1 New Life

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

The harmonious chirps of birds flowed in from outside the window to announce the arrival of a new day. Sparse sunlight streamed in through the curtains to reveal a small square room with essential furnishing tidily squeezed in to fill up the sparse space.

Stationary messily scattered on top of a desk sitting below the window that faced the door. Against the wall to the left of the desk was a wooden wardrobe, and the small open gaps of the drawers of the wardrobe revealed the socks and clothes that were messily arranged inside it.

Snuggling against the corner to the right of the desk was a plain single-size bed, where a young, frail boy around the age of 8 was currently snoozing. The sunlight shone onto the boy's dirty, blonde hair, causing it to faintly glow in the dim room. In contrast to the boy's glistening hair, the boy's face was rather pale as if he was a cold corpse not long ago, but faint color gradually recovered over time.

Knock. Knock.

"Pro, it's time to wake up for school! Get ready and come down for breakfast!"

A woman's youthful voice hollered from outside the room, disturbing the stillness of the room and awakening the boy from his slumber.

"Mmm ..."

The boy's eyes gradually squeezed open into a squint as he observed the ceiling in a daze. Feeling a damp patch near his mouth, the boy raised his hand to his mouth and wiped off the drool while muttering in confusion, "Ehh ... where am I?"

Suddenly, the boy seemed to have recalled something and his eyes widen in horror as his body sat up.

"Wait! I clearly remember Mr. Truck-kun hitting me moments before! This clearly doesn't look like a hospital," the boy glanced around the room frantically as his thoughts were in a mess, "Did I die? Is this heaven? But why does this place look like a normal room?"

Ugg. The boy suddenly felt something slamming into his head, bringing pain that almost caused him to black out. A moan of pain escaped his mouth as the boy clutched his head while receiving his memories of his new life.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Darling?! Are you alright?! Are you hurt? Open the door for mommy!" along with rapid knocks, a woman's anxious voice came from outside the room.

It didn't take long for the boy to accept his new identity. Although he was still a bit dizzy from the influx of new memories, the boy was still able to calmly respond to dispel the worries of his mother, "Mother, I'm alright. I'm getting ready now."

"Phew ... that's good. If there really is something wrong, remember to tell mommy or daddy immediately alright?" the woman commanded in a worried tone.

"Yes, mother. Don't worry, I'm alright."

"Alright. Get ready for school. You don't want to be late on your first day do you? Mommy will be waiting downstairs."

After saying this, the sound of footsteps going down the stairs echoed from outside. Inside the room, the boy secretly breathed a sigh of relief while rubbing his head to ease his migraine. Recalling his new memories that were engraved in his mind, the boy easily accepted the fact that he got a new life.

Born on July 24 of the summer of 1980, his current age is 8 years old and he was the only child of the Smith family. Due to the frail body of his mother at his time of birth, it resulted in the boy being born with a body that was much more frail than others. Falling sick was common, and the boy unfortunately passed away silently due to anxiety of returning to school. Hence, a new soul took over.

In his new life, he still miraculously kept his first name of Pro, but his last name has now become Smith. As for the name of Pro Smith, Pro can only say that his parents must have horrible naming sense. Why? The reason for this is because he currently lived in Hampstead, London, and it was the year of 1988! Even in modern UK, the first name of Pro is not a common British name, let alone back in the 80s.

"Ugg ... it seems I really did die, and got a new life in this young boy's weak body. This body really feels like it won't even be able to run a lap ... but I'm already lucky to have another life so I can't complain. As for this world ... have I transmigrated back in time and got sent over to Britain? Or is this another world?"

Pro wasn't too sure regarding the specifics of this world as the previous owner of this body didn't learn much regarding the world outside of his home, school, and a couple of vacation spots.

Pro also could not recall much information about 1980s to 1990s Britain. After all, Pro lived in 20th century American before, and he wasn't the type to pay attention to the history of his own country, let alone other countries.

"Ugg ... I should have studied more in my last life. Now I will regret missing out on all the money earning opportunities in this life. Who could have thought I would actually transmigrate? I seriously don't understand how all those protagonists of novels managed to have so much useful knowledge crammed into their brains before transmigration."

After a bit of complaint, Pro got off the bed and strolled over to the wardrobe nearby. Digging through the messy drawers, Pro found his school uniform and a pair of socks. After putting them on, Pro strolled over to the door. Taking a deep breathe, Pro then pulled open the door and stepped out into his new life.

Although the Smith family couldn't be considered super rich, Pro was still able to tell that the family was fairly wealthy with a single glance at the hallway of the two-level single-family home. The decorations were simple, but Pro was still able to notice what seems to be gold plating on the frames of a painting decorating the wall of the upstairs hallway.

