Harry Potter: The Overpowered Mother-Con

In this reality, Harry Potter is an godly powerful wizard who is a mother-con that married his goddess of a mother Lily J. Potter AU HPVERSE, Adult Harry, Incest

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"Mom?" Harry groaned, enjoying how Lily is deep-throating his cock repeatedly for the last minute or so. 

"Hmmm?" Lily responded, her mouth full of her son's cock. She was looking at his eyes while bobbing her head up and down. 

"You know the project I've been working on? The long-term project that's been going on for about 5 years now?" Seeing her slightly nod her head, he continued. "Well I finally completed it recently, over the last two weeks I've been doing some test runs to make sure it's 100% stable and safe to use." It took a bit of willpower to not groan in pleasure while talking to her.

With his mother's skill in sucking him off, Harry is positive it won't be long until she brings him to another orgasm. 

Lily's eyes widened in shock, pulling her mouth off of her lover's shaft. She praised her son with amazement laced in her tone. "That's wonderful Harry! You've already accomplished so much in life and you're not even 30! Yet I believe this may be your greatest achievement to date, my love."

She gave his tip, which was leaking with precum, a fat kiss before going down to his balls. Soon she was sucking passionately on them while using both her hands to perform a handjob on her son.

"Shit!…mom you're…way too good at this…ugh fuck I'm not gonna last..!" Harry grunted out a moan. "But yes you're right about this being my greatest achievement." 

While Harry's fame in the wizarding world is mainly derived from surviving the killing curse twice, permanently killing Voldemort and even publicly defeating Dumbledore in an all out duel. None of those could compare to his latest achievement in his opinion. 

Ok maybe surviving the killing curse twice is comparable.

"Mhm." Lily moaned against his balls. 

"I can finally open portals to other worlds in the multiverse." Her son stated.

Due to growing up a big fan of japanese cartoons, Harry drew inspiration from them. He tried to recreate magical abilities or energy based abilities he's seen from anime with his own magic. While all of them could not be recreated, a good majority of them were. 

For example, Harry was able to use his magic to mimic the ki-based flight ability of the Dragon Ball universe. Though it took a lot of trial and error, he's able

To fly at high-speeds in the air. Of course he taught this to Lily as well. 

While wizards like Voldemort did discover their own version of flying, they could not match Harry's flight capabilities by a long shot. 

Anime is also how Harry grew inspiration to create his own healing factor. 

Regardless of how talented he is, Harry still had to put in a lot of hard work to become as powerful and skilled as he is today. 

"We've traveled to a lot of different magical communities and territories over the years, mom. While I know we haven't come across everything this world has to offer is knowledge. I've seen enough, I learned long ago that we wizards are very weak compared to mages of different worlds. I want to explore those worlds so that I can push my body to higher tiers of strength. It's unfortunate but wizards and witches of this world rely too much on a focus to use their magic. 99% of them without their wands are helpless as muggles, even with their wands they'll hardly stand a real chance. Especially against magic users who can casually destroy mountains let alone cities." Harry explained, feeling his orgasm approaching.

Lily did too, while listening to her son she felt his scrotum pulse repeatedly. She stopped jacking him off and put her lips onto his tip. Slowly taking him between her lips until three-fourths of his huge cock was in her mouth. She repeatedly bobbed her head passionately on her lover's shaft for almost 30 seconds. Constantly feeling him twitch in her mouth until he finally released his climax. 

*Splurt* *Splurt* *Splurt* 

"Fuck! I'm cumming Lily!" Harry moaned loudly as his orgasm erupted violently. 

He sprayed thick ropes of hot cum down his mother's throat. "Mmmmm~." Lily happily moaned while swallowing all of her son's release. Not wasting a single drop of his delicious seed. One of her hands was massaging Harry's balls.

By the time Harry's prolonged orgasm ended, he was still hard and his mother did not attempt to pull away yet. Instead Lily proceeded to continue passionately sucking her son's dick without a care in the world. Enjoying the way his hand lightly massages her scalp. 

