for paragraphs about this NPC’s fear of destroying the object and finally being free.


This is incredible!!!!!!!! Omg author-san ur book is better than most published light novels I’ve read so far! The writing is incredible, the plot always dragging u in, not too much to die of cliff hanger but enough to keep u addicted. This was EXACTLY the kind of book I was looking for! I REALLY can’t wait for ur next update and hope u keep doing them!!


A really nice and unique story compared to other novels in the same genre. I love that you chose a different race for the mc, gosh I'm getting tired of others picking human for no reason at all. I'm waiting for the ML hope he shows up soon!! Keep up the good work!


This story is beautifully written, I fell in love with the characters within minutes of reading the first couple of chapters. I was instantly inthralled with what happened to the main character and what happened in his past. 10/10 would recommend reading!!


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