Harry Potter: Red Weasley The Strange Red Wizard

I clarify that this is written in English with the translator, because I wrote the original story in Spanish. If it has more errors than I already had, I apologize, I do it at the request of some readers, I hope you enjoy it. ------- After dying and getting the opportunity to reincarnate in the world of Harry Potter with some abilities, our protagonist is reborn as Ron's twin brother, being the most discordant Weasley within his entire family. With his particular way of being, he will live in this strange world Warning: Harem, incest, +18 I only own the characters I have created, all others belong to their respective owners. This is my first Fan-fic, I'm sorry if it's not a masterpiece and has several mistakes. ------ Warning: The MC's personality changed drastically from one moment to another due to some reasons, so at one point you're going to see him go from one extreme to another in personality. It doesn't make much sense, but at first I did this to try things without knowing if it would have a future, and only after a while did it take shape.

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176) End "Chap 1: The Philosopher's Stone" and Rewards

My family and I embarked on the journey back home, and in the meantime, besides answering some simple questions, I focused on reviewing the notices that appeared in front of me.

[Main Campaign (Chapter 1: The Philosopher's Stone) Completed]

[A large number of achievements have been fulfilled]


-Defeat the troll

-Defeat Quirrell

-Friendship with more than 10 relevant characters

-Relationship with a Black

-Relationship with a prefect

-Metamorphmagus girlfriend

-Order of Merlin, First Rank (Only half the value of the achievement due to being revoked)

-↓- (Show more)

There were many achievements, some overlapping, so to speak. For example, my relationship with Tonks granted me four achievements: [Relationship with a Black], [Relationship with a relevant character], [Relationship with a metamorphmagus], and [Relationship with Nymphadora Tonks].

Except for [Relationship with Nymphadora Tonks], all the others can only be obtained once throughout the campaign, regardless of the chapter, but they only grant bonus points for ranking in the chapter they are achieved. However, [Relationship with a Black] and [Relationship with a relevant character] can be improved. For example, if I maintain my relationship with Tonks and also get someone else from the Black family, the achievement will be updated to [Relationship with 'x' Black], and I would earn points again in the years when I achieve it. The same goes for the other achievement. Lastly, [Relationship with Nymphadora Tonks] only grants points in the year it is achieved, but it also gives a small amount of points during each year that I maintain that relationship. As long as our relationship isn't broken, I will earn points, and it will work the same with any character.

It was good to see everything I had achieved; it was like in the Marauders campaign, but better. Here I had indeed achieved quite a lot, and the next thing I read confirmed it.

[Obtained ranking: SS]

[- Corresponding rewards are distributed -

-It is no longer possible to acquire SS rewards and obtain the SS ranking-

-Rewards and other ranks can be obtained by replaying the chapter-

-In case of re-obtaining a already blocked ranking, the obtained ranking and rewards will be those of the nearest lower rank-

-If all rewards have already been obtained, the ranking will correspond to the achievements of that game, but the reward will be a default one-

-The store is updated-

-Saved data-]

I was happy to see that I almost achieved the maximum score. I wonder what I'll have to do to get that ranking. Maybe gather all the Horcruxes and defeat Voldemort in the first year? It doesn't matter; what's important now are the rewards.


[Rankings and Rewards]


> 100,000 CC (Crystal Coins)

> 1,000,000 G (Galleons)

> +10% ??? permanent.

- {Note 1: Not cumulative with rewards from other ranks of this chapter.}

- {Note 2: ???}

> Philosopher's Stone

- 1 Random Skill and 1 Random Aura

- {Note 1: The skill and aura can be from any of the characters in the chapter, or related to the user's achievements and actions.}

- {Note 2: If there are no possible options, a corresponding amount of Crystal Coins will be provided.}

> Choose: Unicorn, Norwegian Ridgeback, or Cerberus

{Note 1: Unit/mount/pet with 100% loyalty.}

{Note 2: You can choose it to be the one known in the chapter or a random one with standard statistics of its race.}

{Note 3: You can choose the age of the unit between its childhood and adulthood.}

SS (Achieved):

> 10,000 CC

> 100,000 G

> +5% ??? permanent

- {Note 1: Not cumulative with rewards from other ranks of this chapter.}

- {Note 2: ???}

> Mirror of Erised

> 1 Random Skill or Aura (Valor Aura Obtained)

[Valor Aura: Inspires valor in your nearby allies.

