Harry Potter: Necromancer's Legacy

Ryan Lance died an untimely death all thanks to his bad luck and was given a chance to be reborn in another world. He chose the world of magic. However, his bad luck seems to have followed him to the next world and he woke up in the worst place in Harry Potter world, Azkaban. Endless torture... A voice in his head, claims to be him from the future... The whispers and promise of power beyond anything this world has ever seen. The power of Necromancy. Although Necromancy isn't new to the wizarding world, it's a failed area of magic that no one ever truly mastered. Follow Ryan's journey as he masters his newfound abilities to prepare for his revenge quest, but things soon got complicated when trouble comes knocking on his door. The beginning of the First Wizarding War... ---- Heavy AU. Characters age might vary. ___ [I don't own Harry Potter except for my own OC.] [Cover pic isn't mine. Found it on Pinterest. I will remove it if the owner wants it gone, but give proof.] ---- A WARNING TO RULATE SITE > DON'T STEAL MY WORK AGAIN OR I WILL JUST DELETE IT

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First Arc: The first wizarding war

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Ryan Lance had always been a magnet for mishaps. From slipping down the stairs as a toddler to nearly setting his hair on fire during his chemistry class in high school, he was known for being the unluckiest guy in his town. Just last week, he bought a new pair of Jordans and even won a year's supply of peanuts from a raffle, but later that night, his dog chewed up his brand-new sneakers and he chocked after eating peanuts, only to discover the next day at doctor's chamber that he is allergic to peanuts.

On this particular day, he decided to cheer himself up by watching a comedy show. As fate would have it, the universe found irony particularly humorous. He laughed hard, gripping his sides, as the comedian made a joke about how luck always favored the unlucky. He had no idea he was the leading example.

He snorted unintentionally while laughing so hard that he sounded like a piglet. The whole crowd burst out laughing, some quietly pointing at him. Ryan sunk deeper into his seat, embarrassed.

The live performance continued, and as the evening came to an end, Ryan decided to depart. He moved through the crowd, keeping his head down to escape more scrutiny. Fate, on the other hand, had another funny script waiting for him.

After tripping on the edge of a rug, he flailed his arms in a hopeless attempt to restore balance. He knocked down a waiter carrying a tray of drinks in a domino effect worthy of slapstick entertainment. Glasses cracked, beverages sprayed, and an unimpressed-looking lady suffered an unplanned champagne bath.

Amidst the chaos, he found himself propelled toward the exit, automatically completing an uncomfortable spin before falling headfirst into a door labeled "No Entry." The collision pushed open the door, and he stumbled through, bracing himself for yet another humiliation.

Ryan's senses were jolted by the unexpected tumble. He felt weightless for a split second, the rush of excitement churning his stomach. Then he landed with a ridiculously loud thud, his face collapsing on the cold, hard floor. He cautiously forced himself up, blinking away stars, only to find himself surrounded by a sea of colorful clothes and startled gasps.

As he took in the scene—a room full of ladies yelling and pointing fingers at his disheveled form—his heart raced. His cheeks burned with embarrassment. "Oops," he mumbled, seeking to calm the situation with an apologetic smile. He quickly understood that this was the ladies' changing room and those naked beauties and those two in bra and panty... Well, he saw nude women for the first time in his life in real. Porn doesn't count.

"Pervert!" a woman screamed, throwing her shoe at him. He ducked for cover, scrambling to escape the room. Fate wasn't done playing yet. He tripped again, only to collide with a rack of clothes.

Before he could explain his bad situation, burly security guards stormed in like knights in sparkling armor—except their armor was polyester uniforms and their noble mission was to apprehend the invader. Ryan had hardly finished wailing an explanation when he found himself wedged between two hulking guards, their grip tight as they hauled him up.

"Wait! I—It was an accident!" he protested, his voice trailing off as the guards' expressions remained firm.

He struggled helplessly as they escorted him out, his luck still clinging to him like a stubborn odor. As he replayed the comedy show joke in his head, he realized that fate must be laughing at his expense.

Scuffles and the echo of his own protests rang through the corridor as they pulled him away, each step feeling like another chapter in his lifelong book of tragedies. He claimed the cosmos had a wicked sense of humor, putting him as the protagonist in an absurd tragedy.

"Well, boys. We got another pervert. Show him how we treat our perverted esteemed guests," The guard on the right said sarcastically, his tone oozing with mockery.

Ryan panicked, his luck running out. "Please! It was an accident!" he screeched, but the guards ignored his pleas.

They beat him up ruthlessly, punching and kicking him until he was nothing more than a battered heap on the floor. Fate sure had it out for him. Ryan Lance, the unluckiest guy in his town culminated miserably, unable to escape the endless hilarity of the universe.

He sobbed pathetically, wondering if karma would ever stop playing pranks on him. As the guards laughed, he cried in pain, realizing that comedy shows were better left untouched.

After they were done with him, they threw him in the nearest dumpster like trash.

"Consider yourself lucky we didn't hand you over to the police," one guard remarked before slamming the dumpster lid shut.

He spent the night curled up in the smelly dumpster, unable to move a single muscle, his luck fading away into the darkness. He vowed never to watch comedy shows again.

