1 The Final Battle

Potter had done it. The Prophesy had come true, He had done what others couldn't. He had killed VOLDEMORT. People saw The Boy Who Lived and The dark lord duel. Both locked in an intense fight of attrition. It was not looking good for Harry. The Dark Lord had years of experience and Potter had not even finished his Seventh year at Hogwarts. The Dark Lord had commanded armies, battled countless times, and won. It was an unbelievable sight, to see Dark Lord at bay.

All held their breaths fearing for their lives. Potter was their last hope against The Dark Lord. They had to believe in him, He would win no, he HAD to win. The future of their children depended on his shoulders.

While on the gates of Hogwarts in between the rubble and remains laid Hermione covered by Ron. On their face one could see the expression of terror and reluctance. These were common occurrences since The Death Eaters took hold of the ministry. Many died and countless suffered in their reign of terror. But The Death Eaters were not the cause of their expression, No it was something else that bothered them, their lives were in danger because of NAGINI.

Nagini was the pet snake of Voldemort. She was a Burmese python known for its poisonous venom. Her venom was so effective that it could kill anyone within seconds of its injection. Not many knew that she was a HORCRUX of Voldemort. She was said to be his last line of defense. And as such, she was a valuable asset to him. One could say that she was the only thing he truly cared about. Ron and Hermione were tasked to destroy her. But to their dismay, she was anything but an easy target.

They had to do something, who knows how long harry could hold on in the duel. They were fortunate that harry was still going. But they knew that he was on his last straw. The exhaustion from all the running and spells used before could give a major load on the magical reserves of a person. It was a commendable act of endurance.

Nagini opened her mouth intending to finish her pursuers once and for all. Ron could see her fangs closing on his face. He knew that his death was seconds away but still he hoped that somehow he could be saved. It probably was Weasley's luck as just when Nagini was about to bite him she was cut in half from her throat before she could reach him. It was a sword, No it was The Gryffindor's Sword that sliced open nagini. Neville was wielding it. It was the same Neville that was mocked by the dark lord as an extra, It was the same Neville who was termed by everyone as a coward. But what they failed to notice was that he was born in the same month of July, what they failed to notice was that his parents too defied The dark lord three times. What they couldn't fathom was that he was a true GRYFFINDOR.

Nagini is disintegrated into black smoke that is exclusive to a Horcrux's death. The force of Nagini's death affects Voldemort as he involuntarily ends the spell. Potter too couldn't hold onto his spell so he too ended it. They both knew that Nagini had been killed. Voldemort knew that his last line of defense was breached. Harry was aware that Voldemort was at his weakest right now as his last Horcrux is destroyed, Harry knew his limits so he pushed all the magic he had into the last spell. This spell would determine the fate of the wizarding world.

Voldemort too tried to fire another curse but his state was not acceptable for upholding it, And it would also factor that The Elder Wand belonged to Harry at that moment and due to sheer excellence was Voldemort able to use it against Harry. All the odds were In favor of Potter. It was already decided that Voldemort had lost and it happened too as with a cry of reluctance and anguish The Dark Lord who was feared by many disintegrated into nothingness.

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