Harry Potter: Heir to Ancient Magic

[A Harry Potter fanfiction] Adam is someone who has the memories of his other life, now he is in the world of Harry Potter, and he is the heir of an ancient and wealthy family. His quest for power and affinity for magic will intertwine with the plot of the main story. Will he go against Dumbledore? Will you discover the deepest secrets of ancient magic? What do he and Merlin have in common? Follow Adam as he chases his own dreams and creates his legend across the Wizarding world. LEGAL NOTICE: I don't own any characters other than my OCs. The cover photo is not mine either.

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Hogwarts Express

On the first of September, Adam woke up early, did all the morning exercises he usually did, organized his books and potion supplies in his briefcase, and packed all the school supplies needed for the school year.

Adam stood in front of the big mirror in his room, and finished getting ready. He was wearing a new set of clothes in black and dark blue. Being taller than usual for his age, his medium-length light brown hair neatly combed, and his beautiful blue eyes that gave him an air of depth, Adam was indeed a handsome young man.

''Happy is the witch who conquers me,''' he murmured, trying not to sound narcissistic.

After getting ready, Adam tucked his wand under his shirt and said ''Time to start the story''

Adam and George arrived at the station early that morning, going smoothly through the barrier on platform nine and three-quarters.

On the other side of the barrier, Adam looked around excitedly, there was a scenario familiar and exciting for all fans of the work.

The same red engine, the crowd of students and relatives and farewell moments, the same hogwarts express board, eleven o'clock.

Adam took a deep breath and turned to George who was staring at him. The old butler whose eyes were already red, pulled him into a tight hug.

''Remember to send an owl if you need anything, try not to break the rules too much, and don't let anyone intimidate you.'' He said in an emotional voice.

Breaking away from the embrace, Adam replied: ''Okay, I'm a Davies after all''

The old butler chuckled ''That's right, you're a Davies''

Adam had a few more words with George before breaking away and climbing into the engine.

Unlike the other young wizards, Adam didn't have any luggage with him, his enchanted suitcase with everything he needed, was shrunken and lightened, tucked away in his inside shirt pocket.

Adam walked through the train and entered an empty compartment, as it was still early there were many of them.

In the compartment, Adam undid the spells on his briefcase and stowed it in the overhead rack.

''It would be strange not to have a suitcase for staff to carry to my room.''

With everything done, Adam sat by the window and watched the parents and children say goodbye for a while, before picking up a book to start reading.

The trip started as soon as the clock struck eleven, coincidentally no other students entered the cabin Adam was in, but that changed shortly after the trip started.

Adam heard a knock on the door, and a moment later it opened to reveal two young men, whose identity surprised Adam.

'Destiny really is a bitch' He thought with humor.

One of them had red hair and looked a bit gangly, he was just a few inches taller than Adam, who was very tall for his age. The other was shorter and had black hair and green eyes, but what was really striking was the lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Of course, Adam knew how not to be uncomfortable and his eyes barely wandered over that place.

'I'm sure he's tired of people staring' He thought

The boys were obviously Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

Harry took one look at Adam and looked doubtful for a moment before smiling and asking, ''Excuse me, can we sit here? The rest of the train is full''

Adam was pleased with the attitude of Harry raised by his parents, he was polite but clearly had the right level of confidence.

''Please'' replied Adam.

''Thanks man,'' said Ron, sitting up.

''Adam Davies'' Adam extended his hand in greeting.

''Harry Potter,'' he said, accepting the greeting, as he studied Adam's expression.

Harry was surprised and curious, when he entered the compartment he was surprised that Adam wasn't looking at him with those invasive eyes, for a moment Harry thought that maybe he didn't know him, so he chose to sit in the compartment, besides that the rest was full.

But now after Adam introduced himself, he realized that his identity would eventually be revealed, and maybe there were wizards who didn't know what he looked like, but he doubted there were those who hadn't heard his name before.

But to his surprise, Adam didn't seem surprised to hear his name, he just smiled and turned his gaze to Ron, who Harry could see was also surprised.

''Ron Weasley,'' said the redhead.

Just as the introductions ended, there was another knock on the door, and when it opened, it revealed two young witches.

Adam first glanced at the girl on the left, who looked lively, serious, and a little anxious.

Her appearance was the same as in the movies, just like Harry and Ron.

She was a beautiful young girl, who Adam knew would grow up to be a beautiful woman.

She was none other than Hermione Granger, the brains of the golden trio.

He then looked at the other girl, at that moment he was slightly stunned, she was beautiful.

Long red hair, but not the aggressive Weasley red, no. It was a gentle red. Her face was delicate and beautiful. But what sucked at Adam's soul were those eyes, a bewitching emerald green.

The red-haired witch unceremoniously sat down, but when she saw Hermione hesitating, she remembered something and said hurriedly.

''Hermione, this goofball over there is my brother.'' He pointed at Harry as he spoke, then I pointed at Ron and continued. ''That redhead over there is our friend, Ron Weasley.''

