Harry Potter: The Overpowered Mother-Con

In this reality, Harry Potter is an godly powerful wizard who is a mother-con that married his goddess of a mother Lily J. Potter AU HPVERSE, Adult Harry, Incest

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"Not that I'm complaining, but couldn't we have done this out there by the bath?" Harry wondered out of curiosity.

"Yeah, but I want to do naughty things in the shower with my all-powerful god-like, muscular hunk of a son and husband." Lily replied with a tone that left no discussion.

"God-like? I'll proudly admit I'm powerful but I'm nowhere near god-like. One day I'll be on the level of planet busters, and still won't be close to god-like." Harry chuckled. 

Harry knows that there are many beings who exist within the multiverse who could easily kill him. In their eyes, he's nothing more than cannon fodder at best. Of course he doesn't let that affect him negatively, it only makes him more determined. 

"My sweet, sweet son, strictly speaking about the magical society within our world. You're pretty much a legendary mythical figure. Outside of me, there's not a single wizard or  witch who can come close to you in a duel or just magic period. Remember, the last time you vanquished Voldemort you did so in front of a large crowd. Hell, the public duel between you and Dumbledore had many people from different magical communities, all around the world travel to see the event. The tales of Harry Potter are treated as grand historical events by many, especially children." Lily explained patiently.

Harry groaned. "Please don't remind me. I still remember the day Dumbledore and Professor Mccgonagall asked me if they could add some events into the history books and lessons of Hogwarts." While Harry grew up acknowledging his fame, there are many times he finds being famous a major pain in the ass. Sure it comes with benefits, but Harry wasn't interested in using his fame often unless the situation calls for it. 

His mother chuckled. "I'm sorry for bringing it up, but I'm just telling the truth baby. And you did yourself absolutely no favors. It was very amusing seeing your reaction when you accidentally made people fall unconscious. You unleashed a powerful wave of magic combined with willpower. Next day Rita Skeeter was in the paper saying 'Harry Potter, the man whose mere presence can make a large crowd pass out.' There were crazy fanatics saying you have the presence of a king." She teased her son. 

Honestly, Lily was grateful that Harry never cared much if at all about his fame. She can remember many times her friends questioned her on how Harry disregarded his fame so easily as a child. All she could tell them is what Harry told her himself when she asked him about it. Fame is fickle, all it takes is one slip up and the same ones who constantly praise him will be all too quick to slander him. The only opinion that truly one hundred percent matters to him is Lily's. Plus he'd rather be focused on exploring magic and anime rather than fame. 

"If it wasn't for Ron pissing me off because of his petty jealousy, none of that would have happened." Harry shook his head. 

There's been plenty of times when Harry had to set Ron straight whenever the annoying redhead got out of line.

"True but it could've been worse. Anyways, enough about this. I need your cock down my throat." Lily smirked as she dropped herself down to the tile floor on her knees.

Harry watched her in desire and anticipation, seeing her reach out to grab his fully hardened shaft. He loved feeling his mother's hands on his body. It was no surprise to him that his cock twitched eagerly in her hand.

"Someone is excited." Lily giggled, she began to slowly stroke him.

"How could I not? My long awaited fantasy is happening before my eyes." Harry groaned softly. "The love of my life is naked and about to suck an orgasm out of me."

His words made the smile of Lily's face brighten. "Oh? The love of your life huh?" Her hand moved faster, she felt her body heating up with desire for her son. "Don't you think you love your mother a little too much sweetie?"

"Never." Harry stared directly into her eyes with a hint of seriousness. "I find a new reason to fall deeper in love with you every single day. As creepy as it sounds, I'm obsessed with you mom. I'll always put your well-being over my own. I was willing to stay a virgin for the rest of my life because I vowed that I would only give my virginity to you."

His words only made Lily hornier and filled with nothing but love and intense desire for her son. "I love you so much Harry, you deserve nothing less than the best and I swear that mommy will be the best wife ever to you."

She stopped stroking him and leaned forward to press strong kisses all over his big cock. Her movement held a certain intensity and passion in them as she also kissed and licked all over Harry's cleanly shaved sack of balls. His scent made her pussy leak in arousal. 

