Harry Potter: Hogwarts Professor

After experiencing rebirth and living for eighteen years, Goldfinger awoke to find himself in the world of Harry Potter. Eisen decided to take on the role of a lay professor at Hogwarts. Little did he anticipate the astonishing power of his "golden finger," which enabled him to extract and replicate extraordinary properties from magical artifacts. Eisen began by extracting the spellcasting abilities from wands and the immortality properties from the Philosopher's Stone. His intention was to lead a simple life in the wizarding world, utilizing these powers discreetly. However, his curiosity led him to extract the time-travel capabilities from the Time Turner. Excited and intrigued, Eisen embarked on his first journey through time, unaware of the adventures and challenges that awaited him in the past, present, and future of the magical realm.

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34 Chs

Chapter 30: Convincing Hermione

"No, Hermione, let me give you an example. How do wizards brew potions? I'm sure you know!" Eisen shook his head, using the example of wizards brewing potions.

"They follow the potion's recipe, adding different herbs and materials to the cauldron according to a strict and precise procedure, which allows them to brew the potion," Hermione answered without hesitation after hearing Eisen's question.

"Correct, now, do you think Muggle experimental tools—measuring cups, scales—would be helpful in potion-making?" Eisen nodded and continued asking.

"But magic can do it too, right, Professor Eisen?" Hermione nodded but then objected.

"Yes, magic can indeed do it, but if Muggles invent better tools, why shouldn't wizards use them?" Eisen didn't deny Hermione's statement because wizards indeed had their own system. But no matter what, as technology progressed, Muggles would invent increasingly precise and increasingly convenient and useful tools.

"I understand, Professor Eisen, so you want to start a Muggle film company to earn money and then buy those tools!" After hearing Eisen's explanation, Hermione showed a look of sudden realization.

"Of course, that's only part of the reason!" Eisen nodded, then shook his head.

"Part of the reason?" Hermione felt her little head was a bit confused and looked at Eisen with puzzlement.

"Hmm—Hermione, do you think wizards will be able to hide themselves in the Muggle world in the future?" After a brief pause, Eisen stood up from behind his desk and started pacing around the office.

"Huh? Does the professor think wizards will be exposed in Muggle society? But don't wizards have the Obliviation Charm and many other spells to conceal themselves?" Hearing Eisen's question, Hermione quickly realized something and showed an expression of disbelief. Then, she was again very puzzled because wizards' magic was indeed very powerful and could easily conceal themselves.

"Yes, you're right. Wizards can indeed hide themselves well from Muggles when they're not discovered. But what if they are discovered? The International Code of Wizarding Secrecy made wizards disappear from the Muggle world, but it's undeniable that every year some wizards leave traces of magic in front of Muggles." Eisen nodded without denial, yet pointed out the key issue.

"But I remember the Ministry of Magic has an Obliviator Headquarters that can remove Muggles' memories of experiencing magic," Hermione clearly had some understanding of the Ministry's work.

"Correct, it's the Obliviator Headquarters of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad that handles such issues. If an incident cannot be simply covered up with magic, there's also a Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee that comes up with other explanations for Muggles." Eisen had specifically looked into this and knew the details.

"Then why do you think wizards might be exposed, Professor Eisen?" Since Eisen knew the Ministry already had mature countermeasures, Hermione didn't understand why he made such a prediction.

"Hermione, you grew up in the Muggle world, so I'm sure you know how fast Muggle technology is progressing!" Eisen sighed and continued probing.


Hermione seemed to have thought of something and suddenly gasped, then showed a worried expression: "Are you saying, Professor, that future Muggle technology will develop to the point where they can detect wizards and magic?"

This conclusion surprised Hermione, who had thought that after entering the wizarding world, she would be separated from ordinary people, not expecting the possibility of exposure in the future.

Yes, Britain had experienced several industrial revolutions. As a bookworm who had lived in the Muggle world since childhood, Hermione certainly knew how fast Muggle technology was progressing.

Therefore, it was unsurprising that Hermione reached this conclusion.

"You're not entirely right, but close!" Eisen shook his head, then nodded. "Based on the current development trend of Muggle technology, they won't be able to detect magic, but undoubtedly, wizards performing magic will be detected.

"If you're familiar with computers and the internet, you'll realize it's something that can change the world. As technology progresses, the internet will become increasingly prosperous, connecting the whole world. At that time, the distance between people will be infinitely shortened, and people can communicate seamlessly with others from different countries anytime, anywhere.

"If in the future, a wizard performs magic in front of Muggles and exposes themselves, it's possible that before the Ministry wizards can erase the Muggles' memories, the fact that 'someone can perform magic' will have already spread across the world through the internet. Then, countless people will know about magic, and how can the Ministry handle that?" 

After hearing Professor Eisen describe this possibility, Hermione fell silent for a moment. Then, as if she had thought of something, her little face showed a worried expression.

"Of course, Hermione, you don't need to worry, we haven't reached that point yet. So, we have time to prepare!" Seeing that his convincing words seemed to have frightened Hermione, Eisen stopped beating around the bush and began to state his purpose.

"Start a Muggle film company, then leak information about the wizarding world!" Hearing Eisen say this, Hermione's worried expression disappeared, and she realized Eisen's plan.

"Exactly, but it needs to be gradual; we can't directly reveal anything about magic. And I also plan to open a wizarding film company in Diagon Alley to show Muggles' movies to wizards." Eisen nodded approvingly and proposed the idea of establishing a wizarding film company.

"This way, Muggles will gradually learn about wizards, and wizards will learn about Muggles. In the future, if wizards are exposed in the Muggle world, it won't cause too much conflict!" Hearing Eisen's reasoning, Hermione's eyes lit up immediately. Now, Hermione finally understood what Eisen was thinking.

"Exactly, so now I'm inviting you to join my wizarding film company. What do you say, Miss Hermione?" Eisen stopped pacing and turned to look at Hermione.

"But, Professor Eisen, I don't know what I could do?" Seeing the attractive Professor Eisen, Hermione suddenly became flustered.

"Don't worry, this is just a private invitation. After the company is established, we might discuss what you could do. How about it?" Eisen didn't tease her further. To be honest, planning to open a wizarding film company in Diagon Alley was still just an idea, and there were many preparations to be made.

"Well—all right, Professor Eisen." Seeing Eisen put it that way, Hermione finally didn't refuse his proposal.

"Well then, Hermione, thank you again for the Christmas present you gave me; I really like it. Is there anything else?" Seeing that Hermione had finally been persuaded to become his employee, albeit only a verbal agreement for now, Eisen couldn't help but show a pleased smile. Then, Eisen picked up a quill and nodded to Hermione, indicating a cue.

"Oh—no, Professor Eisen, goodbye!" Having been persuaded to become an employee in a hazy manner, Hermione seemed to wake up from a dream and quickly ran out of Eisen's office.



Hermione ran all the way up to the eighth floor.

"Password?" The Fat Lady portrait asked sternly.

"Pig snout."


After successfully entering the Gryffindor common room, Hermione didn't even acknowledge Harry and Ron, who were playing chess by the fireplace, and hurried back to her dormitory.

From her flushed face, it was unclear whether it was due to shyness or being out of breath from running.

"What's up with Hermione?" Ron asked Harry in surprise, watching the hurried Hermione.

"I don't know, maybe she found some information again!" Harry shook his head.

(End of chapter)