-You and nearby allies become resistant or immune to fear and unnatural fear-

-The range and power of your aura are determined by your overall power-

-You can increase the range and power of your valor aura by actively consuming some form of power/energy (mana, blood magic, endurance, mental power, etc.)-]


> 1,000 CC

> 10,000 G

> +1% ??? permanent

- {Note 1: Not cumulative with rewards from other ranks of this chapter.}

- {Note 2: ???}

> [Skill: Troll Charmer] or [Draconian Aura]

> Choose: Enormous Troll (Unit) or Baby Norwegian Ridgeback (Pet)

- {Note 1: It can be the troll known in Quirrell's test and Hagrid's baby dragon or random ones with standard statistics of their race.}

- {Note 2: 100% Loyalty.}

- {Note 3: The age of the baby dragon will not change; it cannot grow and will remain a baby permanently.}


> 500 CC

> 1,000 G

> Giant Chess Horse (Mount)

> Hogwarts starter class materials (wand, cauldron, robes, etc.)

> 50-point card for houses

> Nimbus 2000


> 400 CC

> 100 G

> Troll (Choose: Unit or Pet)

- {Note 1: It can be the troll known in the girls' bathroom or a random one with standard statistics.}

- {Note 2: If the troll is chosen as a unit, it will possess 100% loyalty, but it will also have a strange tendency to go to the women's bathroom involuntarily and somehow aggress the girls there. (Warning: Pay special attention with Hermione Granger, it will try to do something to her no matter the place unless constantly and actively ordered not to.)}

- {Note 3: If the troll is chosen as a pet, it will be a miniature troll between 50 cm to 1 meter tall.}

> Choose: a wand, Comet 260 broom, or Madam Malkin's robe

> 10-point card for houses


> 300 CC

> 10 G

> Enchanted Key (Pet)

- {Note 1: It can crash into the targets you choose, actively ordering it or asking it to protect something.}

> Random: A book from the Hogwarts library


> 200 CC

> 1 G

> Flame Protection Potion

> Devil's Snare Seed


> 100 CC

> 1 Sickle

> Nettle Wine

> Rememberall

> Wizard card (Dumbledore or Nicholas Flamel)


> 10 CC

> 1 Knut

> Random cheap muggle item

> Random: Hogwarts picture, Hogwarts staff picture, or incoming students picture (1991)


> From 100 to 1,000 CC

> From 1,000 to 10,000 G

> Random item or random skill


Even though the other rewards seemed interesting, I focused more on the one I obtained.

Wow! 10,000 Crystal Coins! That's a fortune. These coins are extremely valuable, and I've already got 10,000 of them. If I used to worry about obtaining them before, now I can relax. Although I don't have many places to spend them yet, that will change in the future. The 100,000 Galleons aren't bad either. Some extra money never hurts, and I could expand my [Fief] further.

I'm not sure what that +5% is. I don't know if I haven't unlocked it yet or what it will be. Then there's the Mirror of Erised... Damn! If I had known I would get a Mirror of Erised as a reward, I wouldn't have stolen the other one and prevented the old man from harassing me... I think I'll find a way to return it so that the old hag stops being so intense.

Lastly, the [Valor Aura], the random skill I gained. I don't think it's the most useful, but it'll do. At least, my companions and I won't have to fear magical fear anymore.


We were back at the Burrow, and my mother began preparing a feast, even larger than the abundant meal she had prepared to welcome us back from Hogwarts. Although we were a poor family, we could afford this small luxury on this occasion.

At that moment, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my father beside me, talking to me and asking me questions. My mother, despite being focused on cooking (with magic), was also very engaged in the conversation. On the other hand, my siblings, some were just present while others, like Fred and George, jumped into the conversation to cause trouble.

"Since when did...?" Arthur asked, avoiding explicitly mentioning the topic of my insensitivity as if it were delicate.

"It was shortly after arriving, after the first night. I woke up not knowing why, but I felt more... expressive," I replied.

"That's great!" exclaimed Arthur with excitement. "But are you okay? Was it gradual? Are there still times when you feel like before?"

"No, it's constant. I think I'll stay this way. Or at least, I hope so," I replied.

"If I had known you were going to change so much, I..." Arthur said with certain emotions in his words, "we would have come to see you, we..."

"But we warned you that Red changed," Fred interrupted.

"Yes, even Ron and Percy wrote to you about it," George added.