While Harry could be stated to be the most powerful man within the magical world, he was still inexperienced in sex related activities. This of course is due to wanting to give him virginity to his mother. Until last night, Harry was a 28 year old virgin who only ever kissed two other women on the lips outside of his mother. 

So it's reasonable that Lily, who is fairly experienced in sex being nearly 50, is able to bring Harry to another orgasm in just under 4 minutes. 

Harry could only moan and sigh as his mother brought him to another orgasm using her wonderful mouth. 

After sucking out and swallowing all of his essence, Lily pulled her mouth away from her son's dick. She could see him staring at her with so much love and desire, her own eye's reciprocating those emotions equally.

By the time she finished using her magic to clean her mouth from all the cum she swallowed, the redheaded milf found herself on her son's lap. One of his arms tightly wrapped around her waist, his free hand is roughly fondling her bare ass. Lily's pussy was pressed and leaking against Harry's cock. 

Gently placing her hands on his face, mother and son moved forward as their lips met in a kiss full of passion and pure love. Their tongues eagerly wrestle against each other, wanting to explore the other's mouth and even slurp their saliva. Harry found himself growing more addicted to making out with Lily. He became more aggressive in the kiss only to be met with equal fervor. The man could tell that his mother craved more of this like himself.

Thinking about it, he's pretty grateful that his father decided to give up on his mother. Now he can receive all of her love without her having to feel any guilt. They can both express their incestous feelings to one another and have raw incestous sex.

Harry was not kidding when he asked his mother to be his wife last night. 

Minutes passed as they continued to make out, each taking turns biting the other's lower lip gently. Saliva could be seen dripping from the side of their mouths. Harry tried to briefly break the kiss twice, however much to his amusement Lily didn't let him. She instantly planted her lips back on him each time he pulled away. The red-haired milf was grinding and rubbing her pussy on her son's cock as they were kissing. 

Eventually the mother-son couple did break their kiss, still sharing pecks on the lips afterwards. 

"I can't get enough of kissing you sweetie." Lily gave him another kiss. 

"I want to eat you out again mom." Harry replied, his lips being lightly pressed against Lily's.

Lily giggled. "You already swallowed a lot of my cum by eating me out just before I gave you a blowjob. You can taste my pussy again later, right now I want to feel you inside of me again. It feels so lonely when my big and handsome son doesn't have his cock inside of me." Kissing her son once more. "Don't you wanna keep fucking me my love? Don't you wanna give your fiery another creampie? Don't you want to feel my walls squeeze your cock as you make me have an amazing orgasm?"

Of course Lily already knew her son's answer, she smirked feeling that her words were making Harry's cock twitch in excitement and anticipation. 

As they say, mothers always know best. (Not always true)

After sharing another passionate kiss with her beloved lover, Lily got off his lap and crawled up their bed to the headboard. Reaching her destination, she placed her hands on the headboard. Turning her head to look back at her horny adult son.

"Come on baby, come give mommy another creampie." Lily's voice carried a seductive tone, swaying her ass side to side in hopes of teasing him. 

Being a man with an extreme mother complex, Harry couldn't help but be in awe of the sight of his mother's body. Especially when it comes to her ass, it is a privilege being able to even touch it.

Not wasting any time, Harry quickly crawled up to her mother and smoothly thrusted his cock deep inside her. 

From then on Harry took Lily in the doggystyle position, pounding her with hard thrusts. Each thrust repeatedly reaches all of Lily's sweet spots. The tip gently kisses against the cervix with each collision. Neither lover could hold back their moans as Lily's vaginal walls smothered his cock. 

For Lily, it was hard to focus on meeting her son's thrusts when he kept making her cum. She's already had two orgasms back to back. Truthfully all she wanted was to stop moving her hips and enjoy Harry's affection. However, she didn't want to be a lazy partner in bed. At least in this round, Lily wanted to be an active participant. She's far from tired.

Harry also had a hard time focusing, between the sight of his mother's ass rippling every time his pelvis collided with her bare cheeks. Or the sight of her beautiful red hair spread across her back while watching her expressions as he fucked her like no tomorrow. 

"D-Daddy..! Fuck me daddy~!" Lily screamed in pure pleasure. 

