Harry Potter: I'm James Potter.

Edward is considered the most promising heir of the Rothschild House, a very powerful European dynasty; however, he dies at the early age of 15 years while saving the life of an ordinary child. For many, it would be a misfortune to meet such a fate when you have the power to control the world, but for Edward, it was not so, as he was never happy despite being considered a super genius. When he thought it was the end, he was reincarnated as a baby named James Potter. A name he knows very well since, in his past life, he secretly read a book titled "Harry Potter." ---------------------------------------------------------------- (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) Link: https://www.p@treon.com/Nathe07

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"Pretty name" said the old woman.

"Hi James, it's your mom. Your father and I have been waiting for you for so long. I love you with all my heart" whispered Edward's new mother, now named James.

Edward's crying began to slow to silence, he had never heard such words in his former life.

The warm voice and affection of this woman made Edward feel a sensation he had never felt before. The feeling of being loved. In his new mother's arms, he began to feel tired, he didn't know how long it had been since he died and if this was all a dream.

In his mother's arms, he felt very warm, falling completely asleep, "Your words have soothed him, he has fallen sound asleep" said the old woman with a smile.

"Yes... he will be a very good boy and a great wizard" said the mother with a warm smile without taking her eyes off the sleeping baby in her arms.

"Euphemia, I'm here!" exclaimed a male voice, as he abruptly opened the door.

It was a middle-aged man with black hair and blue eyes, his forehead had sweat on it.

"Shh!" The old woman raised her index finger to her lips, pressing it gently against them. The expression on her face was stern with slightly furrowed brows.

"I'm sorry" said the man in a low tone, who noticed the sleeping baby in his wife's arms. Seeing the baby happiness radiated through his whole being, his wife named Euphemia waved her hand at him.

"Come here, darling" she said in a low tone.

The man whose name was Fleamont came striding over, as he arrived he sat down on the side near his wife and looked at the baby lovingly, as he stroked his head gently.

"Welcome to the world, James" whispered Fleamont in a warm tone, with Euphemia they had already agreed on the name before.


It had been several days since Edward now called James was reborn. The initial shock was very great, rarely an event could surprise him so much. However, he was not at all dissatisfied with the situation, for one simple reason, his parents loved him. Every day he felt their great love.

Being a baby with the conscience of a 15 year old was a delicate thing, he was barely able to move and was exhausted in a matter of minutes when he did.

The second shock was when he found out his last name, 'Potter'. At first, he didn't think anything of it, as he was shocked at the rebirth and feeling love for the first time in his life, plus the fact that it was a common surname in Britain.

But then he remembered that this surname was very famous in his past life because of a fantastic novel entitled: "Harry Potter" where the adventures of young Harry are described in a world of magic and wizardry, although the surname Potter was normal in Britain, what he heard and observed from his parents made him understand that he was really in a world of magic.

Even as a baby, James could hear and observe. His mother had a wand that with a simple flick of her wrist could levitate various objects without difficulty, violating all the laws of physics, creating an expression of shock and awe on James' little face.

'Did I reincarnate into the world of the novel someone wrote in my past life?' thought James in disbelief. He was a man or rather a teenager of science, first of all, he didn't believe in reincarnation, but despite being run over, he was reincarnated as a baby and most surprisingly in a different world.

An unpleasant memory flooded his mind. When he was about 12 years old, he managed with great effort to hide from his mother the Harry Potter book entitled: "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone".

He had to be very careful to read the book, for if his mother caught him it would be a very bad thing. To his bad luck, one of the housemaids saw him with the book and informed his mother.

Since his mother could not watch him 24 hours a day, she trained the servants of the house very well, so that they would inform her if Edward was being unproductive.

Elizabeth upon learning that he was reading a fantasy book angrily took it from him and burned it in the fireplace in front of him. She angrily scolded him for two hours, telling him that the Rothschild heir cannot read children's stuff and should focus on the important things.

From that day on he never tried to read or do anything he liked or found interesting and followed his mother's orders to the letter.

Being caught so quickly, he did not have enough time to read the whole book, the little he read he loved, it was a few moments of his life in which he felt he was having fun since reading that book made him feel as if he was in a different world.

This added to the unpleasant event with his mother and made him not forget the book. The most interesting part was when Harry was heading to the Hogwarts School of Magic, however, he didn't manage to get to that part, the last thing he was able to read was when Harry got on the magic train.

Even though he read the book 3 years ago, he remembers the important things perfectly well, as it was the book he enjoyed the most and in his past life, he was a genius who possessed almost a photographic memory. So it was not difficult to remember the little he read from the book.

The main problem was his name: James Potter. He clearly remembers that in the first few chapters, he is named and he is Harry Potter's father. The tragic thing is that he was killed along with his wife Lily in their home.

He was killed by a dark side wizard named Voldemort, that name is clearly remembered, as he was the main antagonist. The mystery is that Harry Potter who was in the house with them, survived despite being a helpless baby.

Not only that, but from that day Voldemort disappeared as if the baby had somehow managed to defeat him, leaving a scar on his forehead. So the magical community called him the child who survived and celebrated in his name, as this wizard Voldemort had caused much horror.

Right now James did not care about the mystery of how Voldemort could not kill Harry, what worried him most was that in the future he would be attacked and killed by this dark wizard.

The reason for the attack is not entirely clear to him, in what he managed to read from the book, is that both James and his wife Lily, are very talented and promising wizards.

So Voldemort, not being able to have them on his side, decided to get them out of his way because they would be dangerous in the future.

James knows that there is a lot of information missing here and there is a mystery to solve, as there were several Harry Potter books, the bad thing is that he didn't get to read them, and the only one he can read only read a few chapters.

'I can't die in this life... not now that I have a mother and father who love me' thought James from his crib with decision.

He didn't want to have the same regrets in this life, so he wanted to make the most of it and more so have two loving parents.

One option to not be targeted by the dark wizard was to not practice magic or to be a mediocre wizard so Voldemort wouldn't notice him, but he can't follow this path, as he doesn't know for sure if Voldemort went to kill him personally just because he was a promising wizard.

Most importantly, it was impossible for him not to study magic, for the simple fact that just watching his parents perform it fascinated him, he already wanted to be able to practice his magic. And in this life, he would do what his heart said.

So the only viable option was to become powerful enough to defeat Voldemort and have him be the person to kill him. Although he felt no attachment to his former family, he lived 15 years as a Rothschild and they show no mercy to their enemies.

Not just any family can stay on top of the world for hundreds of years.

Despite having almost no knowledge of the future, his mature mind and great genius gave him the confidence to overcome Voldemort before he came for him. Because he was considered a genius in one of the most powerful families in the world, he had great pride.

His target in this life was already set, but what he wanted most was to spend time with his parents, he even fantasized when he started attending the school of magic, as for the first time he would go to a school and he would be able to make friends.

Thinking about so many things, he began to get tired and quickly fell asleep in his crib.


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