There were three rooms upstairs along with a bathroom. Pro's room was right next to the stairs, and the bathroom was on the other side of his room for ease of access. One of the remaining rooms was the study of his father and the master bedroom attached with its own bathroom was at the end of the hallway.

Based on his memories, the previous owner of this body chose the smallest room in the house due to his sense of insecurity, but Pro didn't have any interest in changing it. Perhaps he might change it when he grows up, but maybe by that time, he would have moved out. However, this all depends if he could get ahead in this new life of his.

Trotting over to the nearby bathroom, Pro used the toilet, brushed his teeth, and tidied himself using the mirror in the bathroom. Observing his childish, but cute and smooth-skinned face, Pro believes that he would have no trouble growing up into a handsome man if there were no accidents.

"I'm not being a narcissus. If I had half the handsomeness of this life, I won't be a single virgin in my previous life," Pro sighed a bit as he admired his handsome face for a bit.

Giving himself a couple of pats on the face, Pro browsed his memory and did his best to act out his normal behavior in order to avoid any misunderstandings. Although his mind was now mature due to his previous life, he still had to act like an eight year old. It wasn't too hard as the memories of this life were engraved into his mind.

"Hopefully my lovely new parents don't discover anything wrong. I can tell they really loved and doted on the previous owner of this body," Pro muttered with a wry smile before switching it to a familiar smile he sees every day in his memory.

Leaving the bathroom, Pro took a deep breathe and began to put on his daily act. Thud. Thud. Thud. Pro trotted down the stairs which faced the front door of the house. When Pro reached the first floor, a youthful, but frail lady with brunette hair and wearing an apron hurried out from the living room archway located on the other side of the hallway.

Seeing Pro, she huffed, placed her hands on her hips, and reprimanded with a frown on her face, "Pro! How many times do I have to tell you to not run down the stairs! I don't want to see you falling and getting into an accident again! Please don't make mommy worry about you alright?"

"Yes~ Mother!" Pro replied with a cheerful giggle.

"*sigh*, this kid, why do you never listen? Mommy really worries that ... *sigh* ... it's mommy's fault in the end, I can't blame you," the lady sighed with a hint of sorrow.

Before Pro could reply, a youthful man with scruffy, dirty blond hair and wearing a brown tuxedo hugged the lady's waist from behind. Placing his head on the lady's shoulder, he comforted the lady in a gentle tone, "Beatrice. It's not your fault. If it's anyone's fault, it's that death- ow, why did you pinch me baby?"

Beatrice gave her husband a glare as she whispered, "Joseph! We promised not to mention anything related to that world since we decided to retire from that world."

The man wryly smiled before he replied in a flirty tone, "Ah, yes, that's right. But, I still wanted to let you know that you already did great by being by my side and giving me a cute, wonderful son. I could not ask for more. I love you baby ..."

"I love you too hubby ..."

Seeing his parents staring at each other and entering their own bubble of happiness, Pro couldn't help but pop their bubble because he knew that they could literally go from that to the bedroom if he doesn't stop them. Although the previous owner of the body didn't understand what his parents did in the bedroom, Pro certainly did. Pro was actually surprised that he didn't have any siblings.

"Mother! Is father going to take me to school in his car?"

Pop. The couple quickly returned to reality and realized that their son was still in front of them. Mommy Beatrice blushed a bit as she pinched her husband while muttering, "See what you did! Our son is still here! Let me go, I need to go prepare breakfast for our little darling."

Watching the beauty slipping away, daddy Joseph didn't even blush as he had thick skin. Turning to his son, Joseph strolled over and ruffled Pro's hair while stating, "Ahem. Of course my son. Daddy will take you to school before going to work. Come along, let's enjoy the meal that your beautiful mother has prepared."

Daddy Joseph turned around with a smirk as if he has gotten his revenge on his son that interrupted him. Strolling away from his son that now had messy hair, Joseph didn't notice that his son had frozen in place with a shocked face.

Even if Joseph paid attention, Pro would not have cared because he was simply too shocked. Pro had no time to pay attention to his demeanor because he was shocked by the screen that popped up in his vision!

[Ding! Detected that host has come into contact with magical power ... automatically absorbing magical power sample ... System initializing!]

[Ding! Calibrating stats ... generating system functions ... booting up system assist ... System initialized. Binding system to host ... setting up memory backup barrier ... system bound!]

[Congratulations to the host for binding with the HogScape System!]

Pro's eyes widened in excitement. His golden finger was here!

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