"You like the way I kiss and lick your huge balls, baby?" Lily said in between kisses and licks. "So much bigger and heavier than your father's." 

She lingered her lips on his scrotum after one kiss, lightly sucking on one of his balls. 

Harry groaned in pleasure from his mother's actions, his right hand holding the side of her face. "I love it."

"Good, now let me focus back on your dick. I can't tell it's aching for my attention." Lily could see the veins protruding from his shaft. Truthfully her son has a monster of a cock. She's grateful that she's the first woman to ever experience it pounding her into a sex coma.

She moved her head to face Harry's dick, wasting no time in taking his tip into her mouth. Her lips sucking lightly on it to swallow his leaking precum. Slowly she sucked in more of his cock until her nose touched his base. Hearing her son moan made her shudder in want, last night she quickly realized how much she loved making him feel pleasure. She loved having his cock down her throat. 

Soon Lily started bobbing her head, using her tongue to lick the underside of his shaft with each movement. Harry couldn't help but watch in both pleasure and awe at how earnestly his mother was blowing him. He could easily see how much passion and love she carried in her movements, her intent on full display showing how much she wanted him. 

The corners of her mouth was leaking saliva, because of how sloppy she was sucking off her son. Saliva could be seen flowing to his balls from his shaft. 

After nearly 10 minutes of constant oral, Lily pulled her mouth off for a moment. Using one hand to fondle Harry's balls and the other to roughly jack off his cock. Her green eyes gazing into his own green eyes. "Do you like the way I suck your dick daddy?"

"Yes." Harry moaned.

"Then you'll love this more daddy." Lily placed her lips back onto his tip to give it a hard suck before pulling off again. Giving it one last sweet kiss, then she moved her hands off of his cock and scrotum. 

Harry felt like he ascended to euphoric bliss when the heavenly sensation of Lily's big tits wrapped around his manhood. His cock twitched eagerly between her soft flesh.

With the combination of Lily's tit job and her slurping on his tip, it didn't take much long for the black-haired wizard to reach his peak.

"Your mouth is the best mom…I'm cumming!" He moaned gruffly as pleasure coursed strongly through him.

Lily moaned and cummed along with her son, his potent, hot, thick seed gushed powerfully in her mouth and down her throat. Her tits were smashed against his shaft while she greedily swallowed his essence. 

Once Harry finished, Lily pulled her tits away to go back to deepthroating her husband. Her sloppy blowjob sucked another strong burst of cum out of him within 3mins.

"Shit! You're amazing mom.." Harry sighed, enjoying how easily his mother can make him climax. Her mouth felt heavenly on his cock.

After making sure to milk all of Harry cum, Lily also made sure to suck his cock clean before removing her mouth. Her magic cleaned her mouth knowing her son is liable to kiss her as soon as she stands up.

Lily reacted quicker and jumped up wrapping her arms and legs around her son. She wasted no time and slid herself down until his cock invaded her entrance. Her pussy was so wet that she easily slid down until all of him was stuffed deep inside of her. 

Her lips met his in a fierce, sloppy kiss. The red-haired mother used her milf-like body to eagerly bounce up and down on her son's cock. 

Harry only rested his hands on her ass while his mother did all the work. Due to the intense physical and magical training Harry put her through over the years. Lily could ride her son's cock nonstop to many orgasms for hours without feeling fatigued.

*Palp* *Pak* *Palp* *Pak* *Palp* *Pak*

Erotic sounds from their mating and kissing resounded within the shower walls. Harry gave several hard smacks to Lily's ass. Leaving red marks showing on her skin. 

All it did was drive her even wilder. Using walls in an attempt to coax her son's milk deep into her womb.

Harry, who was relishing in the act and euphoria of his mother using her body to bounce of his dick, felt himself twitching. His balls tightening as a rush of warmth and pleasure traveled through him. 

He broke their heated kiss to announce his release. "Lily, I'm cumming. I'm going to paint your entire pussy with my seed."

"AAAAAHHHH~~!! Yes daddy~ flood me with your hot cum. Give your mommy her first creampie of the day baby!" Lily moaned her desires out.