Ryan woke up sore, bruises still painting his skin. He was grateful to be alive. Well, he wasn't actually... He limped through the streets, his clothes stained and tattered. Smells of garbage clung to him, and he felt like an animal begging for scraps.

As he plodded on, fate waited patiently, its mischievous grin growing wider. Ryan Lance, the unluckiest guy in his town faced impending doom again when he decided to pee near a construction site. Fate just couldn't get enough of him. There was a live electric wire lying near the wall, and as he relieved himself, fate zapped him, electrocuting him to death.

His luck had finally come to an end, and the universe sighed in satisfaction, done poking fun at him.

Ryan's consciousness resurfaced in a world that smelled like sulfur and rippled with tormented cries. The transition from life to whatever this was seemed like a dive into cold water. His senses struggled to accept the new world, mingling confusion with lingering pain. Before him appeared a tall figure, a gatekeeper of sorts, who had horns and a menacing expression. In the background, flames danced, casting strange shadows across the ugly terrain. He blinked, attempting to make sense of everything.

'Don't tell me...' He wondered.

"Where am I?" His voice quivered, carrying the weight of disbelief.

The gatekeeper looked him in the eyes, "You, my unfortunate soul, have wandered into the realm of the damned. Welcome to Hell."

The words hit him like a tonne of bricks. "Hell? But... I'm simply... I was..." His mind struggled to piece together the events that had led up to this bizarre encounter.

"You were electrocuted, weren't you?" The gatekeeper's words echoed across the fiery expanse. "Normally, you'd be on your merry way to the other side, wherever that might be for someone like you. However, Mr. Lance, your case is pretty unusual."

Ryan trembled, his luck still haunting him from beyond the grave. "Unusual? How so?" He feared the gatekeeper's answer. How long am I going to suffer? is what he thought.

"You, my dear departed soul, have quite the reputation down below." The gatekeeper leaned in, his expression inscrutable. "You brought misfortune to hundreds in your realm, caught in the snare of your ill-fated existence. But that's not the crux of the issue."

His mind raced. "What's the crux, then?"

"You weren't supposed to die." The gatekeeper's words hung in the air like a thick fog. "Your demise, as amusing as it may appear to our mischievous overseers, was not in the grand scheme. Mr. Lance, you are an anomaly."

Anomaly. The word reverberated in Ryan's mind. "So... what happens now?"

"Now, choose. Drift like a ghost, enter hell, or well, since I am in a good mood today and you are not even on the list, maybe be reborn somewhere else. It's up to you," the gatekeeper gestured dramatically, his voice carrying an eerie finality. "Sadly, I can't send you back to your Earth. So, I think the third option sounds best."

Ryan cast one last look at hell, accepting his fate. "Rebirth sounds good. At least, I can start afresh," he replied, relieved that his bad luck was finally behind him.

The gatekeeper's tone softened slightly, "All right, kid. Let us try an alternative path for you. Choose your universe, and I'll do my best to transport you there. Just a few standards to follow, you know, cosmic norms and stuff."

He scratched his head, still reeling from the bizarre turn of events, "So, I can actually choose where I'm reborn? That's... unexpected. Well, at least something good is happening to me after all that shit."

"Yep, but not just anyplace," the gatekeeper added. "You have options, lad. Each world has its own twists and turns, as well as its unique flavor. Think of it as a cosmic buffet."

He frowned, thinking hard, "Alright, hit me with these options."

The gatekeeper snapped his fingers, conjuring images in the air, "Here we go. Option one: a world where magic runs wild, wizards and witches, enchantments and beasts. Option two: a futuristic realm, flying cars, shiny gadgets, and advanced tech buzzing around. Option three: a world of superheroes and villains, powers aplenty, capes flapping in the wind."

'Freaking shit! That's Harry Potter world, Cyberpunk world, and Multiverse! This is awesome!' He was surprised to see all the worlds from movies and comics appearing before his eyes. He wasn't sure if this was a dream or reality. But whatever it is, it's better than drifting as a ghost or entering hell.

"Choose wisely, my unfortunate soul. Once you settle in, you can't change universes," the gatekeeper reminded him, his tone taking on a serious edge.

Ryan deliberated for a while, careful not to make a rash decision. He chose Harry Potter World because he always loved Harry Potter movies and books. Plus, it had magic, which sounded intriguing. Cyberpunk world sounded cool, but he wasn't sure if he could handle the high-tech gadgets and people there were more machines than humans. Multiverse sounded fun, but he wasn't a superhero, so living as a normal person there wouldn't be interesting. And even if he is reborn as a hero, the sheer number of villains in there is too much. Besides, he wasn't too familiar with DC or Marvel.

"Harry Potter world," Ryan announced, his tone firm.

The gatekeeper nodded, "Very well. Now, here's the catch. You won't start as Harry Potter himself, obviously. That's just not how it works. But, you'll have a chance to make a name for yourself and carve your destiny."

He gulped, "Sounds fair. But, I have a question. Will I remember my past life? And will Harry Potter world treat me any better?"

"Yes, you will. As for the second question, well, that's up to fate—or karma, whatever you prefer. Good luck, Ryan Lance, the unluckiest guy on your Earth. Bon voyage," the gatekeeper waved goodbye, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

Ryan closed his eyes, drifting through time and space, hopefully leaving his bad luck behind him.


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