Harry Potter: Heir to Ancient Magic

[A Harry Potter fanfiction] Adam is someone who has the memories of his other life, now he is in the world of Harry Potter, and he is the heir of an ancient and wealthy family. His quest for power and affinity for magic will intertwine with the plot of the main story. Will he go against Dumbledore? Will you discover the deepest secrets of ancient magic? What do he and Merlin have in common? Follow Adam as he chases his own dreams and creates his legend across the Wizarding world. LEGAL NOTICE: I don't own any characters other than my OCs. The cover photo is not mine either.

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Adam, who had already put on his school uniform, got off the train when he heard a loud voice.

''New students, here new students''

It was Hagrid, who was responsible for taking the new students.

Adam shivered in the cold, but even in a light drizzle, none of the new students seemed to lose their spirits.

Following Hagrid, all students reached the boats, where four of them were allocated in each boat and followed by the black lake.

Adam looked with interest at the lake, which looked so calm even with the swells caused by the boats.

'I hope to have the opportunity to see the giant squid at some point' he thought as he remembered the squid that lived under the lake

At that moment Adam felt a slight shiver, and realized that they had passed through some kind of barrier.

'Must be one of Hogwarts' many defenses'

He knew that the school had many defenses, which he had no idea, he knew that it was not possible to Apparate in place, but it was obvious that this was not the only defense of the castle.

As the boat turned, Adam looked up. There now not so far away, under the hill was a large and beautiful castle, with an air of antiquity and a magical aura. As if nature itself wanted to mark that scene even more in the minds of the little wizards, the moon appeared behind the castle, its light illuminated it, it was a beautiful scene to behold.

When they arrived at the main door of the castle, Hagrid handed them over to the Deputy Headmistress and Transfiguration teacher, as well as Headmistress of Gryffindor house, Minerva McGonagall, who was wearing a green robe and typical wizard hat.

McGonagall began to explain about the houses, the points system and of course the sorting ceremony.

Adam didn't pay much attention, after all he knew every single one of those words, he'd read them so many times. He just listened over the top, in case there was any difference, which it wasn't.

Adam, who was at the back of the group, took advantage of the fact that everyone's attention was on the teacher, to circulate his magic, increasing his body heat and drawing moisture out of his clothes.

His previously wet clothes were now completely normal, his hair was no longer messed up.

At that moment Adam realized that someone was staring at him.

He looked towards the girl who was staring at him, it was none other than Isabella. And from the look on her face it was obvious that she understood that Adam had played another prank on them on the train, and just like them, he was a freshman.

Adam just smiled in response, Isabella in turn just snorted and turned her attention to the teacher, who soon guided them to the main hall.

Adam looked around with interest.

'It really is something else to see it in person, no matter how hard the movies try they can't get past half of how amazing it is' He thought as he looked up at the starry sky and floating sails.

Adam looked forward with interest as Professor McGonagall brought the hat over and placed it under the stool.

Adam then had a premonition and shuddered, he knew what was coming next.

And it was exactly as he expected, soon the hat moved and began to sing.

Adam had a horrible face as he listened to the annoying hat music.

When it finally came to an end, Adam felt like he'd lost a few days of his life.

After that it didn't take long for Professor McGonagall who was holding a long parchment to step forward ''When I call your name, you'll come over here where you'll sit on the stool and I'll place the hat on your head, to decide your house.' '

The new students breathed a sigh of relief, understanding that they wouldn't have to take any difficult or dangerous tests.

Some students looked resentful as they glared at other students at the tables.

The Weasley Golden Trio was one of them, as he glared at his brothers sitting on the Gryffindor bench, his target was the twins who were happy to deceive him.

When McGonagall started calling names, it wasn't long before it was Adam's turn.

McGonagall announced ''Davies, Adam''

Adam walked slowly over to the stool and sat down.

It wasn't long after McGonagall had placed the hat on his head for him to hear a little voice in his mind.

''Fascinating!'' exclaimed the hat.

''Isn't it?'' joked Adam.

''I'm serious boy'' Retorted the hat ''a mind like yours is an amazing thing… such a lust for power, an insatiable hunger for knowledge''

''Your lust for power, and the fact that you're pureblood, forces me to want you in Slytherin, but I've never seen a bigger bookworm than you, so maybe you should go to Ravenclaw. Gryffindor seems like a fair choice as well. '' Murmured the hat still unable to make his choice.