Harry stopped his thrusts, looking at his mother in shock. "D-Did you just call me?"

Lily couldn't help but blush a bit, a smile blossomed on her face. "Yes I did let's say that muggle porn started to influence me a little. I didn't mean to say that it just came out of my mouth naturally. But whenever I masturbate I imagine you fucking me and while calling you daddy." 

"Oh, well it's not that I mind it, it just caught me off guard. So you've neve-" Harry was cut off by Lily.

"No, I never called your father that during sex or any other time. At first I didn't know about the use of the term in relationship or sexual matters. When I did find out, I wasn't comfortable with it. It didn't help that your father never really made me feel the desire to call him daddy. But that all changed with you, I felt the desire for the first time when you were 22 and got into a physical fight with James over me." She admitted.

"Hmmm poor bastard doesn't know what he missed out on. Come on mom, let's continue." Harry began fucking his mother once again.

The sounds from their constant skip-clapping echoed, Harry could only stare in awe while witnessing his mother cream all over his dick. 

Soon enough both of them reached their peak and experienced their release together.

Harry had his entire shaft deep within Lily, being smothered lovingly by her walls as she both showered his shaft with her fluids, and milked him relentlessly for his hot semen.

Moans were heard coming from both mother and son, Lily enjoyed that Harry had her back pressed against his chest. Both his hands filled with her naked tits, her pink nipples were hardened. 

She loved the sensation of Harry painting her walls and womb with his seed. It was exhilarating, especially without having to worry about accidental pregnancies. 

"Harry!" Lily groaned as Harry kissed her starting from her shoulder, neck, jaw, cheek and then forced her head to turn in order to kiss her on the lips. 

Suddenly the black-haired man found himself laying on his back, while also being straddled by his goddess of a mother. Within seconds Lily was bouncing like a pro on her son's cock. She rode him as if Harry was a bull. 

And she did not stop until she made Harry cum inside again. 

Now both mother and son were cuddling, taking a small break. Lily had refused to pull herself off on her son's big cock. Her reasons being that it felt too good being connected with Harry. Plus she wanted to lay down on top of him anyways. 

With one hand rubbing her back and the other resting on her ass. Harry shared light kisses with his mother for some time before Lily asked him something. 

"So any particular world you want us to travel to first?" 

"Well I kinda wanna become an adventurer, I'm still shocked that dungeons don't exist in our world. But yeah I want to become an adventurer, doing missions for guild and fighting monsters and potentially a demon lord sound highly entertaining. So I do have a few worlds in mind. I also want to learn martial arts from worlds too. Do you know how cool it would be to fight in hand to hand combat like anime characters? Or those Chinese cultivators?" Harry replied, his imagination running wild with many possibilities. 

At the bare minimum he will become a planet buster. 

"Hmmm that does sound pretty fun, but I think I'll be too old to become an adventurer. I am a woman who's almost 50." Lily pressed her face into his neck.

Harry scoffed. "Please that may mean something for non-magical humans but you are a witch my dear mother. Plus you don't look anywhere close to 50, you could easily be mistaken for a 24 year old. Also there are elves in other worlds who are centuries old and they become adventurers."

Lily kissed his neck. "I was only joking but your words are still much appreciated. I do still look young and you make sure to keep me feeling young."

She has the best son in the entire world, if he wants her to become an adventurer with him. Then damn it she's gonna be an adventurer. 

Plus it's not like she didn't already agree to accompany her son on his travels when it was time. There's no way he would go without her by his side. Also she wouldn't let him leave her behind. If Harry has an extreme mother complex then it's safe to say Lily has a son complex just as bad. 

"You plan to resign from your job?" She asked.

"First chance I get, if it's fine with you we could depart from this world in a week or two. I'm not in a real rush to leave. I also want to spend time enjoying our new relationship." Harry said.

His words caused Lily to smile against his neck. "That's fine, but what about your friends?"

"To be honest the only one I really care to tell is Hermione. I'll just tell everyone else I'm going on another long-term journey. It's not like we can't ever come back and visit." 

Mother and son continued to talk before resuming their sexual activities. They did not stop until daylight.