''Harry, Ron, this is Hermione, I met her earlier on the train, looking for a frog.''




The three exchanged greetings.

Hermione still didn't know who the last boy was, but she saw him smiling and gesturing for her to sit down.

Hermione was a little curious when she found Harry, she had already read about him, but as she had already discovered his identity when meeting Isabella on the train earlier, she was able to control herself better.

Harry noticed that the two girls were looking at Adam and introduced him.

''This is Adam Davies. Adam, this is my sister' 'Said Harry pointing to the girl beside him.

Harry's sister looked at Adam with the same surprise as Harry, she knew all of Harry's friends, which weren't many, and she knew that Adam wasn't one of them, so they had met a little while ago on the train, but he was So…. calm.

Realizing she'd been staring too long, she looked away.

''Nice to meet you, I'm Isabella Potter''

Smiling, Adam took the girl's hand, giving it a soft kiss before speaking. ''It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Potter.''

Isabella, just as everyone in the compartment was stunned by Adam's attitude, the silence was broken when Harry had a good laugh at the sight of his red-cheeked sister.

Isabella, who was blushing, said . ''Isabella, y-you can call me Isabella''

Adam smiled and looked into those green eyes. ''So call me Adam''

Then he turned to Hermione, who was already red-cheeked.

''Hermione Granger. But y-you can call me Hermione if you want'' She said, holding her hand out and looking out of the corner of her eyes, embarrassed.

Adam gave the same length and kissed her hand ''it's nice to meet you Hermione''

Adam saw Harry and Ron looking at him with different eyes. Harry looked happy, as if he had seen a good show. And Ron seemed to study him, with a curious look in his eyes, as if trying to learn something from Adam.

Adam laughed helplessly and asked, ''I can call you Ron and Harry right?''

The two boys agreed and then as if thinking of something they pulled their hands and hid them behind their backs.

This time it was the girls who laughed, and Adam's face scowled.

'You're kidding me, idiots'

After shaking his head and laughing, he picked up his book and went back to reading.

''Do you like books too?'' asked Hermione, then she made a worried face and said, ''I read all the first year books, do you think that's enough? ''

''Definitely enough, if your goal is to pass the year,'' Adam replied, sighing and closing the book with a shrug before tucking it into his inner pocket.

Hermione's eyes widened when she saw the book shrink. Ever since she found out she was a witch, she's been reading books and trying her best to learn spells.

From what she'd learned, there were a few basic rules for casting a spell, pronouncing the incantation perfectly, and making the wand motion in the correct pattern. But now, right in front of her eyes, she saw this process being ignored.

Her eyes sparkling with curiosity she asked. ''How did you do that? ''

It wasn't just Hermione who looked at him with interest, Harry, Ron and Isabella did too.

The three of them came from Wizarding families, so they understood more about things than Hermione, they knew that what Adam did seemed simple, but it wasn't.

Ron was pretty sure his older brothers, the twins, Fred and George, couldn't do the same without a wand and they were in their third year.

Only when he heard Hermione's question did Adam realize he was doing magic unconsciously.

'Well it was just a simple trick, it shouldn't be a problem… besides, being super discreet was never my goal'

Glancing at the four who were staring at him with interest, Adam chuckled and walked over to them, speaking in a low voice. ''This is a secret, but I'll tell you.''

The four approached.

Adam made a straight face as he said. ''The truth is… I am a wizard''

After he said that he leaned back, but kept his gaze serious, as if to validate his words.

''Idiot '' Snorted Isabela offended.

Harry and Ron laughed and Hermione didn't look like she wanted to give up.

''What grade are you in?'' she asked. ''When will I be able to learn that too''

'What year am I in? 'Looks like she's mistaken me for a senior' he thought, looking at the others and seeing that they all seem to share the same thought.

And he had no desire to clear up this misunderstanding.

Adam didn't think too much and said.'' Freshman, don't think too far ahead, prioritize your base first ''

And he didn't say anything else.

''Hey, what house are you from? '' asked Ron.

Adam didn't think much about answering; ''Ravenclaw'' speaking as if he was telling something natural.

Ron seemed to accept the answer and continued. ''I think I'm going to Gryffindor, all my family are from there''

Harry seemed to agree and said. ''Me too, my parents and Sirius went from there''

''Anything's better than Slytherin,'' said Ron, making an odd expression.

''Why?'' asked Hermione. She knew about the houses, because she had read a story in the Hogwarts book, but she hadn't read anything about Slytherin being a bad house.

''Because they're all bad people there,'' Ron replied.

''Come on Ron,'' complained Isabella. ''you're generalizing, mum said every house has bad people and good people''

Ron seemed to be hard-headed.'' Is he? so tell me a dark wizard that hasn't gone to slytherin?''

Isabella thought for a while and didn't seem to find an answer.

Adam thought that Ron was very ignorant, and he couldn't understand if it was his thinking or if it was something ingrained in the Weasley family.

'Maybe it's a psychological scar from the war' He thought, thinking it was a good answer

Adam, who hadn't yet gotten into the discussion about the houses, finally spoke. ''I see your point Ron.''