''Put me in Ravenclaw'' Asked Adam

''Ravenclaw... yes it seems the best, but may I ask why you made that choice? Slytherin don't look bad for you ''

Adam smiled as he replied with something the hat didn't understand. ''Because Ravenclaw is the home of Transmigators''

The Hat didn't understand what he meant by that, and thought Adam was making some kind of joke, at which point the Hat was tempted to push him to Hufflepuff as a joke too, but felt it would be a waste.

That said once Adam made his choice and the hat was fine with it, he announced.


Adam walked to a round of applause to the Ravenclaw table, there he greeted the older students and smiled at everyone, before turning his attention to the rest of the triage.

Sorting continued and more story members were called, Hermione, Ron and Harry ended up in Gryffindor as in the original, Isabella was also sorted into Gryffindor.

Malfoy and his henchmen went to Slytherin.

In the end there was no difference from the canon and all the known names went to their respective houses.

When the rankings came to an end, the murmurs about Potter still continued through the great hall, especially at the Gryffindor table that looked like it had just won something important.

The Weasley twins sang. ''One Potter is good and two is even better''

Only when Dumbledore got up and tapped the goblet with his spoon did everyone fall silent.

''Welcome everyone,'' he said in a hoarse, aging voice, but calm and knew he always had. ''Welcome to another year at Hogwarts!''

Then he said some strange names and the feast began.

Adam helped himself to a bit of everything and ate leisurely.

As he ate, he heard someone's voice beside him.

''How strong do you think Potter is? '' Who asked that was another freshman

Adam turned and saw that he appeared to be talking to him.

Terry Boot' Adam thought as he analyzed his housemate, and remembered when his name was called.

Before answering, Adam shifted his gaze to the Gryffindor table where Harry was talking to Percy.

With a startled look, Adam turned and replied, ''I could probably fight a dragon without using my wand. After all he defeated you-know-who when he was just a baby ''

Terry seemed to take Adam's words seriously, mostly because he already had a thought about Potter being strong, after all he had defeated the dark lord when he was still a baby.

He took a dry gulp at the thought of the ancient dark wizard and then looked at Harry in awe.

''HAHAHA'' A sound of laughter made him turn around

''You didn't believe that right? '' Adam asked laughing heartily.

''But he really beat you-know-who,'' Terry said.

Adam took a bite of a potato and chewed it slowly before answering.

''If you ask me how strong I think Potter is, I'd say he can't cast a simple levitation spell without a few tries.''

''So how do you think he beat you know who?''

''How will I know? But don't forget that his Grandparents were old Wizards and must have known a trick or two, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them was the true Hero, perhaps giving his life for something greater'' Adam replied with a sigh.

Adam faithfully believed in his words, especially when he thought of the original version where Lily sacrificed herself. This time it wasn't she who made the sacrifice, but someone else did, and somehow the effect was the same.

Adam considered reading Harry and Isabella's minds, but he doubted they knew the true secrets of that night.

Adam smiled at Terry ''Adam Davies''

''Terry Boot''

Adam and Terry talked some more, and at some point in the conversation, two other fledglings joined them.

They were Anthony Goldstein and Michael Corner.

When the feast came to an end, Dumbledore once more rose to his feet.

Adam paid no heed to Dumbledore's warnings, he just fixed his eyes on what he likes to call: The mind behind it all, the master of the board.

Dumbledore manipulated everything through the shadows while paying good old man for the light, which made him more dangerous than Voldemort, after all, when you trust someone your chances of being stabbed in the back are much greater.

'In the end right and wrong is just a matter of perspective'

This was something Adam understood well, the world was not black and white, there were many colors in it, but the most interesting one was gray, gray was like the thin path between good and evil.

Usually trodden by selfish people, whose life's experiences can push them towards the brightest part of the world, or into the depths of darkness where it will be consumed.

Adam believes that Dumbledore is a dark shade of grey, and if not for the events of his past, his sister's death. Perhaps today the world would not be as they knew it.

Just the thought of Dumbledore and Grindelwald united against the Muggles made Adam shiver.

Adam always thought of Dumbledore and Grindelwald as the greatest wizards of the century, he believed that Voldemort was a little lower than these two.

Dumbledore is by no means a wholly good person, if such a thing exists.

The only reason he is considered the defender of justice is because he champions all causes, and is not prejudiced against Muggles or Muggle Born.