Someday her son is gonna impregnate her, he's going to truly breed her. This thought was the final straw that pushed her over the edge. Her pussy tightly squeezed Harry's entire cock and showered him with her fluids. She squirted hard, creaming every inch of him.

Harry himself unleashed a huge stream of cum deep inside his mother. He could not even hold in his moan as his body went through another powerful orgasmic high. He could feel Lily's legs squeezing his waist harder, knowing that she was going through her own climax alongside him. 

"The heavy amount of semen you constantly release is not normal my love." Lily commented with an affectionate tone.

Harry smacked her ass hard once more, drawing a moan from his fiery goddess. "You love it though, right?"

"Very much so, it's a completely different experience compared to when your father did so in the past. It's like your trying to not only overfill my womb but my entire pussy as a whole. It's kinda similar to those japanese hentai videos that's popular nowadays. That's why I said it's not normal." 

She shared a kiss with her son, and he reciprocated it naturally.

Pulling away, "Well to be fair mom, I've never been normal since the day I was conceived. You know with the prophecy and all." 

"Prophecies, I wondered if it was prophesied that you would grow up to be such a momma's boy." Lily smirked in amusement.

Harry snorted. "Is there any doubt? I can bet that fate made sure my love for you took major precedence over defeating Voldemort." 

"It would seem so." She pecked his lips once more before removing herself off his shaft to stand on her feet. 

The combination of her fluids could be seen all over Harry's cock as well as leaking out of her pussy. 

"Just pure insanity." Lily smiled softly, shaking her head in amusement and disbelief. "It's a good thing you can make yourself sterile, otherwise all it would take is one creampie to impregnate any woman of any species. Regardless of how low a woman's fertility rate is."

Harry chuckled. "Don't over exaggerate mom. My ego is already big enough as it is." He joked.

"Please, even Hermione says for a man of your power and stature. You're as humble as they come." Lily rolled her eyes, people with big egos at least seem to care about being famous. "Also I'm not exaggerating, you taught me how to sense magic and life force energy. Meaning I know just how potent your cum is my beloved. And while I hate to keep bringing him up, your father is a powerful wizard in his own right. Yet his seed can't come close to yours in levels of potency, thickness, amount and taste. Your seed is affecting my magic in a positive way and bloody hell don't let me get started on the size of your cock. It's monstrous! I'm honestly afraid that if my friends were to ever experience what I do while you fuck me, they'll likely be willingly to sell themselves as sex slaves to the new Lord Potter." 

She'd rather not have to share her son to a bunch of broken minded cock-hungry whores that are also milfs. Truthfully, the only one Lily would possibly be willing to let have a taste of Harry is her closest friend Alice Longbottom. 

She also remembers that Harry has great chemistry with his best friend Hermione. Lily herself has a rather great relationship with the younger woman. Both being Muggleborns and having similar likes. Also unknown to Harry, Hermione is the only woman that she approved of marrying her son. Unlike her son, Lily knew Hermione had been in love with Harry ever since their Hogwarts days. The younger woman herself admitted to Lily numerous times. Hermione only settled for marrying Ron because she knew Harry had no intention of being in a relationship anytime soon if ever. 

If the opportunity ever presents itself, Lily knew Hermione would not hesitate to leave her current husband for Harry. Luckily Hermione has somehow avoided having children with Ron. Otherwise, her leaving Ron for Harry would not be a simple endeavor. 

"Hmmm…" Harry's expression turned thoughtful for a moment. "While you do make some good points." He shrugged. "It doesn't really matter, my cock and semen are only for you anyways. I'm not interested in any other woman but you. Sure, they're a lot of beautiful women in the world. I'm not blind to that. But I only want you, unless it's something you want and approve of. I would never be interested in having a harem of women."

Lily felt her heart soar in pure happiness at his words, but she also knows better. It doesn't matter if it takes 100 years, Harry will end up having sex with Hermione at least one time in his lifetime. Especially since she knows that a threesome between herself, her son and Hermione will be a life changing and well deserved experience for her son.

'If that's the case then I might as well really involve Alice. But only these two and that's it. I refuse to share my son with just anybody.' Lily firmly stated internally.