Ron liked that Adam agreed and said with confidence.'' see ? ''

But then he heard Adam continue and lost some momentum.

''Many Dark Wizards were students of Slytherin house. But you're looking at it the wrong way,'' Adam said, his voice calm and composed.

He then looked at Harry and asked, ''Harry, your parents must hate dark magic, right? ''

Harry nodded in response, his parents hated everything to do with dark magic, they had suffered a lot and lost a lot.

Adam asked again.'' And you Harry, do you hate this? ''

Harry, ran a hand over the scar, his eyes clouded over, many thoughts running through his mind.

He had lost his grandparents, he sometimes dreamed about the night it happened, he could hear some voices, and screams, he felt that his life had been cursed that night.

Harry felt a hand grab his, snapping him out of his reverie, he looked to the side and saw his sister smiling at him.

''I hate it,'' he said with determination.

Adam nodded, he would be surprised if Harry didn't hate it.

Adam's voice rang smoothly, whenever he spoke the four in the carriage were inclined to agree with him.

Adam spoke again. ''Not you.the three of you.'' He pointed at Harry, Ron and Isabella.''You grew up in good families, who taught you about good and evil. So, under the influence of your family and some experiences of your own, you today hate black magic and dark wizards, is it fair to think that right? ''

The three agreed with Adam. But they didn't understand where he was going with this.

Adam smiled and asked the question that showed where he was going.'' So what do you think happens, when you're born into a family of Death Eaters, and grow up learning their ideals?'' he asked.'' Learning about pure blood supremacy and all extremist bullshit

Everyone was silent, thinking about Adam's words.

It was Harry who answered, his voice low, as if he was still thinking. ''They're influenced.''

''Yes,'' Adam said. ''They are exactly like you, influenced by the environment they live in''

Making his fool of himself, Ron looked a little confused.'' But what does that have to do with Slytherin?''

Hermione looked at Ron like he was stupid, didn't he understand even after all the explanation?

Adam felt like punching the Weasley boy.

'is it so hard to add two + two? '

Hermione took the lead and explained.'' What Adam is saying is that they don't become bad people by going to Slytherin, but that even before they come to Hogwarts their families already made them that way''

Ron looked at Hermione with an irritated expression, as if he hadn't asked her.

Being born into a family of Wizards on the side of good still left gaps for a Wizard to follow the path of darkness, but the opposite was very difficult.

Adam then continued. ''So when they gather in Slytherin, they're meeting with others of similar ideals, further reinforcing their beliefs.''

''Wouldn't you cancel Slytherin?'' asked Harry. ''So they could interact with other people.''

''That's right,'' agreed Ron, as if the slightest mention of doing away with Slytherin was just fine with him.

'It's not too hard to understand how Harry was brainwashed to hate Slytherin in canon' thought Adam watching Ron.

Adam sighed, already tired of talking. But he wasn't bored, in fact he was enjoying the conversation, although it looked more like he was lecturing his students. Since regaining his memories he has barely been in contact with other underage wizards, after all he spent most of his later years studying and practicing magic.

Answering Harry's question, he said, ''First, it's impossible to close one of the four houses. I think the old Slytherin would rise from the grave and curse the school. Furthermore, what is illegal is practicing the dark arts, being a malicious and prejudiced Wizard is not ''

Adam would bet that many Slytherins fit that last part, idiots, bigots, but who didn't practice illegal black magic, maybe because they didn't even have the capacity for such a thing.

''Second, do you think that other houses don't have dark wizards? Of course there are, even in Gryffindor, that you seem to think so highly of. ''

''Third, what good is it if on vacation they still go back to their homes, or do you expect them to go against their families?'' Adam laughed. '' I tell you, it takes a lot of courage to go against your family to stand up for their ideals, courage that only a top Gryffindor could have''

Adam clearly thought of a certain Wizard at that moment, born into a family of Death Eaters, chose his own path and went to Gryffindor, never betraying his friends, and dying fighting his own blood, but always standing up for what he believed in.

Adam smiled to think that in this world, he didn't have to spend twelve years in prison.

At that moment someone knocked on the door and it opened to reveal a lady pushing a cart full of sweets.

''Do you want something from the cart, darlings? ''

Adam got up and said. '' I'll have it all. My freshmen here look very sad, maybe a little sugar will help''

The rest of the trip they spent talking about light things. Harry and Ron were talking about Quidditch and trying to find the cards they were missing from their Chocolate Frog collection.

Hermione at first seemed against eating so much candy, she was the daughter of dentists after all. But after Isabella insisted, she tried her luck with the beans of all flavors, but to her bad luck she took an earwax one the second time.

So the journey went smoothly and only when it was announced that they were arriving at Hogwarts did they stop to put on their robes.

Adam got up and took his leave. ''See you fledglings at the castle'' I said before leaving.

When the sky darkened and night came, the journey was over, the train had finally stopped at the station in Hogsmeade.