"It couldn't be avoided. Our brother having his personality 'revived' was something that had to be informed. We thought it needed to be reported as soon as possible," explained Percy.

"Yes, but we..." Arthur began, getting a little embarrassed as he scratched the back of his neck, "didn't think it was to that extent. We wrote to Red but he didn't respond, and we asked Dumbledore at the beginning of the year how he was doing, and he said everything was fine. We thought Red had improved, but we didn't know it was to such an extent..."

"We didn't want to interrupt Red's change. We thought it was something small, something that showed because he was away from home with other kids his age. And since he didn't respond or send letters, we thought... it was best to leave him alone and let him continue developing in that way, to socialize to avoid breaking that change. We didn't know the change was so sudden and abrupt," my mother explained. "Did you go to the infirmary or see someone to find out the cause of this change?"

"No, honestly, it seemed very natural to me, so I didn't question it. My magic was never normal, so I thought it was just another step, nothing more," I responded, I knew there would be questions about my blood magic, but curiously it wasn't the next thing they asked me.

"But..." My mother shot me a terrifying glance. "Why didn't you respond to the letters? And about that prostitution incident..."

"I..." I felt a cold breeze run down my spine. "I was scared..." I replied, and I saw my mother's gaze relax.

"Scared?" My father asked.

"Yes, I changed, but I didn't know how to talk to you. I am self-aware, I know how I treated you and the problems I caused, that's why I wanted to apologize before and now. I was a bad son, I admit it, and I didn't know how to respond to you, how to talk to you. I was afraid of what might happen..." I didn't finish saying all my words when I felt my mother hugging me from behind.

"You don't have to be afraid of your family." Molly hugged me tightly. "No matter what happened before, what matters is now. We will always be your family, and we love you, even if everything continued as before, we would never stop loving you."

I felt their love, and my father also joined the hug for a moment. This situation, this hug, was something my parents enjoyed. Before, even if they hugged me, I seemed insensitive, as if I didn't care. Now I could express more, so my parents wanted it because it seemed like a way to make up for all that affection that wasn't properly exchanged in the past.

"Yes, and nothing that happened before is as important as what we can do now." (Arthur)

"Thank you." I sighed for a moment and then continued. "Sorry for not responding."

"It's okay, but don't do it again. I won't tolerate being ignored by you again," my mother said, pinching my cheek firmly. I felt she wasn't lying about anything. They forgave me, but they wouldn't let me hide from them again.

"Sorry..." I said with my cheek stretched.

"Alright, and what about the 'Prostitution' case at Hogwarts?" She asked, still in an authoritative tone.

"Oh... Red, you got caught there. You shouldn't have been so greedy," Fred said with pity in his tone.

"I know we're not in the best financial situation, but you shouldn't have gone that far," he continued with disappointment.

"Our poor brother..." (Fred)

"Fell into greed and depravity." (George)

"We don't know how we'll move forward with a prostitute in the family." (Fred)

"The disappointment." (George)

"Will you two just shut up!" my mother shouted at the twins, while with a flick of her wand, she made a feather duster hit them on the head. "Dumbledore already explained to us what happened, I just want your brother to tell us."

"That situation was horrible," Percy commented somewhat arrogantly. "I don't understand how things got to that point, the professors should have acted sooner..."

"It's okay, Percy, we know," my father stopped him, knowing he would start talking, but what they wanted was something else. "Red, can you tell us your version of the story? The situation was something we didn't expect."

"Maybe from Fred and George, but we didn't expect it from you. That's why... we were a little shocked. We didn't believe it at first, we thought it was a misunderstanding, and that's why we sent the howler... sorry," my mother apologized. In reality, she felt guilty; once she found out the 'true' situation through Dumbledore, she had stored guilt that she wanted to release. She knew that her son's social life would not be easy because of his 'condition' and believed that the howler could have made it worse, but she didn't know the true situation.

"It's okay, Mom, it was partly my fault too, and about the howler, I destroyed it when I saw it," I said, acting embarrassed. "Let me tell you how that prostitution thing started," I continued, seeing how Ginny blushed a little, even though she already knew a bit of the story.

So I began to tell them about that situation as dinner was served and we started eating. Of course, the story I told was the one I had invented earlier in Dumbledore's office. I earned their compassion once again with that story, but we couldn't progress further, as everyone was tired. The train journey isn't the most comfortable, so the day ended, and the conversation would continue tomorrow.