"So wanna fuck mommy in the ass Harry?" The red-haired witch asked in a seductive tone.

Instead of receiving a verbal response, Lily suddenly found her back being pressed against the foggy glass wall. Her mouth was being attacked by a french kiss from her son. After being tongued down for awhile, the milf felt her body being forced to turn around. Her chest facing the glass with her hands pressed on it. 

Using his magic to lubricate her rectum, Harry wasted no time inserting his cock inside his mother's ass in one full motion. His actions caused a loud moan to escape from Lily as she felt nothing but pure pleasure. Her mind blanked out for a moment as her body shook. Clear fluids were gushing out of her pussy from the analgasm. 

Harry did not move, he simply enjoyed the sensation of his mother's asshole hugging his dick. He honestly didn't know what was better, the pleasure he's feeling from it or the sight of just seeing all of his cock stuffed inside her ass. 

Watching his mother go through a full-body orgasm was a pleasing sight as well. 

He decided to not move until his mother came down from her peak. 

Due to her enhanced healing factor, it didn't take long for her to recover. "Bloody hell that was too intense! Thank Merlin you used your magic on me or else you would have torn my ass apart! You should be more careful with your mother's anal virginity, Harry." Lily scolded her son lightly, truthfully she loved how aggressive he treated her just now.

"Wait, anal virginity? You've been married to dad for decades and never done anal?" Harry was shocked. 

"We tried, but it just didn't seem to work out for us. I only suggested it to you since I knew it would work out with you somehow and I wanted to give you at least one of my virginities. I know you don't care about stuff like that, but I still wanted to do it for you. Now, enough talk, fuck my ass daddy~." Lily leaned forward to give herself a more stable footing before throwing her ass back to her son. 

Harry immediately met her thrust halfway as he fucked Lily like a beast in the heat. His hands were full of her beautiful tits while licking and sucking on his mother's neck and shoulder. Her scent invaded his nostrils.

After playing with her breast for some time, Harry delegated his hands to different tasks. His right hand holding her hair in a ponytail, left hand continuously leaving red marks from smacking her ass. He also was using strands of his magic to attend to his mother's clit again and stimulate her nipples. 

Watching her ass ripple from his pounding is a memory that will last forever.

Being attacked from multiple angles, it was no surprise to mother and son that Lily climaxed again quickly. This time with Harry following her by flooding her rectum with his cum. 

"Don't stop fucking me Harry! Keep fucking me while cumming daddy!" Lily begged, she didn't want him to stop fucking her.

Not one to disobey his mother, Harry did as told and kept thrusting his cock into her ass with reckless abandon. 

*Palp* *Pak* *Palp* *Pak*

"You like the way I'm destroying your ass mom." Harry's tone carried a heavy huskiness to it. Which made Lily shudder in arousal. 

"I love it! I fucking love it daddy!" Lily moaned.

Soon enough Lily felt her son filling up her ass again with another helping of his hot cum. 

Next Lily had her back against the wall with her legs on top of Harry's shoulders as he had his way with her pussy this time. He didn't cum again until he brought his mother to another 3 orgasms. 

Lily told him to pull out when he was close, once he did so Lily dropped back down onto her knees. She smothered her hunk of a son's monstrous cock between her breasts. Allowing him to fuck her tits until he erupted his thick milk all over her chest, stomach, thighs and face. Some also landed in her hair, Lily paid it no mind and lovingly milked her son by sucking on his tip until he finished. She swallowed like a devoted wife.

"You're so beautiful mom.." Harry told her.

"Thank you, you like seeing your mommy drenched in you cum Harry?" Lily smirked.

"Yes." He answered honestly.

Lily laughed. "Come on, let's go another couple rounds before we actually get cleaned up. I haven't had enough of you just yet, and I know you haven't had enough of me. You haven't gone soft at all since we started."

"Yeah I'm pretty insatiable right now, I have a lot of pent up lust." 

"I feel the same my love, you've turned me into a horny incestous slut who is addiced to her son's cock."

It was quite some time before mother and son exited the bathroom, if one were passing by they would hear the moans of Harry and Lily and the sounds of their mating.