In addition to the fact that he defeated the former Dark Lord in the greatest wizard duel of the century.

'If you defeat someone named Dark Lord that makes you a savior right? '

As he thought of the Dark Lord, Adam swept his gaze across the faculty table.

He saw the half-giant Hagrid, the half-Goblin Flitwick, McGonagall and other professors, his gaze finally settling on the young professor in purple robes, with a turban wrapped around his head.

It was even ironic to think that Voldemort was only a few meters away from Dumbledore, this being at his weakest moment.

''Is he scared?'' Adam muttered, amused.

''Do you think he's serious? '' Terry asked.

Adam knew he was talking about Dumbledore's warning about the third floor.

''I guess so,'' Adam replied, shrugging, ''Anyway there's no reason for us to go there''

And that was true, if you weren't super curious, or the golden trio trying to stop Voldemort, there was no reason to go there.

Of course, as much as Adam said it, he had something else in mind, after all how could he pass up a chance to get a look at something like a three-headed dog and a magic mirror?

After all the warnings were given, the prefects guided the new students up the treacherous stairs of Hogwarts.

The entrance to the Ravenclaw common room was on the west side of Hogwarts. The entrance was blocked by a brass knocker in the shape of an eagle. Unlike the Gryffindor common room where a password was required, the eagle made a riddle and only upon obtaining a valid answer would it let them in.

After the prefect answered correctly, the students filed into the common room.

The common room was quite spacious, with the beautiful statue of Rowena Ravenclaw, the house's exclusive library. In addition to the starry sky, the beautiful blue curtains and carpets. Adam approached the open window and admired the beautiful view it provided.

After listening to some more explanations from the monitors, everyone went to their rooms.

Rooms at Ravenclaw were individual, something Adam was grateful for, he liked having his privacy.

Adam fell asleep quickly that night and woke up before seven in the morning. First he did some physical exercises, only then did he go down to the common room where he got the schedule of his classes for this year, today he would only have classes in the afternoon, which left him most of the day free.

With that in mind, Adam decided to take a walk around the castle.

The Hogwarts castle was so big that it would be a great challenge to explore it completely, even the Weasley Twins with the help of the map could not say that they knew all the secrets and places in the castle.

During the morning he explored the floor and the first floor, as he knew he wouldn't get much in just one morning, Adam prioritized looking for the place where he would have his classes.

He found some Gryffindor and Slytherin students, and found it particularly amusing when he saw Harry and Ron running through the corridors, looking for the classroom.

Seeing this scene made him think back to the original story. Ron and Harry often didn't show as much interest in studying as Adam thought they should. Sometimes, while reading the books in the series, Adam remembered wanting to bite the pages while wondering.' Why are they so weak and stupid? '

Adam could understand Weasley being slovenly, and often not showing as much interest in study and knowledge.

After all, he came from a family of wizards, and there wasn't much new on the surface of it. In addition to the inferiority syndrome that Ron seemed to have, having so many brothers.

But Harry being sloppy and careless with his study was ridiculous. He was sure that if it was him, discovering that he was a Wizard after eleven years of a sad life, he would do his best to explore the magical world and get his hands on power and knowledge.

And if changing your life wasn't reason enough, keeping it should be. After the first year, Harry would discover that the dark wizard who killed his parents was still alive, and that he was seeking to kill him as well.

That was reason enough to desperately seek power, but it didn't seem to be what Harry did, he just relied on his natural talent and events that benefited him with much luck and good company over the years.

The truth was only one, if it weren't for being the protagonist, Harry would never have defeated Voldemort.

He looked at the duo who disappeared into the hall and sighed. ''I hope this time will be different''

He knew that the fact that Harry still had his parents certainly played a role in how naive he could be.

At noon, Adam proceeded to the main hall where he found Terry.

''Where were you ? '' He asked, helping himself to a piece of sausage ''I went to call you but you weren't in your room''

Adam sat down and helped himself too.'' I went for a walk around the castle, and learned where our rooms were for this year''

Terry nodded in understanding. ''You will be my noble guide until I learn my way around this damned castle.''

Adam laughed ''Trouble finding the main hall?''

Terry huffed ''it's those damn stairs. It was like they were playing with me''

At some point Anthony and Michael joined them, both complaining about the stupid stairs.

When afternoon arrived, Adam led his companions to the transfiguration room.